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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MissusToast

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          D F N D R
             E E E E
                  DEFENDER --o
             E E E E
          D F N D R
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    Hello!  I've decided to write walkthrough/FAQ to this often frustrating game. I
    hope it's at least somewhat useful.  If you have any concerns or want to
    contact me on anything about this guide, email me at missustoast@hotmail.com. 
      |: Copyright Garbage :|
     Just say NO to plaigarism and thievery.  Only gamefaqs has the right to
    publish this Defender FAQ/Walkthrough.  No one else may use all or any portion
    of the information written here unless I give them my express permission.  I
    also confirm that nothing was stolen to write this document, and that this
    document was of my own mind and experience with Defender.  Just use it for help
    and reference and all will be right with the world.
      |: Contents :|
    (A.) Game Overview
    (B.) Characters/Terms
    (C.) Ships
    (D.) Enemies (*denotes special enemy)
    (E.) Important Structures
    (F.) In-game Units
    (G.) Walkthrough
    |: Game Overview :|
    - This is a Starship Troopers ripoff if I ever saw one.  Oh well, it's a
    sustainable premise.  An insect-like race known as the Manti have severely
    kicked humanity in the crotch.  They've seized the Earth sector and Mars, and
    have pushed mankind to the outer moons of our solar system.  Well, it's not in
    humans' nature to take a beating like that quietly, so a new class dedicated to
    exterminating Manti was been created to make an attempt to regain contol of the
    solar system.  This class is the Defender class, of which your character,
    Kyoto, becomes the star pilot of.  Your job is to take on various types of
    missions to help win the war against the Manti.  And trust me, you'll have a
    load of fun doing it. :)
     |: Characters/Terms :|
     - GSA: The government, essentially.
     - Brass: The bigwigs of GSA.  They're responsible for what goes on in GSA
    territory.  They run GSA government and military, specifically the Defender
     - Memory: A giant, heavily-armed space vessel used as a base of operations and
    information relay to all Defender-related campaigns.
     - Colonel Adams: Your mentor and VIP of the game.  I really don't see his use
    except for at the end, but nonetheless you gain most of your story from his
     - Kyoto: The pilot you control.
     - Dr. Mudo: The eccentic, snooty head scientist of GSA.  You'll be required to
    defend his research labs and vessels ever so often.
     |: Ships :|
     (((I have made a scoring system based on stars that represents each vessel's
    strength, agility, etc.  5 stars is the highest, one is the lowest.)))
     - Defender: Looks like today's fighter jets.  It's your basic, standard ship
    with average agility and firepower.  Great for beginners.
       Speed: **
       Armor: **
       Agility: ****
       Strength: ***
     - Guardian: A very big, clumsy ship, but packs a decent amount of firepower. 
    It's defense is also high.  It's slow though, and can't turn around too
    quickly. This ship is best used for early stages involving seek and destroy
       Speed: *
       Armor: ***
       Agility: **
       Strength: ****
     - Nemesis: My personal favorite.  It has incredibly weak hull integrity, but
    probably ranks as one of the most versatile ships in the game.  It's fast,
    agile, and packs a wide, destructive array of weapons when maxed out. This ship
    is excellent for missions that require speedy deployment of base defense.
       Speed: ***
       Armor: *
       Agility: ****
       Strength: ***
     - Defiance: Essentially and upgraded Defender.  It supersedes the Defender in
    nearly all aspects, but is still middle ground in the advanced category.  Use
    it for a change of pace, or simply if you like the Defender and want something
       Speed: ***
       Armor: ***
       Agility: ****
       Strength: **
     - Judgement:  This is one powerhouse of a ship.  It blows all sizes of Manti
    away and is nearly indestructable.  But of course there is a trade-off.  The
    Judgement is extra slow, and pathetically clumsy.  so despite the firepower,
    it's not very useful if you can't even make it from hotspot to hotspot in a
    feasible time-frame.  But, an extra advantage about the Judgement is that it
    can carry up to 5 colonists, or 4 colonists and a vehicle.  Nice!  This is
    definitely a ship for experts, however.
       Speed: *
       Armor: *****
       Agility: **
       Strength: *****
     - Retribution: The last of the advanced lineup, and certainly requires an
    expert to use wisely.  It's much better than the Nemesis in terms of hull
    intergrity and firepower, but its speed and agility could be difficult to keep
    under control.  It's still a relatively weak ship.  The Retribution is probably
    best suited for missions requiring base defense.
       Speed: ****
       Armor: **
       Agility: *****
       Strength: ***
     |: Enemies :|
     - Lander: The most basic and prolific enemy you will encounter.  They're
    green, their shots are green, and their blood is green.  These are the ones
    that try to eat your colonists too, so pay extra attention to them when
    colonists are around.  Has a green glow in the distance.
     - Yellowjacket: They look like glowing yellow squid.  Their shots are more
    powerful than that of the Lander, and have better tracking capability.  They're
    also tougher than Landers, so take your time with them.  Has a yellow glow in
    the distance.
     - Pygmies: These are the most annoying critters in the game.  (*They aren't
    called Pygmies in the game, but instead are called Landers.  This could be
    confusing, because these bastards are much different than your basic Lander. 
    Hence I call them Pygmies to differenciate.)  They're tiny orangy UFO looking
    things that buzz around you and take cheap shots.  Luckily, their attack is not
    very powerful, but they're aggervating.  They way to deal with them is to fly
    where missile crawlers are and have them take care of it.  You'll never see
    these at a distance, they spring like mousetraps.
     - Stingrays: Yes, they infact look similar to ocean stingrays.  They fire two
    linear short-range shots.  You'll want to destroy them quickly, because their
    real danger is their ability to pick up your tanks and missile crawlers and fly
    away with them.  If you destroy a Stingray with a tank/crawler, the
    tank/crawler will most likely (unless you can catch it) fall very quickly to
    the ground and will be destroyed. Has a red-violet glow in the distance.
     - Infectors: These are the land-creatures that Landers tow in and drop to the
    ground.  When safely on the ground, they fire shots in the air that fall down
    on buildings and units.  these can be dealt with quickly if you kill the Lander
    while it is transporting the Infector.  It will die upon impact if dropped from
    a sufficient height.  Another unique thing is that your ship can pick them up
    too!  The only use I can think of for this is to kill them by dropping them
    with the R3 button or moving them to a harmless location.  Strange.  Has a
    reddish-orange glow in the distance.
     - Gamma Landers: Big and orange, an much tougher than its Lander bretheren. 
    It looks slow, but zips around fast when you get close.  It will fire multiple
    green shots with remarkable speed and tracking.  You'll want to use more
    powerful weapons on this puppy.  This thing can also tow Infectors.  Has an
    orange glow at a distance.
     - Beta Landers: Much more dangerous than the Gamma Landers, especially in
    packs.  Like Gammas, these creatures will zip around very quickly and fire neon
    pink tracking beams at you.  These should be dealt with quickly but with
    caution.  The biggest worry about these are that when a group of five gets
    together, they perform a super attack with an electric beam they generate. 
    This is incredibly destructive, and if you see a pack of them in this
    formation, use all you have to stop them.  These creatures look like Landers in
    the distance but have a dark pinkish glow around them.
     - Mutants: These are some evil bastards.  They're as deadly as a Widow and as
    quick as a Beta.  DO NOT try to take on a swarm of these, for they will utterly
    annihilate you.  Even one of them may be a handful.  They also are quick to
    level structures, so take them out in any way possible before they decimate
    your base.  Lure them to missile crawlers and turrets so your job will be much
    easier.  They fire long-range bright red shots.  They have a bright red glow in
    the distance.
     - Widows: The main Manti ground-assault unit.  These spider-like creatures are
    HELL to deal with.  They're very slow and their range isn't far, but their
    defense is incredible and their attack power godly.  No matter what, have tanks
    to help you deal with advancing Widows.  They fire two red explosive pulses. 
    The Detonator weapon, if available, will aid you considerably.
     - Reapers: You won't see these often in the game, but use caution when you do.
     They're pretty big, and fire strong purple shots at you.  They stumble around
    and have medium endurance.  They have a purple glow in the distance.
     - Podworms: Probably the goofiest enemy.  It looks like its name suggests, a
    long, multi-sectioned worm that floats around in circles, usually around Lander
    Forges in the latter parts of the game.  They have peculiar behavior.  If you
    go near it and attack it, it will start to chase you and perform some sort of
    harmless headbutt when it gets close.  Whatever you do, don't panic.  Also,
    when you blow off parts of it, a new, shorter Podworm will form, so make sure
    you're not just firing off sections in the middle.  The head is where you'll
    destroy it, so aim there.  They're not hard to tell from a distance, either.
     - Shock Towers: Stationary Manti structures that fire orangy, electic orbs at
    you should you get close.  Their range is long and their shots powerful, but
    their shots have no tracking.  You can strafe to avoid them.
     - Turrets: Another form of stationary Manti defense that turns to face you
    when you get in range and fires multiple, white-capped shots at you.  These
    have short range but tracking ability.  You can really just back up and the
    shots will eventually dissipate.
      *Brain Bug: A large, floating, yellowish creature with a wide back and legs
    dangling down.  This is much like the Reaper, in that it looks like it might be
    threatening, but isn't too much of a deal.  It is accompanied by many different
    types of Landers, which are the real threat.  See the walkthrough for
    elaboration on how to tackle this thing.
      *Dreadnaught: Argh.  This is probably the toughest Manti creature in the
    game, and it looks it.  It looks like some kind of gigantic flying sea slug. 
    It's accompanied by a number of Betas, so take those down to make the dealing
    with the Dreadnaught a lot easier.  See walkthrough on how to beat it.
      *Manti Queen: The first, huge sign of major trouble for Earth.  You can't
    kill her (don't bother trying), only the various Manti units circling her and
    the "turrets" on her legs.
     |: Important Buildings :|
     - Dropzone:  A dropoff point for colonists, and in exchange for colonists it
    will provide you with blue health-boosts.  This structure is the heart of
    nearly all the bases you'll be defending.  If it goes down, your mission is
    terminated.  Keep this structure up at all costs.
     - Tank Factory:  Generates tanks for colonists.  1 tank / 3 colonists.
     - Missile Crawler Factory: Generates missile crawlers for colonists.  1
    missile crawler / 2 colonists.
     - Repair Crawler Factory: Generates repair crawlers for colonists.  1 repair
    crawler / 2 colonists.
     - Turrets:  I consider these buildings since you can't place them wherever you
    want on the map.  These babies fire a stream of pulse beams at the closest
    enemy.  Sometimes they need you to deliver a power supply to them so they will
     - Teleporters: Generates colonists at random time intervals.  Keeping them up
    will ensure a steady supply of colonists for you.
     - Lander Forge: Generates Manti Landers.  Destroy them when you can.
    * All of these buildings are destructable.  They take damage whether you or the
    Manti fire on them.  Keep that in mind when using powerful weapons except the
    Smart Bomb near a Dropzone or Factory.  You don't want to accidentally lose an
    important/critical structure due to friendly fire.
    ** Any other building, except the ones critical to your mission, are simply
    cannon fodder.  They can be destroyed at will.
    |: In-game units :|
     - Colonists: Yes, they're the little people dressed in what looks like
    quarantine suits.  They don't seem very bright, but you'll have to tolerate it
    to rescue them when you need to and to have them produce the other units you
    need.  All of the ships except the Judgement can carry 3 colonists at one time.
     The Judgment can carry a whopping 5 colonists at a time.
     - Power Supplies: These are the blue and white cylinders with an electic bolt
    on them.  Used to power various structures, depending on the mission.  Usually
    powers turrets.
     - Tanks:  You probably know what tanks look like, so I'll stop there.  These
    are your heavy-duty ground defense.  If you pick it up, it can rotate its
    turret 360ยบ and fire at nearby enemies, adding a little more firepower to your
    lineup of weapons.  But carrying a tank slows you down considerably, so I would
    not recommend keeping one.
     - Missile Crawlers:  These are relatively small mobiles with missiles (go
    figure) protruding out of them.  They're much more versatile than the tank,
    being able to fire at both air and ground units.  However, they has far less
    power than a tank, and it takes a few of them to take down a simple Lander. 
    They absolutely rock in numbers, though.  But when you carry them, they sort of
    close up and cannot aid you in their transport.
     - Repair Crawlers:  These units are shaped like a bird beak.  They shoot out
    lightning to repair damaged structures.  These are GREAT assets to your base. 
    Repair crawlers when on the ground repairs ANY damaged structure or unit within
    its range.  These are great for keeping healthy your front lines and more
    importantly, repairing crucial buildings like a Dropzone.  Also, if you're
    suffering from damage, you can hover near one or pick one up to restore your
    health fully.  AND they restore your ammo!  Their only vices are that they heal
    things very slowly.  There is a reason why you have factories for them in the
    latter stages, for you'll have to produce many for your the repair of your
    Dropzone in a reasonable time-frame.  But other than that, repair crawlers can
    be the deciding factor in a mission.
     - Transport Pads: It took me a while to figure out just what the hell these
    were for.  These are the items that are platforms with a pole sticking out of
    them.  The tip of the pole glows blue.  If you pick them up and place them near
    a group of tanks/crawlers, they will automatically wheel themselves onto the
    pad.  Up to four vehicles can be stored on the pad.  This allows you to
    transfer many more vehicles at a time.  The trouble with it though is that it's
    heavy, big, and nearby vehicles you don't want on it won't stay away from it. 
    In case anyone like me was wondering, that's what these things are.
     - Dropships: These are the big, rather slow moving spaceships that you're
    constantly told to defend.  You never control one, but in certain missions it
    will be beneficial if not critical to keep them safe.  They either provide evac
    for colonists/VIPs or supplies for you to use.
     - Transports:  These are slow, hovering vehicles, like a futuristic semi. 
    They haul unknown but allegedly important materials during missions, and
    usually you'll be escorting these when they are featured in missions.
     |: Walkthrough :|
     Triton: 1st Training Mission
    You're fresh out of the classroom and into a training mission in the field. 
    You're objectives are simple: Fly through the rings, destroy three trapped
    Manti Landers, and then save three colonists, then exit through the Stargate. 
    Piece of cake.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - (chained) Landers
    ****(This really should not be any trouble for experts or beginners.  If you're
    a beginner, you should certainly use this time to learn the complex controls of
    the game. Master the basics of firing your weapons and scrolling through them
    quickly.  If you're just starting out, you won't have many to cycle through,
    but keep in mind that utilizing the best weapons for the best circumstances
    will be your greatest asset against the Manti. )****
    * First, fly through the rings in order.  What else is there to say?
    * After the rings, fly downward where you will see three Manti Landers buoyed
    to the ground.  Use whatever you'd like to eliminate them.
    * Next, save three colonists.  Just fly into them and they will grab on. 
    Return them to the Dropzone.
    You're done!  I don't even know why I bothered writing a guide through this
    level. :P
     Triton: 2nd Training Mission
    A step up in training, but not really.  The only twist is an unwelcome Manti
    suprise attack.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - (possibly) Mutants
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Demolish any condemned building you wish.
    (2.) Open health boxes to obtain power-ups inside.
    (3.) Save all colonists.
    1.) Won't this be a challenge?  Yea right.  Anyway, essentially all you do is
    fire on any building you want, a few shots will destroy them.  Beginners, I
    wouldn't advise expending all of your limited ammo (like homing missiles, etc).
     Use you rechargable weapons for this objective.
    2.) Now, move on to three boxes with red crosses on them.  Just shoot them and
    they will spilt open and release into the air a blue healing block.  These
    blocks give you a small but instant boost of energy and ammo.  Okay, Houston.
    3.) Now you have to save three colonists.  You'll have to move quick, because
    at this time a unit of Manti Landers, whose presence was not scheduled for your
    training, has descended and usually one of the Landers will have picked up a
    colonist.  This is bad news.  Immediately target the Lander with the colonist
    and destroy it.  The colonist will be released, and you'll have to catch him
    before he hits the ground (because the gravity will kill him).  Pick him up,
    and tap the left arrow on the D-pad to have a light blue cursor point to where
    the other colonists are.  You may carry up to three colonists at a time, so you
    might as well save time and pick them all up to rescue them en masse.  Once you
    have saved your colonists, you can have a go at the attacking Manti, but your
    business is officially done and you can exit through the active Stargate.
     Mars: Cydonia Base
    Manti are swarming all over the base.  You simply have to defend yourself and
    stay alive while completing two tasks.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Yellowjackets
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Stay Alive.
    (2.) Escort the Dropship to the Stargate.
    (3.) Pick up Colonel Adams' tank and escape through the Stargate.
    1.) Fly around, pick off Manti that get in your way, but don't try to eliminate
    all of the Manti.  There are a few Yellowjackets flying around, and can
    decimate you pretty easily if you aren't careful.  Just keep flying until your
    2nd objective begins.
    2.) The dropship will be on the other side of the base and to the left a bit
    from where you started.  The game should automatically lock onto it for you
    with a blue arrow outline.  There will already be Manti Landers firing on it,
    so you'll want to get rid of them.  The dropship will lazily make its way
    toward the Stargate, and there will be many Landers tailing it.  Keep the rear
    of the dropship clear of Landers and you should do this fine.  Just be sure to
    keep up with the dropship at the same time, and use the quick-turnaround
    maneuver if you're comfortable with that.  As it approaches the Stargate, focus
    your attention to the front of the Stargate and destroy any Landers there.  The
    dropship will be clear out of there before you know it.
    3.) After the dropship is clear, turn around.  Where the dropship took off from
    is where you'll next find Colonel Adams in his tank.  Swoop down and pick him
    up before the Landers get to him.  When you pick him up, you'll be much, much
    slower due to the weight.  Now you have to make it to the Stargate.  Usually
    you can just fly straight across to the Gate while remaining relatively
    unscathed.  But if you need to be cautious, fly around; usually the Manti will
    be too focused on destroying the Turrets and other structures to chase after
    you.  When you get to the Stargate, just fly through to freedom.
     Prometheus: Lake Thanatos
    Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to evacuate the people of Lake
    Thanatos.  Colonists will be scattered all over the place, so you definitely
    want the fastest ship available to you.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - (possibly) Mutants
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Gather all of the colonists and return them to the Dropzone.
    (2.) Defend the Dropzone itself.
    (3.) Protect the dropship when it arrives.
    1.) This will be a very demanding task unless you have a fast vessel, like the
    Nemesis or Retribution (but you most likely do not unless you are replaying the
    game after beating it.).  Hit Left on the D-pad to pinpoint your colonists. 
    Now zoom like the wind.  You must be extremely efficient if your in anything
    slower than the two previously mentioned ships.  The reason is that your
    colonists are all over the map, and Landers will arrive quickly to hinder you
    by trying to gobble up your colonists.  So if you're busy picking up colonists
    while a colonist gets captured on the other side of the map, you're in trouble.
     The last thing you want is a Mutant at this stage of the game.  My advice
    would be to check your map regularly (by hitting the 'Select' button) and
    picking up the colonists where a group of red dots (your enemies) are
    concentrated.  Remember, if you save a captured colonist from a Lander, don't
    forget to catch him before he hits the ground!
    2.) After you have secured all or as many colonists as possible, defend the
    base, specifically the Dropzone until the next part of your mission commences.
    3.) Eventually you will be notified that a dropship has arrived to pick up the
    colonists you saved.  (The driver apparently is a total wuss.  He'll freak out
    about Landers attacking him even if there are none around for miles.  He should
    probably talk to a therapist.)  Yay.  Soon after, a big-assed Reaper will
    arrive.  Smartly the dropship will leave until you "clean up the mess."  Do not
    take the Reaper lightly, but don't overestimate it either.  It's big and
    purplely, but somewhat clumsy.  Keep firing at it, and if you get low on
    health, the blue health blocks you got from saving those colonists should be
    right above the Dropzone.  Grab a few and keep firing like crazy.  The Reaper
    will turn into chunks and the rest is pie.  The dropship will return, finish
    it's job, and reenter the Stargate.  But wait!  Silly Memory has to re-target
    the Stargate.  Should only take a few seconds.  Then, you can leave the level. 
    Mission successful.
     Prometheus: Lleras Dunes
    Uh-oh.  The bridge to the base is busted, and some heavy dropships are stranded
    on the other side.  And of course, matters are worse when Manti are coming to
    lunch.  Let them eat a missile sandwich instead.  Or something.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Pygmies
     - (possibly) Mutants
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Save all colonists.
    (1.) Again?  More colonists need their butts saved?  Yep.  But that is the only
    one objective.  Cool!  Well, not so cool, when there are about 5 bazillion
    colonists, 5 bazillion Manti, and you can only pick up three lucky souls at a
    time.  I exaggerate, but this mission will be much like the Lake Thanatos
    mission unless you have an extremely fast ship.  You will not have a moment's
    rest.  Once again, target your colonists with the D-pad.  Now FLY, damn you! 
    Pick them up and bring them back to the Dropzone.  If a Lander catches a
    colonist, make it your top priority to stop it from mutating.  Even if you have
    three already on you, kill the Lander with the colonist, drop off your load,
    and return to catch that colonist if possible.  This may sound morbid, but a
    dead colonist it better than a mutated one for your safety (and your score).  I
    remind you that this will be difficult.  If you get a Mutant, retreat to the
    base where the turrets will help you out with it.  There will also be a Beta
    running loose at some point.  If it attacks you, again lure it to the base
    where the turrets will aid you. When all the colonists are accounted for, exit
    through the Stargate.
     Rhea: Olduvai Gorge
    Once again, you have to defend the Dropzone and clear out all the colonists. 
    But this time it's in the name of science, as a new, never before seen Manti
    comes onto the scene.  Nothing to worry about, though.  This mission is really
    for you to get aquainted with missile crawlers.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Yellowjackets
     - Pygmies
     - (possibly) Mutants
     - Podworm
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Use some of available missile crawlers to defend the Dropzone.
    (2.) Save all colonists.
    (3.) Investigate (destroy) the lifeform that emerges.
    1.) Easy enough.  Grab a few missile crawlers and distribute them around the
    front of the Dropzone.  That'll hold off the Landers.
    2.) There are quite a few colonists out there, no big surprise.  But once again
    you'll have to be super speedy to retrieve them all.  My advice would be to
    start with the farthest colonists from the Dropzone and work backwards that
    way.  Then go after the colonists in the cavern on the left-hand side of the
    map.  After they are all accounted for, Dr. Mudo will arrive in his ship.  They
    tell you to defend him, but I didn't bother making it an objective because it's
    not incredibly difficult.
    3.) Shortly after Dr. Mudo arrives, a Podworm will burst from that greenish
    knob which you probably spied as you were colonist-collecting.  Apparently
    "investigate" is code for "destroy" in this stage.  Oh well.  Go in and kill
    the Podworm.  Remember to try not to blow off a section in the middle of the
    organism.  The other half will spawn another Podworm.  The Hive gun, Trident,
    Honeypot, and Detonator work well, although any wide-range explosive will do. 
    Once it's down, Mudo's team will move in to autopsy the creature for some
     Titan: Aeneas River
    Your missions are finally becoming a bit more diverse.  In this stage, you'll
    have to defend a bridge from being destroyed, as it is the only route that the
    tanks and transports have to leave a condemned factory.  And guess what?  NO
    COLONISTS TO WORRY ABOUT!  Yay!  Now let's get to how to beat this.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Yellowjackets
     - Infectors
     - Stingrays
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Defend the bridge from Manti swarms so the transports can make it safely
    across the bridge.*
    (2.) Keep Colonel Adams alive.
    1.) This is easy once you get a rhythm going.  The situation is there are two
    sides from which the Manti will come at the bridge.  What you'll want to do is
    fly from one side of the bridge to the other regularly, keeping the Manti
    forces evenly away from the bridge.  If a Stingray comes your way, drop
    everything and kill it.
    2.) This really is sort of implied, but Colonel Adams is in a tank on this
    trip, so you'll want to remember that.
    * You can speed this up by moving the tanks across the river yourself, although
    you have to wait for the transports since you can't lift them.
     Titan: Argus Caverns
    This is kind of a goofy mission.  Your objectives arise spontaneously.  But
    really it's a defend/rescue mission until you have to seek out the oddly-shaped
    Lander Forge on the planet.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
    - Landers
    - Yellowjackets
    - (possibly) Mutants
    (1.) Get all the turrets powered up with power supplys, including with the
    power supply stolen by a Lander and defend the base.
    (2.) Go out and bring all the colonists to safety.
    (3.) Investigate the source of the energy readings behind a canyon wall.
    1.) As you start off, there will be a Lander with a power supply nested in its
    legs flying around the base.  Kill it and recapture the power supply (ignore
    Colonel Adams because he'll usually be a step behind).  Bring it close to the
    beacon connected to a turret, and it should automatically fit itself into
    place.  One turret up.  There will be a stock of three more power supplies for
    you to use.  Repeat the process of picking one up and placing it to power up
    all the turrets.  Now, standby as a big swarm tries to attack.  Help the
    turrets out, because even with four of them, a few Landers may manage to slip
    by them.  After the last of the force is obliterated, head out.
    2.) After the base is secured, your light blue colonist arrow will pop up,
    indicating that you need to start saving colonists.  But DON'T follow that
    arrow.  When you leave the base, hang left.  You'll go down a narrow path and
    find a colonist with a power supply nearby, and a Lander right on top of them. 
    The reason to take this route is because after learning the hard way, there is
    no way to stop that Lander from mutating unless you kill it first.  So, when
    you get there, kill the lander and pick up the colonist and power supply.  Keep
    going in the direction you were originally headed and make a turn into the
    wider area.  Go straight until you see a platform with a few colonists on it. 
    Nearby there should be a turret.  Power up the turret with the supply you have.
     Now, gather one more colonist, but not a third (if you do, that's okay,
    there's a Dropzone closeby to drop them).  Reason being that there is another
    power supply in the vicinity of the turret you just powered up.  You'll want to
    pick up and bring it to the nearby Dropzone.  Do so, and you should see another
    turret to power up with that power supply.  Drop off your colonists and hunt
    for the rest of them.  It should be a piece of cake.
    (3.) After all colonists are accounted for, you'll be able to check out what
    the hell is behind that gas-emmitting boulder in the canyon wall.  Blow it out
    using whatever.  Don't race in there after the boulder is gone; there will be
    about 5 zillion Landers hovering above a Lander Forge, a structure that
    generates Landers.  Move in carefully, because a disturbance will cause all the
    Landers to go after you.  That'd be bad news.  If you have the Smart bomb,
    you'll be in luck.  If not, cut your way through somehow and fire unceasingly
    upon the forge.  The minute it is destroyed, the minute the mission is over and
    Dr. Mudo moves in and tells you to shove aside and let his team do the rest. 
    You're welcome, doc.
     Europa: Legba Basin
    You'll get aquainted with new units, both on yours and the Manti's side.  There
    are about four Widows slowly crawling their way to your base, with Landers
    coming in as cover.  Your task is to create tanks to destroy the advancing
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Widows
     - (possibly) Mutants
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Destroy all Manti Widows.
    1.) This is kind of a training mission in a way.  What you'll learn about is
    taking colonists to factories to generate vehicles for your purposes.  In this
    stage, it'll be all tanks.  There will be a few colonists at the gate of the
    base.  Retrieve them for your tank factory. Gather all of the other colonists
    around the base and deliver them to the factory.  Take your brand-new tanks and
    place them at the gate of the base.  Since tanks can only attack ground units
    (except when you're carrying them), you'll have to provide them with air cover
    against the Manti Landers.  If you're worried about your colonist supply, take
    note that there is a teleporter at the base which will constantly generate
    colonists.  Also, you'll receive a distress call at some point from stranded
    colonists located at the end of the canyon on the other side from the base. 
    Get them and bring them back for more tanks.  You'll need them.  Place your
    tanks at the gate, cover them from the Landers, and sit back until mission
     Europa: Straits of Imislund
    Weird geographic name, eh? Anyway, you're in charge with defending a scientific
    research facility from Landers and Widows.  You'll have a missile crawler as
    well as a tank factory open to you now, so it will take a bit of strategy to
    determine how many of each vehicle you will need.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Widows
     - Beta Landers
     - Gamma Landers
     - Infectors
     - Pygmies
     - (unlikely) Mutants
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Defend the research facility.
    1.) Okay.  This will require some forethought as well as efficiency.  Your
    teleporters will be located at the front of the entrance to the base.  Grab the
    four colonists that are already there and use them to pump out two missile
    crawlers.  You won't need tanks for a few minutes, since the Widows are a ways
    down the road.  It takes a few seconds for the colonists to land and a missile
    crawlers to emerge, so by all means while you are waiting go out and destroy
    any Landers that are about to enter the base. You'll have to deal with new,
    souped up Gamma and Beta Landers at this point, so your entrance defense will
    need help.  (If you get damaged, there is a repair crawler near your
    transporters.  Pick it up to get healed quickly.  Place it about where you
    found it so it can repair your teleporters.)  Go back and get your missile
    crawlers and distribute them evenly around your teleporters.  There should be
    one or two colonists available now.  Take them to your tank factory. Wait for a
    third colonist to drop off at the same factory.  Wait for the tank (while
    helping your entrance defenses), grab it, and put it at the entrance.  Grab
    three more and make another tank.  Put it at the front.  You can make another
    tank to be safe, but the first approaching Widow should be dealt with fine by
    the two tanks plus multiple missile crawlers.  While waiting for the next
    Widow, make one or two more missile crawlers and put them at the entrance.  Now
    make a tank.  Noticing a pattern?  At this point, you should be able to judge
    more easily how many of each vehicle you're going to need.  Keep running back
    and forth between teleporters and factories and you should have enough vehicles
    to not worry about the Widows.   Instead, you can concentrate on the Beta
    Landers and Gammas that try to invade.  After the Widow threat is removed, you
    simply have to wipe out the rest of the Manti air units (which shouldn't be
    many) and Memory will bestow upon you a odd excuse for a victory theme. 
    Mission complete.
     Phobos: Orbit over Europa
    Not really over Europa...but don't let the mission title confuse you.  This is
    finally a space battle, and a big one at that.  The battleship Patriot, which
    your good ol' friend Colonel Adams is on, has come under attack by a huge swarm
    of Manti.  It's your job to protect the battleship until technicians aboard the
    Patriot can repair the plasma gun that's been damaged.  Good luck.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers (lots)
     - Yellowjackets
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Defend the turrets on the Patriot until the main gun can get back online.
    1.) Upon starting this mission, you might have to assess whether this mission
    is even possible to achieve.  There are TONS of Landers converging on the front
    and sides of the Patriot.  But those turrets are hardy, and you'll be able to
    clear out the bulk of the Landers in the first few minutes.  My suggestion is
    to use a ship that has a wide destructive array of weapons, like the Hive gun,
    Smart Bomb, and Honeypot (Honeypot is only on the Defiance).  The Ratchet
    Gun/Cannon on the Nemesis and Laser Harpoon/Lance will also tear through
    Landers in milliseconds.  Just don't get freaked out by the loads of Landers. 
    Also, don't just focus on the front of the ship.  Most of the Manti attack
    force will be there, but periodically check the sides of the ship for squads of
    Landers.  If you lose one or two turrets, don't sweat.  You have to lose ALL of
    them in order to lose.  Just keep a level head and all will be well.
     Phobos: Mount Biafra
    Well, the Patriot, despite your heroic attempt to save it, has crash landed on
    Phobos and a few survivors, including Colonel Adams, are stranded with Manti
    closing in on them.  You'll have to rescue Adams and the other defenseless
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Gamma Landers
     - Beta Landers
     - Pygmies
     - (possibly) Mutants
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Bring Colonel Adams and the rest of the survivor crew to safety in an
    abandoned base.
    (2.) Make sure Colonel Adams survives until reinforcements can arrive.
    (1.) Before you start tackling this mission, check out the abandoned base with
    the missile crawler factory (just hang left from the starting area and you'll
    see it).  You can take your time before investigating the Patriot, so use it to
    power up the turrets that are in the base.  The power supplies you need should
    be located near the missile crawler factory.  Place all six to power up all six
    turrets, two at the entrances, four around the factory.  After completing that,
    go get Colonel Adams.  Go to where the Patriot is, and it'll start exploding. 
    Adams will pop out in his tank with some colonists.  You need to pick him up
    IMMEDIATELY and two colonists.  Bring them back to the base, set Adams down
    close to the factory, and have the colonists make a missile crawler for you. 
    Don't wait for the missile crawler, just drop the colonists, turn around and go
    get the ones you left behind.  There will be Landers heading toward them, so
    rescue them and return them to the factory to pump out another crawler. First
    objective met.
    (2.) Now, you have to defend the base.  You'll have some time before the
    Landers start approaching the base, so distribute the crawlers you manufactured
    close to the factory, one for each side corresponding to the entrances to the
    base. Soon you'll see Landers and Gammas rounding the corner before the left
    entrance to the base.  You'll want to engage them and help your turret out in
    taking the first wave down.  After that, you'll be notified that more colonists
    have made their way out of the Patriot.  Go save them!  They have with them a
    repair crawler, which will be incredibly useful.  Pick up the crawler and two
    colonists, return to the base.  By the time you get there, you may have a few
    Gammas inside the base wreaking havoc.  Kill them. Set the crawler down near
    Adams to repair him and nearby turrets/crawlers.  Return the colonists to the
    factory and turn around to save the rest of the stranded colonists.  Watch out,
    because Pygmies are around and will proceed to annoy the crap out of you
    (remember, if you're chased by one, just go to where there are missile crawlers
    and they'll help you out).  When you return the rest of the colonists, you'll
    have more missile crawlers at your disposal.  Place them at the very entrances
    to the base, beside the turrets guarding them, especially around the entrance
    you first went through when you arrived.  There will be Beta Landers
    threatening that side, so help out and take them down.  Now, all you really
    have to do it turtle until reinforcements come along.  Then it's mission
     Mars: Sirtis Major
    Finally, we're nearing the homestretch.  Mars will probably be the hardest
    planet to secure.  This level will demonstrate why.  You're entrusted with the
    defense of a base crucial to repairing the Stargates all over Mars.  You have
    to cover a convoy of units to the base and then defend it against advancing
    Widows and finally the HUGE Dreadnaught.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Gamma Landers
     - Beta Landers
     - Pygmies
     - (possibly) Mutants
     - Widows
     - *Dreadnaught
    (1.) Protect the tanks and missile crawlers as they make their way to the base.
    (2.) Defend the base (specifically, the structure emmitting the yellow stuff).
    (3.) Kill the Dreadnaught.
    (1.) Argh.  I'll never know why they decided to set the reinforcements so far
    from the base.  This will be a challenge.  Not only do you have to clear the
    way of Shock Towers and Manti Turrets for the convoy, you have to defend them
    from swarms of Landers and Gammas, too.  Again, argh.  Get a tough, relatively
    fast ship, like the Defiance to do this, or any ship with the Detonator weapon.
     When the convoy is dropped off, they'll immediately be in a sea of trouble
    unless you take out the Shock Towers and Turrets before they land.  Just watch
    out, because there is a Widow with them as well.  The convoy will take out the
    Widow.  The convoy moves slow, thankfully, so you'll have time to clear the
    path.  Shock towers have a long range, but their shots can be avoided pretty
    easily as they have no tracking.  Use weapons like the Trident, Detonator, Hive
    gun to fire from a safe distance, but you can always do a sort of "dive bomb"
    technique with weapons like the Firehammer, Ratchet Gun/Cannon, and Laser
    Harpoon/Lance to speed by and get shots in without getting hit.  When you clear
    out the path a bit, turn around and level out the Manti Flyers that are giving
    your convoy trouble.  There are lots of them, but it's managable especially if
    you can just distract them.  Once the convoy makes it to the base, prepare for
    (2.) Defend the base, especially from Widows that are approaching. Move tanks
    from the convoy to the front of the base neat the tank factory.  Now you should
    get a distress call from colonists in the canyons.  Lock onto them with the
    D-pad and find them before Landers do. bring them back to make tanks.  While
    waiting for the tanks, kill all flying Manti that are attacking the base, or
    most of them anyway.  Get your tanks and place them before the Widows.  You may
    have to help out with this Widow assault.  Widows, though they may not seem
    like it, get damaged by your weapons, so use a rechargable weapon to fire like
    crazy.  The Ratchet Gun/Cannon and Laser Harpoon/Lance are great for this.  If
    you have the Detonator weapon, use that liberally as well.  Don't concentrate
    too much on the Widows, though, because you'll have to be attentive to Landers
    that infiltrate your base.  Periodically check for and kill them.  You'll
    eventually get reinforcements from dropships, and they leave you some more
    tanks, colonists, and the holiest of holies, a repair crawler.  Distribute your
    tanks, make your colonists build more, and put the repair crawler by the
    Dropzone and the large, yellow-emmitting tower. When all the Widows are
    destroyed, prepare, and prepare well.
    3.) Kill the Dreadnaught.  Easier said than done.  The worst part about this is
    that it's accompanied by about 10 Beta Landers, which can lead to severe
    trouble.  What you want to do is try to get in as many shots before the
    Dreanaught gets to the base.  Either that, or go out and destroy all the Betas
    that are with it.  The Dreadnaught will be on top of the base at some point,
    and fighting it headlong will get you killed.  What you have to do to go around
    behind it and attack it from the rear.  The Dreadnaught is big and powerful,
    but VERY slow and even less agile. Use that to your advantage and take your
    shots from the sides and behind it.  It will take some patience, but the
    Dreadnaught is no Widow in terms of endurance.  Actually, picking up a tank to
    help you probably isn't a bad idea.  If you get injured, go to your repair
    crawler to get fixed not all the way, but enough to let you go on.  When the
    Dreadnaught dies, your job is done and your mission accomplished.
     Mars: Bromios Desert
    This doesn't suck as much as the Sirtis Major mission, but CAN suck a lot worse
    if you don't pay attention.  There are weapons prototypes being built in Dr.
    Mudo's lab in the Bromios Desert.  There are shields keeping Widows out of the
    base generated by shield generators.  You have to make sure these shields stay
    online so you won't be overwhelmed by the Manti and make sure the prototypes
    are not destroyed.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Gamma Landers
     - Beta Landers
     - (possibly) Mutants
     - Infectors
     - Widows
     - *Brain Bug
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Keep the shield generators safe.
    (2.) Defeat the Brain Bug so the prototypes can be safely loaded onto a
    (1.) This is where you will have to endure the most in this mission.  The two
    shield generators are on the outside of the base on either side of it nestled
    in a half-circle of rock.  They're connected to where the shields appear. 
    There will be quite a few squads of Landers carrying Infectors to these
    generators.  Kill any Lander carrying an Infector so it will fall and die.  Use
    the "Select" button to display where and how close Landers are to the shield
    generators so you can engage them accordingly.  If you get damaged, there are
    three teleporters scattered around the area.  Hit the D-pad to target the
    colonists and return them to the Dropzone if you have time.  You can also make
    extra tanks in the tank factory, which may be a good idea just in case a
    generator goes down.  Continue sweeping back and forth between the generators. 
    Be ESPECIALLY watchful for groups of Beta Landers.  There will be a point where
    five will gang up on a generator to destroy it in mere moments.  Five is all
    they need to commence their super attack, so kill at least one immediately
    before they can do severe damage.  Usually, these bastards attack the generator
    on the right side of the science facility facing the tank factory.  If you can
    keep at bay the Beta Landers, you'll be almost done.
    (2.) Almost.  Away from the base behind the tank factory will arrive the Brain
    Bug (Starship Troopers eat your heart out).  This will be a breeze compared to
    the Dreadnaught.  It's accompanied by Betas, Gammas, and normal Landers.  You
    can go out and meet it, and simply fire long-range weapons mercilessly until it
    dies.  Usually, the Brain Bug won't even make it to the base before you can
    destroy it.  Brain Big squashed. Mission complete.
     Mars: Khimat Ridge
    This is your last mission on Mars, or first and only, depending on how you play
    the game.  Anyway, a base is being threatened by the presence of a Lander Forge
    in the area.  It's your duty to secure the base and then destroy the Forge.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Infectors
     - Beta Landers
     - (possibly) Mutants
     - Widows
     - Podworms
     - Shock Towers
     - Turrets
    Your objectives:
    (1.) A convoy of transports will be moving through your base to drop off
    colonists.  Make sure they get to the base to drop off their load.
    (2.) Eliminate all Widows.
    (3.) Destroy the Lander Forge.
    1.) This part is easy.  At the start of the mission, go straight ahead to the
    elevated platform behind the tank and missile crawler factories.  Notice the
    teleporter.  There should be a repair crawler on that platform, so pick it up
    and put it near your Dropzone.  Good.  Now go out to defend the transports from
    Landers making a nuisance of themselves.  After you eliminate all of the
    Landers you won't have to worry about the transports anymore, except for the
    last transport.  The last transport will break down on its way toward the base,
    and you'll have to be quick because Landers may be around, and even more
    threatening, Widows will be approaching.  Get the colonists ASAP and bring them
    back to the base to fortify defenses.
    2.) Okay, now what to do with the colonists.  After you get the transports on
    their merry way w/o Landers bugging them, go get the colonists at the front of
    the base (the middle road from the base). Take them all to the missile crawler
    factories.  They'll produce two crawlers which you should put in front of the
    Dropzone before the middle road.  Now, a transport should have dropped off 4
    more colonists.  Grab 3 for a tank.  Put the other one in for half a missile
    crawler (remember that there is a teleporter on the elevated portion of the
    base.  If there is a colonist there, take him to the missile crawler factory to
    complete the missile crawler).  The transports should be dropping colonists off
    regularly by this point, so do the process of taking 3 for a tank and one for
    the crawler factory.  While you're doing this, put your tanks on all sides of
    the base, approximately 2 per road will be barely enough.  Put your crawlers
    all before the Dropzone before the middle road, evenly spread out.  You can, if
    necessity demands, only have one tank for the Widows advancing up the middle
    and hope that your crawlers can help as much as they can.  You have to be
    pretty vigilant over the middle road, because that is the route the Landers
    carrying Infectors will like to travel up.  Take them out whenever possible. 
    Once you have all sides covered, help kill all of the Widows bu firing
    unceasingly on any that get too close, or any that have destroyed the barricade
    of tanks you set up for them.  It will be close*.  But if you manage to
    eliminate the Widows without them destroying your Dropzone, then the rest of
    the mission is pretty simple.
    3.) Now, to destroy the single Forge giving you so much trouble.  The Forge
    will be defended by Shock Towers, Turrets, a Podworm, Beta Landers, and the
    normal Landers the Forge spits out.  You'll need a long-range weapon to take on
    the Towers and Turrets, and if you run out, just go back to have the repair
    crawler replenish your ammo.  The Beta Landers will be somewhere on the map. 
    It was usually pretty random for me, but there are only a few, about 5 maybe. 
    Again use long-range weapons to destroy the Podworm.  Now you can close in on
    the defenseless Forge and waste it.  Mission successful.
    (*This must have been a glitch, but sometimes the Manti Widows, some if not
    all, would be frozen in place where they started.  This made the mission SO
    much easier, but I doubt any of you catch this lucky break.  But if any of you
    do, I'd be curious to know, so drop me a line if this is an issue for anyone
     Asteroid Belt: Alchera Fields
    I always thought that Mars was an inner planet...that is, the asteroid belt
    comes AFTER Mars, relative to Earth...anyway, in order to fully secure Mars, a
    early warning system has been placed in the asteroid belt by the GSA.  The
    satellite arrays that perform this job have been discovered by a patroling
    Manti force.  You'll have to defend the satellite.
    Enemies you'll encounter:
     - Landers
     - Betas, aka Kamikazes
    Your objectives:
    (1.) Defend the array from the Manti, and especially from the Kamikazes.
    1.) The Landers are easy to deal with, since there are only 5 of them in a
    formation and don't do a whole lot of damage.  But, kamikazes?  Yep, the array
    has three sides to it, and kamikaze Beta Landers will try to ram themselves
    into it.  So therefore the Landers are just distractions.  Luckily they aren't
    very good ones.  All you have to do is hang out close to the satellite, kill
    the Landers that arrive, and when you see a red arrow outline, follow it to the
    kamikaze and attack it headlong.  They're surprisingly weak, so you shouldn't
    have trouble.  Just don't attack the kamikaze from the side; you won't get many
    hits in because it's moving fast.  If you get damaged, there is an abandoned
    vessel nearby with supplies for you.  The very last part of the mission sends
    about three or four kamikazes in a row at you, so be at attention when the
    Manti do their last ditch effort.  When the last of the kamikazes are
    eliminated, congratulate yourself because now you'll move on to Operation:
    Reckoning.  Oooh.
    - To be Continued -
     *** More of this guide is on the way.  I just need to write down the names of
    the missions as I go through them.  I hope this was helpful so far! ***
     If you would like to contact me concerning anything with this guide or the
    information presented, or just to give general feedback, email me at
    Thanks for reading!
    Copyright 2003 Amy Clements

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