Review by Hominid

Reviewed: 08/16/05

You mean that's not King Kong?

If there is one thing that video games have proved, it's that it's fun to beat stuff up. War of the monsters continues that legacy with a surprisingly fun game of quantum destruction. and quantum destruction in games brings the whole family together!

The entire story, although there isn't really any story at all, is explained in the opening cinematic. Aliens invade. Earths blows them up really good. The chemical ooze secreted by the UFO's mutates various life forms into bloodthirsty monsters. Begin the destruction!!! The story really sucks, but it perfectly impersonates a cheesy '60s movie.

The graphics are really good. The characters move fluidly and with agility, and also look really cool (although congar is a complete rip-off of King Kong). You can also get different skins (or costumes) for each character which alters their appearance. My favourite is the sea monster Kineticlops (who is a being of pure electricity with a huge eye in the middle of him. The cities are very realistic too. When you knock a huge building down it slowly tips over and lands in the middle of the battlefield and can crush opponents. And one level is occasionally his by tsunamis which is really cool to watch but get out of the way!!! Plus when you step on humans the make an appropriate blood splatter which gives you all the more incentive to kill all the humans you find. They've had it too good for too long. Ha ha ha!!

The sound effects of the monsters are really cool, but the music is just okay. You hardly ever notice it, it's just there because the game needs music. And a game without music is like Pikmin without Olimar. It rust kinda dies after a while. Poor pikmin!

The controls are perfect, which is an absolute necessity for a fighting/melee game. All the controls are assigned to appropriate buttons and are easy to get the hang of. They also let you lock on to an enemy with the shoulder buttons which makes things much easier. But if you insist on not using the lock-on, you don't have to.

Everything in the environment is interactive. You can grab a radio tower and throw it at an opponent, impaling him in the chest, and while he is trying to wrench it out, you can beat him into a concussion, ensuring your victory!!! Or you could pick up a giant sword on the casino level and slash your opponent to ribbons. The possibilities are endless. Well, not really endless, but there's a lot of possibilities. This game is great with a friend. Obliterate mankind as a team!

You can unlock all the extra skins and mini-games, but after that, there's not that much to do. If you beat story mode you find out the origin of the character you used, but it has a short life.

Overall: This game is very good, but if you don't have many friends, it'll get old fast. Game-cube has Super Smash Bros. Melee, PS2 has War of the Monsters.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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