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"Only one will win, its up to you who will win this.....War of the Monsters!"

Ok to start things off I've been watching the progress of War of the Monsters ever since it was mentioned for the first time online or in any of the various popular video game magazines. I was trying to decide upon waiting for this game to be released, or purchasing a Game Cube for the sake of Godzilla: Destroy all monsters melee. Although after reading more than decent reviews for G:DAMM on this site (Yes I trust the this sites reader reviews more than the magazines, so try to keep up the good work.) I still decided that G:DAMM was not worth buying a Game Cube for with rumors of a Xbox and PS2 version floating around. So I waited for what seemed like forever for this game to be released, and the more I read the more I knew I was going to love it. I'm a HUGE fan of mainly Godzilla but also other Kaujia (or however you spell it haha.) monsters including Gamera and even Ultra man. I have nearly every Godzilla film ever put on VHS, seeing as I've been collecting them since I was 6. So needless to say I was more than looking forward for this game. I was not disappointed at all when I finally got my hands on my own personal copy, though I found it does have some very small flaws. That still doesn't take away from the experience and the overall fun factor of this awesome game. should be praised for a job well done.

Graphics:10 Ok The more I read about this game and all its various graphically features, the more I began to worry about the frame rate....boy was I wrong to worry about such a thing. There is absolutely NO SLOW DOWN! Even when your in adventure mode, facing up to 4 monsters at once. I've beaten the game with over half the monsters now and out of all those times I've seen no slow down at all, everything runs a constant smooth 60 fps. The monsters are all very well designed and full of neat little effects during the fast paced smooth combos, such as spikes extending from fists, sword slashes, whips of lightening etc. Not to mention every monster has 4 extra costumes, I know your thinking big deal but most of them actually change the overall appearance of your monster. Also they all have individual animations for every situation, including death animations although not gory in any way. Now onto the levels, really deserves a pat on the back for this. Although not all are very large, all of them are packed full of such passionate detail that its enough to leave any giant monster fan in awe. I never thought that watching a building crumble and fall to the ground on top of a large group of people would be such a beautiful sight. People, cars, trucks, tanks all scuttle at the monsters feet. People can be stepped on leaving small blood stains on the ground, cars and trucks and just about everything else can be picked up and used as a weapon. Although everyone seems to have a problem with the monsters being so small, if you take a good look at everything on the screen you'll feel as if these giant beasts are actually ripping the town to pieces. Overall the graphics are a sight to be seen.

Sound:10 Everything from the gigantic foot steps of the monsters running and climbing through the levels, even to the sounds of the people running about at your feet are done faithful to your favorite giant monster movies. Buildings falling to the ground and explosions not only sound massive, they feel massive with surround sound. Every monster has their own signature screams and roars, and no two sound alike. Lasers burning, missiles exploding, what more could you ask from a giant monster game/movie? Seeing as the entire game is made in honor (Or to poke fun at.) the giant monster movies of the 50's and 60's, the music of course more than fits the games theme. Its that almost over dramatic music that’s been made famous from such movies. People have actually complained about the music as well lol.

Control:9 This is were I was really surprised, the controls are very fluid and fairly easy to pick up on. All monsters run and jump around very smoothly, even though some are slightly slower or faster than others due to size and so fourth. Some even have the ability to fly and glide over enemies lacing them down with projectiles. The combo system is also pretty fluid, simple enough that most gamers can pop off 4-5 hit combo's with ease. Though it doesn't take much skill to unleash 8-13 hits! Special and Super moves are also very easy to pull off, though you have to collect blue orbs or a special item for the supers. You can easily leap from building to building and scale to the top and leap down on an unsuspecting enemy. My only real problem with the controls is it takes awhile to get use to holding both L1 and R1 buttons to lock on, but its honestly no big deal as there are several button setups.

Story:8 Ok I know everyone’s been complaining about how corny the story is, well guess what people.....Its suppose to be that way! The game pays tribute all those famous or infamous giant monster movies of the 50's and 60's, which as you know....weren't known for they're twisting and interesting plotlines. It goes like this, Aliens have invaded Earth and a new secret weapon is made to destroy them. The UFO's crash onto Earth leaking a strange green liquid and gas all over the planet, which awakens or gives birth to all the giant monsters that are fighting it out. Its a classic B-movie storyline and it fits the game perfectly. My only beef with the story is the fact that two of the hidden monsters don't have endings.

Game play:10 Its kind of hard to fit War of the Monsters into any category other than a brawler. But if you really need a comparison of some kind. Imagine a 3-D Rampage with Mortal Kombat style combo's, over the top special moves, and the ability to use just about anything within arms reach as a weapon. As soon as you play the game for more than 10 minutes, you'll begin to see the similarities between WOTM and Incog.incs other hit Twisted Metal: Black which is also an awesome game. But don’t jump to conclusions, WOTM simply runs on the same engine as Twisted Metal: Black the games themselves are very different from one another. This also means since the game runs under the same engine as TWB, that means that just like in TWB literally everything can be destroyed! In adventure mode you run through the various levels learning to fight as the massive beasts that oppose you as you go. You have the options of using your extensive combos, your slightly more powerful special attacks, as well as the even more powerful Super attacks. Also you can pick up cars, trucks, and even snatch helicopters out of the air and choose to bash the enemy over the head with them, or toss them for a long range attack. You can even rip up radio antennas and impale the enemy monster stunning them for a moment, giving you the chance to unleash some serious damage. Some levels even have their own special environmental attack, such as tidal waves nuclear meltdowns and such. Tokens are awarded after every match according to how good you fought and how much damage you caused. These can be used to buy several unlock able levels, monsters and so fourth. But that’s not all! Some levels require you to destroy other things or even place items in certain places to win. Example: At the beginning of the first boss fight, your swarmed by giant radioactive ants. You must maneuver your way about the ants and place a large stone in the ant hole, or else they'll constantly respawn. Boss's also require a bit more than fast accurate fingers to win. All the levels begin with a small cinematic of the monster your about to fight destroying the city in classic giant monster movie style. My only real problem with the game overall is the somewhat small amount of moves, and the absence of a two player co-op mode. (If you think about it the right way it would be near impossible to make this game four player, so I really wish everyone would stop whining about it. It still would have been nice though.) Also its kind of boring to have to fight the same fights over and over again in adventure mode, the least they could have done is switch up the monsters you fight and when. But with those few flaws aside, the overall result is an insanely fun game packed to the rim with detail and style.

Replay value:8 There’s a nice number of unlock able items to obtain with the tokens you earn from fighting. Everything from more monsters, levels, even a few mini-games. The monsters extra skins or costumes are very nice and well worth unlocking. But for some reason I feel after that there’s nothing else to it. But it is nice to have a little something extra.

Rent or Buy: If you own a PS2 and your a fan of giant monster or old sc-if films don't waste another moment....go out and BUY THE GAME! Besides that any fan of brawlers like Power stone will be more than happy with it. Otherwise rent it and try it out, I promise you won't be disappointed. should be held in high regard after releasing two awesome games right behind one another. I'm more than happy with both games, and I look forward to playing more of they're titles. War of the Monsters is any giant monster movie fans (Like myself.) dream come true.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/19/03, Updated 02/19/03

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