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Reviewed: 01/24/03 | Updated: 01/24/03

The best thing since Rampage

Giant monsters destroying everything in their path. What could be more fun? War of the Monsters is a new breed of fighting games. It is based on the old monster movies, and man, it's incredibly fun.


Awesome. The game is, as earlier stated, really fun. The levels are so huge and have so many surprises which makes every fight dramatically different. Also, they are fully interactive. You can pick up cars, rubble from buildings, radio towers, and even electric generators to throw at your opponent. Some things, like the radio towers, can impale a monster, causing them to stop and try to pull it out. The characters are also unique, each with their own specials and combos. The characters long range specials are fun to use, and look really cool. And the controls are great. You have your simple four buttons, light attack, heavy attack, grab and jump, so if you want to mash some buttons, go right ahead. But once you get more experienced, you learn to do long and advanced combos. The game is hard at first, but after a little bit of experience, the game turns really easy. For more of a challenge, there are easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings, but that's no surprise.


The story is just like a corny monster movies. Goo makes things big. Although it is simple, I enjoyed it. The story isn't supposed to be a big part in this game, though


The graphics are beautiful. The explosions are just excellent, and the specials are pretty. It looks pretty awesome when buildings are destroyed too. Overall, it's a good experience for your eyes.


I never really noticed the sound when I was playing, but it never got on my nerves either. The music is fitting for the game, but most people never notice it.

Replay Value-9/10

After beating the game for the first time (which doesn't take long), your experience isn't even close to over. Beating the game gives you a movie of how the monster you were was created, so it's fun to beat the game multiple times with each character. Also, there are tons of unlockables. There are two secret characters, around four or five secret levels, 2 skins to buy for each character (they start with two), and three mini games. I haven't put too much time into mini games, but the dodgeball is really fun for something different. By the way, the skins look great. Especially the fourth ones. But the greatest thing of all is the multi-player. There are several different modes for multiplayer, but I think that free-for-all is the best. You and a friend with none-two CPU monsters battle it out in one of the huge, fully interactive environments. It's a blast.

Rent or Buy- Buy. It's only 40 dollars, but it's easily worth 50.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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