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"Feels just like a Movie"

This game is overall excellent. The graphics on the characters are amazing. The overall environment is excellent, and basically everything is excellent. Except for a few minor screw ups. Well okay, here we go.

Game Play 9/10
The game play is excellent. You feel like you are actually crushing the buildings and throwing the cars and smashing up your foes. It is also very simple, except that there is a few complicated moves to accomplish (ex. Congar's Windmill Attack the goes on for a while). You have your buttons which are Triangle: Heavy Punch, Square: Punch etc. There is unique features to the game play. And one is that when you are playing with your friend, and you come close together on the game, the screen will move into one whole screen. This makes it much easier to see. And also, this game feels much like a movie, especially when you climb the really high buildings. The cons for the game play is that you cannot fight a single enemy and stay fighting it, you hit what you see. So if you have three guys clammed together, you'll be fighting one of them, and then you all of a sudden start punching another guy. The game play is excellent, and overall I give it a 9 out of 10.

Story 5/10
Well, the story is tough to decide what I should give it out of ten, but let's review the facts in the story. Okay, so we know from reading the manual that these Aliens came to the planet and that they are going to take over and control Earth. Then, these people figure out an idea to create these ''Super Machines'' that are designed to destroy those bad Aliens. Then, that is you quest in Adventure Mode. You pick a monster and fight through a horde of monsters until you get to the Master of all the bad Aliens and defeat it. Plain story of saving the world from'm giving a 5 out of 10.

Graphics/Sound 10/10
The graphics simply are amazing in this game. Especially the character designs. You will be running around the arena, staring at the guy, thinking on how real it looks. The environments look amazing, except for the minor screw up that you would see the foundation of a wrecked building, and it would be about half as tall as you, and you would run right through it. But that hardly matters when you get sucked into the game play and the amazing graphics of the game. Now, on to the sound. The sound is also really good. The effects of the sound when you smash a building or when you send somebody flying sound real. The music in the game really gets you going as you smash cars and do all that stuff. Overall the sound is excellent. I am giving the sound and graphics a ten out of ten.

Replay Value 9/10
There is TONS of reasons to replay this game.TONS. Okay first of all you would replay the game to get points to unlock all of the costumes for you certain character. Also to unlock other mini-games and levels to fight with your monsters on. There is also the endurance mode, which allows you to fight a nonstop amount of enemies until you die or get tired of fighting. You will most likely get tired of fighting because sometimes it's just to easy to get to even fifty kills. This game is easy, so you will likely want to play through the game again through a different view of a character. Or through with a different costume. There is also one SECRET which requires you to have another certain game to unlock this item. Just search through the unlocks and if you find something unusual you'll know what it is. Okay, well, I'm giving the replay value a nine out of ten.

Buy or to Rent Either way that fits you!
You should definitely buy this game if you like action games and like unlocking many items and stuff like that. But if you just want to have a quick blast of action, I suggest you rent this game.....mainly because..that's all you'll be action! Well I hope you enjoy my review and base your opinions off it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/17/03, Updated 02/17/03

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