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Reviewed: 02/13/03 | Updated: 02/20/03

Not bad but...

War of the Monsters- I give it an 8 because....

When I first heard of a monster game coming out for ps2, I quickly started thinking about the old movies that came out during the 1950's. Those movies are hilarious to watch. The special effects seemed so primitive to now. Which is why
playing this game felt like I was watching one of those old monster ''B'' movies. The cheesy acting, the guys in the rubber suits fighting while the helpless humans run in panic down below.

What makes this game most enjoyable is the way it is played during two player mode. First off, it is split screen, until of course both players meet up, then the screen joins to form one big screen. So this allows both players to see what's going on.

The camera can become a little tricky to view when both monsters are close to each other. Controlling the monsters can also become a challenge because sometimes not all the moves respond. The special attacks do make up for this. The story mode is pretty usual, which gives this game a B movie feel.

If you're into the whole button mashing game and enjoy old monster movies, then this game is for you. Patience is also needed while playing this game during adventure mode. The bosses in this game also give some reminisce of twisted metal.
There are quite a few monsters to choose from. All the monsters have different fighting abilities and specials. One monster even has four arms.

This game is not only fun to play, but to watch as well. It felt like I wasn't watching a game but a movie. The cities are huge so there is much room to roam around and fight in. Alot of the computer opponents tend to use this to their advantage and run away to recover health.

There are a ton of extras and secrets that can be unlocked each time you collect tokens when every level is completed. One of my favorite extras is Agamo's ''secret costume 4'' Unlock that and you'll see why.

This the playstation's answer to a monster fighting game, unlike that other king of the monster that's out there, this one gives it a real challenge. Think of this game as a 3d rampage with more action.

This game plays pretty smooth and sometimes it feels like a twisted metal game, but without the cars. One warning, do not play this game alone. The monsters cheat and fight very dirty.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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