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"A great idea that will serve as the basis for a hopefully better sequel"

There's nothing much to say to introduce the game besides ''Huge monsters fight in cities.'' So let's get right down to it.

Story = 5
Giant monsters attack the city! You're one of them! That's pretty much it... However, they do explain that the humans on earth put up a force-field barrier around the city to prevent the monsters from running everywhere. This conveniently explains why you can't literally cross the globe with your giant lizard man. Nice touch!

Graphics = 10
This game is great in the looks department! The creatures are well designed, move fluidly, and destroy the beautiful city in a barrage of effects. There are interactive backgrounds such as tidal waves and exploding volcanoes. Almost every building can be destroyed, and they take several stages before they collapse. You can throw almost anything around you, including cars, planes, and catamarans. If you need more debris to toss, break something near you and you're set! The only downside was that the whole game seemed a bit dark, and there was no option that I found to adjust the brightness.

Sound = 8
The sound effects were right on track. Explosions, crumbling buildings, screaming monsters... it's all there. The music is a little lacking, and truth be told, I barely noticed it. The effects are good though, and they really compliment the graphics and game play too.

Control = 6
This brings the game down. The controls are simple: when attacking, you have a light punch and a hard punch. You can jump and pick up things. That's the basics. You can string along combos, but this didn't always work for me. I'm used to fighting games, but my rookie wife could just pound away on the buttons and still keep up quite well! It didn't seem balanced. In the one-player mode, you have a decisive disadvantage when trying to fight multiple enemies at once. They just overpower you, and never make mistakes when attacking either. It needs some touching up. Also, there's the screen-switching thing. When in two-player mode, and you're both close enough, you'll both fit on the screen. But when you move far enough apart, the screen will shift into half, and each will see his own view. This can be VERY disorienting! It's a GREAT concept, but it can though off beginning players, as you'll start out in one direction, then the screen shifts and you're heading backwards!

Fun Factor = 8 in two-player, 3 in one-player
If you have a good friend and neither will get mad at the other for cheap shots, you'll like this game. There are many ways do damage your opponent: sling exploding oil trucks at them, spear them with radio antennas, or hurl them through a building for ultimate damage! However, the computer is almost infallible! He'll always find the health (it's not like he can forget where it is), and he's never disoriented by the screen-switching thing!

This is a great idea for a game! The fictional creatures, although similar to many movie monsters, are a nice touch. They taunt, scream, and move like, well, real monsters, I guess. However, having to unlock minigames and extra outfits is more of an annoyance than a reinforcer. It takes so long to build up tokens needed to unlock the hidden stuff that many will get miffed by the computer's superhuman abilities. I'd say rent this one first. If you find it cheap, say under $15, then it's worth it. Otherwise, let's hope for a follow-up that adjusts the bothersome aspects.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 04/13/03

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