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"Better than Powerstone 2? Yes it is"

Powerstone 2 was a great game but very limited. It had five interactive levels. I believe there were 16 characters but not many people like most of them. i used to play this a lot until i got bored of it because the levels were so boring after you played it for two hours straight. the only thing that's good about Powerstone 2 is that it is four players. On the other hand, WOTM is limitless. There are many things you can do in this. anything you see is interactive. cars, buildings, radio towers, boats, etc. are all interactive.

War of the monsters has many levels but i think less characters. I haven't been counting how many but i know there is less. anyway, the adventure mode in this can be difficult for starters. easy mode is hard if you start playing it. You might get your butt kicked. The AI can be cheap also. two on one. three on one. You're always that one. the visuals are all 3d. You can destroy any building you see. however, there is a blue barrier that won't allow you to go through. But that won't be annoying at all. Seeing you getting slam into the buildings can be really cool. I love to hear the noise of the building collapsed. The music in it is created by Tommy Tallarico. But i think there is only one music in it and fits in perfectly. You might not even hear it as you play. once you beat it, you'll probably want to play more because you'll need to earn points to obtain more costumes, mini games, and two monsters. they are really expensive too. you would also try to find out combos you can do to beat the living crap out of your opponent(s).You can probably beat the game with one character in one day. its pretty short. Right now i'm at the last level. Anyway, i suggest you to rent the game first instead of buying it. There are some game magazines didn't give this a good rating.

I heard some people get bored of it after an hour or two. There was also another complain. the monsters were too small. I am guessing that they created them ''too small'' because they wanted monsters to fit in the screen nicely and they don't want a far view of the monster as you play. The size of the monsters in this game is perfect.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/17/03, Updated 01/17/03

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