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Reviewed: 01/20/03 | Updated: 01/20/03

A Great Game that Came Out of Nowhere!

First off, I must say that is a great game! But, unlike most good games, I didn't hear about it until like a month before it came out because it was featured in a magazine. For example, we all knew that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was coming out a year before it did, not this game however.

The graphics in this is are great! Nothing to complain about here. Everything looks so smooth and um...silky? Well, no, but just looking at it pleases my eye. When a building collapses, dust goes everywhere and it looks great. One of many great moments.

Basically, this is a full 3D beat-them-up where you use monsters. Everything within the arena (usually a city) is destroyable and eventually will become a weapon. You can destroy a building, pick up some rubble, and heave it at your opponent. You need to use everything in your environment to survive. With one or two players, this game is great alone or with others. Like graphics, nothing here to complain about.

The camera in two player mode is a first of its kind. If the two players are far from each other, it will be a classic splitscreen. But when you get close, it becomes single screen with both of you in it. It transfers so smoothly, you won't notice it happened the first few times. The camera in single player is a different story. It generally is o.k. but sometimes when you are locked on, you can be looking straight up or sometimes a building will e in your way and you can't see anything. It isn't that big of a deal, but enough to bring the score down.

The controls in the game a exactly how I like them...simple! One button jumps, one grabs, one does a weak attack, and the other does a strong one. The controls are easy you will pick them up in no time. Combos are easy to accomplish as well as special attacks. Very good here.

Replay Value
This game has a ton of replay value! Almost every level has its secrets or some environmental thing you can trigger. Like a volcanic eruption. Also, there are many unlockables, like mini-games and alternate costumes. It will keep bringing you back for more.

War of the Monsters, is a great game that you will be playing for a long time to come, I know I will.

Replay Value..09/10

Buy or Rent?
If you don't like fighter games, rent it and see how it is. However, if you like fighters or action/adventures. You should go pick it up at your local store. It is only $40 :)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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