Review by yousmellboy

Reviewed: 10/28/03

AAAAHH! The Monsters are coming!!

This is a great game. Okay, maybe it won't pull in beat-em-up fanatics like Soul Calibre or Tekken games do, but if you just want a break from tricky combo attacks which could qualify to be their own language, this is for you. Taking control of 10 unique monsters you are unleashed in a big fully destructable arena, the joy of it being: you're 100 feet tall!

The graphics form this game are great. The sight of a building crumbling to the ground as you punch a monster straight through it couldn't look better. Buildings become invisible if you get close to them so they don't obstruct the camera, so you won't ever end up being blind to what's going on. There's some great effects too, such as volcanoes erupting and gas trucks exploding.

The sound is fantastic. The music is taken straight from a classic 50's monster movie, which really creates a good atmosphere. The monsters never really speak, but they do all have their own growls/cries/screams. These differ depending on wheteher your monster is winning or being smacked to pieces, so each monster feels different.

All games need a good story, and this game is no exception, so here goes: Aliens invade Earth and go around blowing everything up. The humans make a load of big lasers and shoot them out of the sky. Unfortunately, the alien ships crash to earth and leak radiocative waste. This creates a load of giant monsters who all decide to kill each other. Simple enough.

This game will definatley keep you playing for a while. The monsters all have a different fighting stlye, from Congar, a giant ape, who pummels enemies which his primate arms, to Ultra V, a Japanese fighting mech programmed to destroy the aliens, who relies on his karate stlye. Also, each monster has his/her own special move which is great for destroying the monsters and the enviroment. And what an enviroment it is. Not only is inhabited by piny humans, perfect for crushing with your feet, it's completelty interactable. Smash a nearby building and suddenly you've got an array of weaponry lying at your feet, from radio masts to steel girders. Then there's the traffic. Cars, boats and even areoplanes can be thrown across the landscape at your enemy's feet. And there's more. Some levels hide special enviroment attacks, such as the Tsunami level. Set in a busy Japanese town, a UFO hovers above the sea. Hit it with something(car, gas truck, debri etc) and it shoots a laser into the water, creating a powerful tidal wave. Climb up a tall enough building fast enough and you can watch the devastating action in complete safety. Or the Atomic Island level, where hitting a button fills the entire middle section of the level with radioactive goo, which quickly eats away at your opponents' health. The posiblities are endless, espicially when you get some friends round to play.

You may never get bored of this. When you start the game, you have 8 monsters and only two of their 4 costumes. However, playing through the story mode gains you battle tokens, which in turn can be exchanged for new monsters, costumes, levels and mini-games. The two unlocakable monstaers of pretty unique, and some of the levels are quite good two. But if you ask me, it's the costumes where this really shines. Different looks really make you think you're playing as an entirley new monster. Plus, if you can't do the story mode for any reason, you can still gain points by playing on 'endurance mode'. Basically, you fight 5 monsters, one after the other, picked from random from the monster list. After you beat those five, you fight them all again. And again. And again. Untill you die. It sounds boring but the points you can rack up from this are amazing and there's never any shortage of health lying around the level, in the form of radioactive sludge.

If you like easy to learn beat-em-ups, buy this. If your more into technical stuff and finger blistering combos, this may be a little basic for you. Either way, its a fantastic game, and all I can do is hope for a sequel.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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