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Reviewed: 01/23/03 | Updated: 01/23/03

This games got Incog Inc. wirtten all over it, to bad that includes "sleeper hit" too.

When the demo for War of the Monsters was released in an issue of Official Playstation Magazine it turned more than just a few heads. Nine to be exact (pause for laughter). Actually I’m completely serious when I say this because War of the Monsters is the definition of what a “sleeper hit” has come to be in the world of gaming. In spite of this, and the fact that most magazines and web sites haven’t given this game the warmest of reviews, I still thoroughly enjoyed War of the Monsters down to the last drop and plan to do so for a long while.

The basic premise of WOTM is aliens have invaded earth and are raining havoc throughout the world. Luckily scientist have come up with a solution which involves large energy beam emitters that are strategically placed around the world. They’re activated which in turn sends the alien saucers crashing into the earth one after another. Unfortunately this is only the beginning of the end for the human race as the aliens ships start to spill forth a green gooey substance that contaminates the entire worlds water supply. Soon after some insects and animals come in contact with the gummy material and mutate into giant destructive beasts. In an ironic turn of events the human race has sealed its own fate because now even though the aliens may not be a threat any more these gigantic behemoths sure are. Which is why this game was appropriately named War of the Monsters.

Right off the bat you’ll notice this game has that pick-up-and-go feeling that makes WOTM easy to learn but hard to master. Basically you control a large monster and try and kill another monster as quickly and as lethal as possible. It’s a surprisingly addictive playing formula and style that’s hard to find in games these days.

You have ten monsters to chose from and each handles very differently. And even though this game is balanced pretty well gameplay wise, you’ll soon notice that quicker monsters have a slight advantage on the playing field. Despite this it hardly effects the fact that this game is so damn fun anyway.

You’ll battle over many different types of terrain with your monsters each with its own environmental attack. And when I say you can battle over these terrain’s I’m not kidding. Virtually everything is totally destructible. Building cars trees you name it and you can interact with it. I love being able to pick up a radio antenna and impale my opponent with it, then pick up an electric generator and hurl it at him only to watch him sizzle is pain.

The modes in this game seemed to be ripped right from Twisted Metal: Black (also made buy Incog Inc.). You have your adventure mode, elimination mode, and you can customize your own fight in a variety of ways. You’ll need to play through adventure mode multiple times to earn battle tokens which are used to unlock miscellaneous things for monsters and such, and you also unlock the origins of the monster your fighting as which explains how it came in contact with the green gooey material.

If you’re still reading this review than you’ve come to the best part of it, and the best part of the game for that matter. I’m speaking, of course, of the graphics, which are superb given the amount of mayhem on screen at once. They’re simply a pleasure to look at and the frame rate never falters. The animation is phenomenal and buildings have never been blown apart the way they have in this game.
And your eyes won’t be the only ones impressed with the show. Sound effects are top notch and deliver the right sounds at the right moment. The musical score also deserves props for great fast paced yet exciting tunes woven inside and out of this game.

When it comes right down to it WOTM is a great game that does what it sets out to do. Its fast gameplay and forgiving controls let gamers decide how much of this game they want to learn. It’s varied monsters and destructive surroundings further enhance this already great gaming package. Sweet visuals and melodramatic melodies seal the deal, War of the Monsters is a great game in its own right and as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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