How do I get past the mission to beat sonny on his house?

  1. I really can't.

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Accepted Answer

  1. "Keep Your Friends Close..."?

    That one is incredibly easy if you want it to be. Before the mission, stock up a fair number of molotovs (or grenades) and a highly-destructive weapon like the rocket launcher, in addition to the gun that has lock-on capability of your preference you usually use when sprinting around. The one-hit kills of the Python work well for the latter.

    Arm your sprinting weapon, and hide behind the desk or doorway in the first part of the mission. You are basically untouchable...just keep hitting anybody that tries to get at the safe, until the message to go after Lance appears. When it does, take a couple of shots at him to begin the chase up the stairwell. Once you get to the roof, ignore everyone and sprint around the South side to reach the helipad (you can pick up the adreneline pill from the corner before you do...but it's not important). Once on the helipad, chuck your molotovs or grenades over the railing to wipe out Lance and his men (they can't hit you at all if you stay back a little bit from the edge).
    Once that has been done, you can drop down off the North side to the front door (health is on the roof if you needed it before doing this). Be careful when near the 3 white Stretch vehicles out front, since henchmen continually spawn from them (Side note: you can even drive them out of the area, and they will continue to spawn out of them wherever you park them). Alternately, you can re-enter the upper door and jump over the railing in the stairwell.
    Anyway, inside the mansion you can pick up full health and armor from the room to the West (or at the bottom of the stairwell) if you need either before the final showdown. Sprint up the steps to your office to face Sonny and his cronies.
    Immediately after the cutscene, sprint up to your right to re-enter the stairwell that Lance used earlier - you shouldn't take more than a couple hits from Sonny if you sprint right away. Go down one flight and enter the hallway that leads to the front door. From here, you are pretty much only vulnerable from enemies that spawn IN the take out any immediate threat, then arm your heavy weapon and fire directly at Sonny. Concussion from a few rockets should do it.

    Remember that if you need additional weapons or health/armor at any time, you can leave the grounds and the cash being stolen will be suspended. Any wanted level you obtain out of the area will be cleared upon re-entering the estate. This makes the final mission pretty simple no matter what method you use.

    Upon completion, the 3 white Stretch limos may still be present...but there is nothing special about them, so don't worry about saving them. If you want to anyway, the mansion garage is just large enough to store all three. Keep moving the camera to keep them in view as you drive each into the garage.

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Other Answers

  1. I entered the health and amour cheat every time I had low health.If you don't want to cheat,I'm no help.

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  2. For Soony go to the room from enter to your right ( the one with health,amour,and that gun)and aim the Rockets weapon had him.Two should do the trick.

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  3. In your save room you will find health... it regenerates when you leave i think... kill guards to get ammo... he has a crap load of health... so kill guards and shoot him... collect health frequently... and eventualy you will kill sonny.

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