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    Mini-Game FAQ by GTA Assassin X

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                                MINI-GAME GUIDE
    By: GTA Assassin X                                                1/20/03
    1 Guide Info
    2 Crush-O-Rama
    3 Dodge Ball
    4 Big Shot
    -4A King Of The Hill
    5 Contact and other info
    **(1)** Guide Info
    This guide has info and secrets and everything you need to know about the
    mini games!! Mini games are for 2 players and there are three of the to
    play. Crush-o-Rama, Dodge Ball and Big Shot. Each will be explained
    below! Also each have to be unlocked by getting tokens in Adventure mode
    The or in Endurance
    All buttons listed are for Scheme "A" Controls! *Important* All ratings are
    A mix of my personal ratings and others. Use the guy that best works for you.
    Locked Items:
    -Cant use specials
    Crush-O-Rama is a small and kind of boring game where you start in a
    very, very, very small city block where you have to destroy as many
    buildings as you can before your friend does. The person that destroy the
    most wins.
    -Try to go for multiple buildings and not one at a time.
    -Beat up the other guy to give you a few more seconds of time to get more
    buildings down!
    -The buildings that are near the bottom of the screen I wouldn’t go for
    unless there are none left!
    Best Character:
    The best character is Zorgulon. He has a long and powerful reach! Unlock
    him from the Un-lockable section first for 200,000 tokens!
    Another good guy is Magmo. He’s strong and seems to move faster
    Dodge Ball:
    Locked Items:
    -Everything but grabbing button and moving(duh!).
    Dodge ball is a fun game(which everyone knows) where you have a ball and
    you have to take it and throw it your friend and hit him in a very small
    arena. You each start on two small nuclear reactors(that you can get off
    -If you can get the ball first hide behind a reactor and move around it
    to avoid being hit
    -If someone is hiding behind the reactor and you have the ball jump over
    it and hit them in while your in the air!
    -Us R1 and L1 to stay locked on to your friend. It’s a lot easier this
    way to hit him!
    -Be careful whether your throwing the ball or dodging it because it
    can still hit something first bounce off of it and hit you!
    -Just because your friend is close to the ball doesn’t mean you cant get
    it first. A lot of the times hell hit grab and still run but it he wont
    grab it!
    Best Character:
    No person is really the best in this. But go with someone fast or that
    can jump high!
    Locked Items:
    -Cant use flying ability that is used by some guys
    -Cant kick, punch or use specials
    Ok big shot is a very fun game where on tall buildings and there’s a ramp
    that moves up and down on your building. You have 3 turns to score the most
    points. You use the speed ability(Up, Up,) to go flying in the air and you
    have to land on the another building that have various scores form 25-200 on
    them. There are also Exploding UFOs and randomly placed that can stop you
    If scores are tied at the end you’ll go into King Of The Hill)Explained
    The Below!
    -Hit Triangle after Up, Up all before taking off the ramp and you’ll get Super
    Speed. Hit it again after you leave the ramp(More near a target) and it will
    turn off!
    -Use your second analog stick and press up to look down to see where to land!
    Doesn’t work with flying guys though(Ones with wings)!
    -Don’t always hit the ramp when it is at max height! Lower means straight
    -Some guys can have amazing air control like the Dragon. You move your
    joysticks left or right or turn around all the way and they can nearly stop in
    mid air! Where as big guys just will keep going!
    -Say your target is to the right. Aim to the left a little because your
    hitting the ramp at an angle and you will most likely be off to the right! So
    always aim the opposite way a little if a target Isn’t straight ahead!
    -Never not go to a target because you see a UFO. Sometimes looks can be
    But strategies !
    -There is a glitch where the buildings sometimes you might miss but tap the
    edge. This is good for getting points that you technically didn’t earn!
    -Remember while there may be a 200 point score on the smallest building little
    scores are use full If you need 25 to win don’t go for 200! Go for the needed
    Best Character:
    My  personal best is the Dragon(Raptros) he has amazing air control and I
    don’t Usually miss! Only thing is you will have to unlock him in the
    Un-lockable Section first for 200,000 tokens.
    Another good guy is Kineticlops launch him when the ramp is all the way down
    Then just before you hit the target drop out of the sky. Most of the time he
    Always hits!
    King Of The Hill(Big Shot Tie Breaker):
    Locked Items:
    -Flying(I think)
    You’ll play King Of The Hill in Big Shot if both scores are the same at the
    End Of 3 rounds. All you have to do is get knock your enemy off the skyscraper
    Before he does it to you!
    -Don’t do your strong combo move or you’ll end falling up
    -Don’t use dash attack
    -If possible hit "Grab" button as soon as it starts to grab your friend
    -Use a Stun move to stun your friend then do what you must
    Best Character:
    Well you don’t have a choice! Whoever you picked for Big Shot is your guy you
    have to fight with!
    **(5)**  Contact And other Info
    his wife
    Please do not edit any of the  guide and use repost it without my permission!
    Any comments , questions or ideas? Email me at Rchosen@visn.net
    or on aim at SOCOMNavySeal

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