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Reviewed: 01/20/03 | Updated: 01/20/03

WOW I have never been so Afraid

Presentation 9/10

As the game opens you are reminded how corny the old monster movies are, But how great this recreate of them is. I was shocked at how good all the monsters looked and I was very excited to play this game and you will be too when you first set the game in your playstation and sit down for a long day of gamming.

Controls 9/10

At first when you pick up your controller you may get a little frustrated. It takes a bit to get used to fighting with your controls but once that you learn how to master the jump/flying and special attacks. There are a few draw backs though. The attacking starts to get you mad when you are fighting more than one enemy and the attacks get interrupted and it starts to seem very sluggish and this is when you get tanked on. But other than that the controls are good.

Story 9/10

Before every fight there is a cutseen that seems like a mini monster movie. Every time I play there the story mode I like to watch them because it is cool to see the different monsters in the cutseen. Although the cutseens are very cool that does not make up for the fact that the monster order that you fight is the same every time. So it gets sort of boring and repetitive but that is why they put the endurance mode for you in there.

Graphics 9/10

Each monster has its own unique look and 4 different costumes. The levels are HUGE. They are well put together and have so many buildings to be destroyed and secrets to be found. Each one is so detailed that it is amazing. I think they could of added a few more levels because as nice as each level is they all seem to have the couple big buildings to destroy and nock down the hidden weapons and the elemental damage. They all are the same in some ways but it is still fun if you mix it up and play on different ones.

Closing Thoughts
Go get this game I think that it should only be a rent, this would be a great game for a bunch of friends to come over get everything unlocked and then go at it in the minigames and free-for-all battles. So have fun, make sure that you sleep with you nightlight on after you watch the WAR OF THE MONSTERS

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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