Where can I find garages to put cars?

  1. Ive been lookin and i dnt see any so i just wanted to know if there were any

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    don_kenny_henry - 6 years ago

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  1. www.gtawh.com/vc/maps/properties.JPG

    More detail:

    (S) properties are available for purchase right at the start of the game. Hyman Condo has 3 garages large enough for 4 vehicles each. 3 smaller garages are at El Swanko Casa, Links View, and Ocean Heights.

    (M) properties become available through storyline progression. Completing the main portion of the story up to the Diaz mission "Rub Out" puts you in control of the Mansion (featuring a garage large enough for 4 vehicles). Completing the followup mission "Shakedown" makes all other (M) properties available for purchase. Sunshine Autos is the only one that features additional garages...there are 4 of them there large enough for 4 vehicles each.

    Take note that most of the garages will try to prevent you from storing more than 1 or 2 vehicles in them. However, this is easily defeated by driving up to the garage door, exiting and standing close enough to open the garage door, and quickly entering the vehicle / driving it in before the garage has a chance to close :-)

    If you attempt to store more than 4 vehicles in any garage, the excess is subject to deletion. When vehicles are deleted in such a way, they may take other vehicles (in other garages) along with them...so it's not recommended. This is true for most games in the series...GTA3 allows you to store as many vehicles as you want (space permitting) in it's garages, tho.

    Additional storable data exists at Leaf Links and Escobar International Airport. These are not garages, but security checkpoints that store your current weapon inventory (equipped or not) if you walk into them. Each "weapon slot" is storable at -either- location...but identical weapon slots you have on-hand will overwrite any stored weapon of the same slot (at both locations).

    For example:
    Carrying a baseball bat into Escobar will remove it from your inventory and place it outside as a pickup. If you then carried a golf club into Leaf Links to store it there, that action will overwrite the bat previously stored at Escobar. So use caution when using both locations simultaneously to store weapons.
    If you don't want a weapon slot you have on-hand from overwriting a stored one, just stand at the stored weapon and press L1 to pick it up and replace your carried weapon of the same slot.

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