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"What could be cooler than a war between humans? A war between monsters, of course!"

Do you like watching Godzilla? Is the Rampage series one of the best games you ever played? Then you should know that SCEA has made your dream come true. War of the Monsters is an excellent example how to take a 70s monster movie and turn it into a destruction simulator. With many characters and arenas to choose from, SCEA has created a near masterpiece that is truly worth playing for every fans and non – fans of monsters alike.

Graphics 9/10
I have to say, for a game inspired by early 70s monster movies, the visuals of War of the Monsters are magnificent. It met the standards of basic PS2 games, which is a good thing. All the monsters have unique designs while the arenas are marvelous in different ways. Explosions and gunfire are nice while the natural projectiles expelled or shot by the monsters are flashy – looking. The blood effects that show when you step on the ‘tiny' citizens are OK at best, but that's not actually much of a big deal. The environments, ranging from plains to cities, are non – generic and designed differently from each other. I think that's a big plus in terms of graphics because same arenas basically meant the game is just filling spots for the lack of places to fight in.

Story 8/10
I'm being truthful here. There's actually no plot in this game, but rather back – stories and the origins of each monster/character. It began when Earth is invaded by a bunch of monstrous aliens. As they invade Earth, some of their genes dropped to random places in the planet. These genes then mutate several different kinds of creatures, objects, and things while transforming them into different kinds of cool monsters. Basically, the game first lets you choose one character to play Story Mode with. After that, you'll be playing their story on how they beat up the other monsters and the invading aliens. Once you finished their Story Mode, the game shows you a short scene on how your chosen monster was transformed from something harmless into a terrorizing creature. Pretty simple, right? I think this is actually a good formula because it convinces the players to use every character in the game since that's the only way to know each of the character's origin.

Gameplay 10/10
Even if fighting games are my least favorite type of games, War of the Monsters is just too extraordinary to resist. What can be more fun than whacking and beating up other monsters in a 3D environment? The amount of characters and arenas in the game will easily hook you up for +100hours! Bored of doing the same thing over and over again? That's not a problem for a great company such as SCEA! They have implanted something called ‘Extras' within the game. What's that? It's basically a shop where they sell extra arenas, minigames, monsters, and even new costumes for your characters! What I meant by ‘sell' is that you have to buy these things with credits called Tokens. You can acquire these by doing Story Mode levels, minigames, etc. Is there any other thing that makes War of the Monsters a unique fighting game? Of course! Almost every object, whether it be cinderblocks, vehicles, flagpoles, etc., can be picked up! What's the use of this? To be used as weapons, of course! All the monsters in this game might already have strong hands/claws/tentacles, but surely pounding your opponents couldn't be half as fun as piercing them with a flagpole! Other then the fun, objects usually tend to do higher damage than using body parts. Certain monsters even have different combos when they have an object in hand, so it's worth trying out all the monsters in the game to see the different results. If you throw a sharp object towards an enemy, the object will impale the enemy's body. When this happens, your opponent will be rendered helpless for the next few seconds, thus giving you the opportunity to attack them. On the other hand, your enemies can also do the same thing to you. If that happens, a sign saying ‘IMPALE' will appear near your HUD. You'll then have to mash any button furiously in order to take the impaled object off your monster's body. The good thing about this is that once the object is taken off, it will still be in your hands, thus making revenge possible. You can also grab your opponents and sprint/fly quickly throughout the arena. Be aware though that these actions will spend your monster's stamina. A monster out of breath is the same thing as a helpless monster. With many possible actions, War of the Monsters deserves nothing less than a perfect score in terms of gameplay.

Sound 10/10
“Ahhh! The giant ape in my TV is alive!” These kinds of thoughts will surely come in your mind when playing SCEA's finest creation. The monster howls, shrieks, and growls combined with realistic explosions and gruesome bone - crunching sounds makes War of the Monsters a tensing experience. There is obviously no voice acting within the game, but SCEA's use of computers and other special – effect methods really made this game epic. Anyone next door will surely think that a monster rampage is happening and will duck for cover. There might be no catchy tunes within the game, but the awesome sound – effects alone is enough to satisfy me. One of the best things about this game is that all the monster cries match with the corresponding monster, which makes this game truly realistic. Therefore, the sounds of this game have successfully made the game alive.

Overall 9/10
Don't even think of renting this game. The full experience comes when you buy it. Godzilla fans should definitely buy this game since the amount of destruction is humongous. If you're a fan of the Rampage series from PSX or PS2, consider buying this game also since it's like Rampage only with a 3D environment that makes it even better than Rampage. Always remember, the best war game out there isn't between humans when monsters are on the loose!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/10/08

Game Release: War of the Monsters (US, 01/14/03)

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