Done w/ the missions at the mansion, what do i do next?

  1. Im already done w/ all the missions at the mansion and its already generating money for me. Finished w/ the Malibu club missions already. What businesses do i need to buy aside from the Malibu Club and what is printwork?

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  1. You already did the Malibu thread, so you know where El Corrupto bank is (where "The Job" takes place). Travel West down the side street that's on the North side of the bank, and you'll see the large yellow Printworks building straight ahead of you at the bend in the road. You'll need to complete a couple of missions to complete the asset after buying it.

    The other six assets are as follows (from North to South):

    Film Studio:
    Located in the center of Prawn Island. Four missions to complete. It's last mission "G-Spotlight" features a Unique Stunt between 2 skyscrapers that cannot be accessed prior to that mission (but remains open anytime after a completed OR failed attempt at this mission). Other featured rooftop-to-rooftop Unique Stunts can be done at any time (by jumping off a Packer to get up there, for example).
    The floatplane spawns outside the Western wall of the film studio after completion of the second mission, and a Sparrow helicopter spawns inside the film studio (near the Packer) following completion of the third mission.
    Killing yourself as the final cutscene plays may increase the max revenue by $7k once the asset is completed.

    Kaufman Cabs:
    Located just South after the bend in the road along the Northmost Little Haiti road. Three missions to complete. Completion of it's final mission causes a cab with a zebra-like paintjob to spawn inside the building (so there is no need to try to obtain it during it's final mission).

    Cherry Poppers Ice Cream:
    Located along the main highway in Little Havana. Purchase of the business causes the Mr. Whoopie van to spawn at the entrance. Entering the van while it is parked in the entrance begins the "Distribution" side-mission. To complete the asset, 50 or more "ice creams" must be sold to pedestrians without exiting the van at any time. You are allowed to turn the bell on/off and use Pay'N'Spray locations to evade police attention during this side-mission without consequence.
    The original version may corrupt your memory card save file if the business location is used to save the game. This bug was fixed on all later versions.

    Sunshine Autos:
    Located along the North/South service road between Little Havana and Ocean Docks, this glass building offers two side tasks upon purchase...vehicle export and street racing. Both are located down the ramp that leads to the rear of the building off to the South. A list posted on the wall next to the large garage door informs you of the vehicles needed to unlock progressive stages of asset completion, but only the first list is required to complete the asset. Completion of each list causes an additional special vehicle to spawn inside the showroom. Completion of the six street races are optional - only required for 100% game completion. Four addtional garages in this lower area are yours upon purchase of the business, but the large Pay'N'Spray is accessible even if you don't buy it.

    Located at the Southeastern tip of the main highway at Ocean Docks. Purchasing the business causes two boats to spawn just behind the building (i.e. where the "Fastest Boat" was during the Diaz mission of the same name). Entering either one of them begins the side mission "Checkpoint Charlie" - completion of this challenge completes the asset.
    Note: you can replay the asset mission as many times as you like, but only one completion is needed. You are given progressively lower time limits after each successive completion.

    Pole Position:
    Located near the Southern tip of Washington Beach, this strip club is located one block North of where the Southernmost house is. Purchase of the business allows you to enter the club (and a special outfit pickup just to the North of the club). In the back area of this interior is a row of private rooms. Entering the first one on your left and waiting as at least $300 is drained from your cash completes the asset. Upon completion, the last private room on your right features a special cutscene.

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