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Reviewed: 01/05/09

An amazing sequel

Here it is. Sequel to possibly the greatest Grand Theft Auto game. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is possibly the greatest sequel ever that improves upon the excellent gameplay found in GTA 3. It is truly a remarkable game and another bestselling Grand Theft Auto video game.

Gameplay: 10/10
Vice City's gameplay is identical to its predecessor. Basically you can do whatever possible in Vice City, whether it be collect hidden packages, complete rampages, complete missions for specific bosses, or just freely roam the city. The gameplay is where Vice City really shines. You can do what was possible in GTA 3 and more! Assets in the game can be bought if you have enough money and can be used for hideouts or a place to save your game. Vice City expands on the freedom found in GTA 3. No problems with gameplay.

Story: 8/10
You play the game as Tommy Vercetti, a mobster sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. Tommy partakes in an exchange and loses everything, including the money and drugs. Sonny wants his money back and Tommy must fight back and take over Vice City by himself. Surprisingly, I prefer GTA 3's story when compared to Vice City's story. The story in this game is good but there is not enough motivation, I feel. I still enjoyed the story immensely and some of the missions in Vice City were very memorable. Some of the characters were memorable as well. There aren't enough main story missions as there were in GTA 3, so you'll have to buy assets and complete jobs for those specific assets to accelerate the story more. I liked how Tommy owned the city by himself after the final main story mission. Overall, the story is great, but not perfect.

Graphics: 9/10
Vice City is yet another 3D Grand Theft Auto game, and it improves upon GTA 3 nicely. The dark and depressing mood found in GTA 3 is nonexistent in Vice City, and is replaced with a vibrant, colorful and diverse metropolis. I liked the setting in Vice City, such as its glamorous nightlife and daytime beaches. The sun in this game is a bit too bright, and you may have trouble seeing clearly. You may have to squint at times. For the most part, Vice City's graphics are impressive and expansive, and while not perfect, they suffice.

Sound/Music: 10/10
The voice acting in the game is surprisingly good and not at all bad. The voices seem to match their corresponding characters. Sound effects in the game are favorable when compared to GTA 3, maybe even better. You'll have the same old sound effects such as punching, shooting, driving, explosions, background voices, crashing, and falling in the water. Ouch! Now the music is where Vice City really flourishes. There are many radio stations in the game that should appease anyone playing. The music is predominantly 80s music, which is actually very excellent and better than GTA 3's modern-type music. Also note that you can use your own soundtrack(s) in the game if you own an Xbox, GTA Vice City Double Pack Xbox version, and the soundtrack(s) are copied to the Xbox's hard disk drive. No complaints here it all, the sound/music is what makes this game really great!

Replayability: 10/10
As with Vice City's predecessor, the replay value in this game is extremely high. There is tons of stuff to do in Vice City. It takes quite a while to achieve 100% completion, so a rental isn't even worth it. You can go on a hunt for 100 hidden packages, go on rampages, finish missions, do jobs for other assets, buy assets, do unique stunt jumps, kill random people, fight the police, and even fight crime as a law enforcer, drive people to places as a taxi driver, and save injured/dying people as a paramedic. Vice City should keep you entertained for a very long time. No doubt you'll be playing for hours on end. Rockstar North has done it again! Because of a high replay value you'll be playing this game for most of your time.

Final Recommendation: Buy
GTA Vice City is obviously only for mature audiences, however I can't stop you from playing it. Get someone 17 or over to buy this game for you, or if you're 17+, just pick it up yourself at a local game store. It should be really cheap considering it's been out for over six years now. You won't be able to finish this masterpiece in one or two rentals because of the high replay value, so a purchase is necessary. This game is simply addictive and I must say I prefer it to San Andreas or GTA IV. Overall Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a contender for 2002 Game of the Year, it's one of the best Grand Theft Autos ever (along with Grand Theft Auto 3), and you need to buy this gem as soon as possible!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (US, 10/27/02)

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