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"What I've wanted from a game for years has come true."

Your a monster? that's an obvious assumption, with the title exposing that you are a monster. Every since I was a kid I watched Godzilla films and own basically everything with a creature destroying miles of cities. And also owned the old Godzilla video game for NES this was fun but the structure lacked in what I wanted. Then came king of monsters real fun game on the SNES but the aspect of getting to point a to point b in a certain amount of time was really dull. Then a game we know as RAMPAGE the closest at the time to my likings yet it cannot match to what I really wanted, A true monster game with spectacular fights amazing graphics, and what else? crushable people, buildings, car's, radioactive stuff and have it all 3-D. So once I heard of this game I immediately traded in my Vice City for this gem and I have never looked back at vice city again. So on for a review.

Graphics- a perfect 10/10! Yes I must say the presentation of this game is amazing with a touch of blasphemous proportions and absolutely zero slow down. Every last portion is rendered perfectly from the crowds of scared civilians that can be crushed to a bloody pool, to the amazing explosions as you smash a gas tanker into your enemies head. A good point is that along with the buildings originality and no two buildings are the same makes this game very easy on the eye's, and the fact everything can basically be leveled is amazing how they added such detail without killing the games performance.

Sound- Obvious 10/10. from the yelling of people and the crushing sound of lively bodies is so perfectly mixed together and equalized. Even the sirens and explosions go together as your creature roars and taunts the other creatures. The stomps and falling buildings with the screeching metal create a realistic atmosphere. And to note the musics longevity, it never gets annoying.

Control's And Game play- Well I'll have to say 10/10. It really surprised me when I started this game how easy the monsters are to control, they all act incredibly different and are either slow, and strong or fast and weak. As for a button masher the game qualifies for the title even though combo's are there the main aspect is creating your own combo using specials, impale the enemy and smash into a building. All in all the controls make the real game play of this gem, and smashing things to pieces shouldn't be complicated, and adds more fun to the entire world your set in.

Replay Value- 8/10 With the amazing selection of unlockable's comes a real fun game. To be played over and over, along with the fun multi player selections it really is a stay with you type oh game. I must have played this for 20 hours straight the first time I got it and still find myself playing all night because it never is the same. A perfect game to say the least.

Rent or buy? Well like I said I traded in my GTA:VC game for this and never thought about GTA:VC ever again. I would say buy this game no matter what, it'll always be popped in the system for fun with friends, and boy will you play the thing till it cries. Also a plus on this love is it is only 40 bucks!!! hell it's worth 80 from all the fun you'll get and, a chance of it getting boring (never) is like going to Vegas with a mil.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/10/03, Updated 03/10/03

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