Review by Steven Tyler

Reviewed: 03/11/03 | Updated: 03/11/03

Where did that Building go? aghh! It´s flying in my direction!

Most of times, when there is certain game announced, we don´t care unless is a hyped or long awaited game. from that, comes the sleeper hits; Games that almost no one were expecting it but it turns out to be a hell of a game! War of Monsters is not an exception...

The world is being attacked by Aliens..blah blah blah.. the world unites and the army manages to defeat them.
The Spaceships crash and certain substance comes from them..Blah blah blah... Giant Monsters!


They´re pretty well done, Detailed and vibrant. The monsters look more of the cartoon type than trying to be realistic, Which is not a bad thing. There are tons of arenas, army bases, Cities, out world places ect.
The graphics in WOTM accomplish The Ps2´s standards so not really a problem here.


This is the best feature of The War of the Monsters. the gameplay is very addicting and really fun. This game will have you really hooked for a while.
You can destroy 99% of the whole arena you are in. Buildings, reactors, trees small things. everything! You can also climb buildings alá Godzilla. and, You can Grab anything you desire and hit your enemy with it or just throw it at him/her/it, Some stuff like a bar stick or something like that can get stuck in the enemy leaving it to your torturing desire.
There are also Power ups and health recovery items, It may turn a tough battle to your advantage.
On the actual fighting aspect, this game doesn´t miss. It is so fun to send your opponent to the stars with a big punch. You can perform combos that look really nice and each Monster has an unique ability and a special attack.
The game contain a good amount of secrets to unlock and keep the game interesting, WOTM also a few minigames, costumes and stuff.
there´s also a melee mode for a massive monster battle, You can also play with a friend. and for last, The game´s difficulty can be really tough.


this is the worst feature of this game, of course, making the perfect controller is really difficult (sometimes impossible), So i will take you a few hours to fully get used to the controller, after that, It´ll be a piece of cake. if you definitely can´t get familiar with the controls, there are other customization options.

SOUND: 9/10

Great, could be a bit better. Don´t really know what to say, it sounds ''realistic'' is a good way. It won´t annoy you at all.


This is a fun game that´ll keep you coming back for for for a long time.

You may be wondering or comparing this game with the Godzilla game for Gamecube, since they´re basically about the same thing but They have several differences. I found War of the Monsters more fun, while i found Godzilla: Destroy all the Monsters Melee too repetitive, but that´s just my opinion. The only thing that that this game is missing is a 4 multiplayer mode, instead of just two, it would´ve gotten a perfect 10 from me.
So Buy it or rent it? since there isn´t any ps2 game that attracts all audiences, you should maybe rent it first to see if this is your cup of tea, I bought it and i love it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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