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Reviewed: 01/15/03 | Updated: 01/15/03

AHHHHH It Came From Space!!!

Picture your in a 50's horror movie, were there are giant, 100 foot monsters going around your city and destroying everything in sight. Well this is what War of the Monsters is all about. Taking 100 foot monsters throw them in a city and you have endless possibilities. And there is a two player mood were you and a friend can team up on two monsters or all three of them can team up on you. The things you can do in this game is endless.

Graphics- the graphics in this game are tops. Not only is everything 3D but everything is.....well....3D and very smooth and there are no rough edges that I have seen. And the cities are well detailed not only in the size of the ground but how high the buildings go. Blowing up the buildings with a object, the other monster, or you, you can see the whole building blow up with fire and such and watch the building fall to the ground and the rubble can be used as weapons as well. And all of this is very detailed and 3D.

Sound- the music of this game is right out of the 50's horror movies.It is the kind of music that buts you on the edge a little bit. In all the sound is great, the being of the game it is the best sound effects, to me, in a game so far.

GamePlay- The game play of the game is awesome. All you do is run up to the enemy and you can do two or more thing. One is do a combo on them and KO them for awhile. Two pick them up and throw them across the screen. Three use your energy to throw your personal object at them. Or four use your Special weapon, is you have it, on them and blow them up. The easy button control is not that hard to remember. It is just push, throw, special, or a two button attack. That is not to hard to learn is it??

Story- There is not much of a story to this game but there is an adventure mode where you go around and defeat the other monsters in the game and then you have to fight a boss or two of the monsters at the same time. But during the game you also have to deal with the military. The military is where some of the monsters come from and the bosses. During the game you get tokens to unlock Skins for the monster. Which also unlocks the mini games that you could play during the game.

This is a must get game. If you trade in some games or get money go out and get this game. War of the Monsters is a must have game that you will be playing for a long time. And playing against your friends is a blast. But if you are one of those people that have to rent a game before you buy it then...GO OUT NOW AND RENT IT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! Then buy it. I just can't wait till they come out with a Online version of this game or the second version of the game comes out and it has on-line play. Hope you like the game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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