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Reviewed: 01/23/03 | Updated: 01/23/03

SImply Can't put it down!

War of The Monsters is an until recently almost unheard of game. It's a clever slap in the face to the old campy Monster Flicks from the mid 50's. This game is all about Destruction.

Gameplay 9/10
These guys know what their doing, The controls are beautiful, being able to activate Togera's (Godzilla clone) Plasma Breath and then auto target to back just out of your opponent's range was brilliant.

The only complaint I have is with an occasional slip-up when the camera shifts, this is minor, though.

The Strafe system is nice, and the flying abilities of a couple monsters are very smooth.

Extras 6/10
This may Seem a little low, but there are in all 2 hidden characters, 40 costumes 4 minigames, and 4(or so) unlockable levels. This is done through a token system a little like Mortal Kombat's Krypt, except you know exactly what your getting.

The mini-games were very poor, just variations of various aspects of the regular game, just isolated.

The costumes were very neat, 4 for each character (pppssssssssst. buy the fourth costume first, they're usually the most different) For those who like hard to unlock things, for one skin you must load a Twisted Metal Black file and you get an uber-cool Mecha-Sweet Tooth outfit.

The Unlockable levels are just the rest of the levels from the main game, which is a mystery to me, secret levels nowhere else seen would have been nice.

Story 8/10
I loved this games story, it's a great throwback to all the classic giant monster movies, The story is told through small cut-scenes that are presented like a classic movie.
The Ending leaves a little to be desired, it just has the origin of whatever monster you chose, and then rolls the credits.

Presentation 10/10
Wow, The Graphics are simply some of the best i've seen in a game. EVER. Small people fleeing the cities get crushed into puddles of blood when you set on then, building shake and vibrate when you obliterate them (watch out though, a falling building may instantly kill you)The water splashes and the fires are animated beautifully animated, even when you use a charge attack the air around you gets hazy like the air over an open grill.
The music and sound effect were great too, the instrumental pieces reminicent of the movies when you dread the DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN of upcoming danger.
Multi-player is the most fun I've had since I played Rampage at the arcades. Times One-hundred!


The most fun i've had with a game for a LONG while, Get ready folks, empty out your piggy banks and run for your life, go and buy this game right now!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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