Where can I find (a plane I could ride)?

  1. I travel around the airport trying find a plane or helicopter but there is nothing yo hijack.

    User Info: GEOVAZ

    GEOVAZ - 3 years ago

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  1. In Ocean Beach, near Pay & Spray, in a white building there is a banshee & a bike. Take the bike & back it up across the road, toward North till u hit a fence. Race it to the stairs in the white building & when u land brake immediately. On this roof there's a sparrow helicopter.
    Towards North, in ViceCity from Pay & Spray, move little South & take left through a tunnel, just after entering look to either sides, there's a sparrow helicopter in the bushes.These 2 sparrows are on a checkpoint mission.
    When u enter downtown, just after the bridge there's a VCN building, enter it, on the roof there's a chopper.
    Take the next left & u reach the Police & Fire Dept. on either side of the road. Go behind the Police building & go up the stairs, u'll find a Police chopper.
    When u buy Vercetti estate, or the parking garage u get your own chopper. Parking garage- Go North from the Police & Fire Dept. (on either side of road), on reaching AmmuNation take a left, on reaching LoveFist take a right, little ahead u'll find a passage to your right.
    If u have enough firepower u can steal the military chopper from the military base in the airport, they'll put up a real fight. U might need ASPIRINE & PRECIOUSPROTECTION.. :)

    User Info: JPViceCity

    JPViceCity - 3 years ago 2 0

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