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"Grand Theft Auto: Disappointment City"

INTRODUCTION - The Grand Theft Auto gaming franchise began in 1997 with it's 2D games Grand Theft Auto, GTA II and Grand Theft Auto 1969 and since then Rockstar (Game's Publisher) have carried on producing a number of Grand Theft Auto games.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City was released for the PS2, XBox and PC.

GAMEPLAY - Vice City is fun to play especially as this is the first Grand Theft Auto in the series that allows the player to control new vehicles that were unavailable in the previous games, which include a range of boats, helicopters and motorbikes and the player can now purchase certain properties across the city but they can only be bought when the player has earned enough money that they have earned from completing missions. When the player has enough money in their bank, properties can be bought straight away but other properties will only become available after a certain mission has been completed, some building allow to the player to go inside them and explore, others don't which can be disappointing.

As for the gameplay, the game starts of easy which allows the player to complete missions on the first try but as the player progresses through the game, the challenges become a bit more difficult to complete first time which can be a bit misleading as if makes the player wonder why all the missions haven't got the same completion difficulty.

•STORY - Grand Theft Auto Vice City is set in the 80's and the main character Tommy Vercetti has just been released from prison after serving 15 years for murdering 11 people so Tommy has now come to Vice City to start a new life but with this being Grand Theft Auto, we know that isn't going to happen. When Tommy first arrives in Vice City, he goes and sees his corrupt lawyer Ken Rosenberg, who tells Tommy to go to the safehouse on the main city strip. When Tommy goes back to see Ken, he tells Tommy that he has to go and see an ex military colonel and low level drug dealer by the name of Juan Garcia Cortez but Juan is hosting a party on his yacht so Ken tells Tommy that he will need to get some new threads before going to meet him.

When Tommy arrives at Juan's yacht, he is introduced to a number of Vice City's important people, some of which Tommy will meet face to face as the game progresses. One of the people Tommy is introduced to is Juan's daughter Mercedes who Tommy will become more acquainted with further on. Later on in the game, Tommy will come across a guy called Lance Vance who will become Tommy's right hand man on a lot of the missions and Tommy will eventually find out that Lance's brother was killed and he is now out for revenge.

Along the way, Tommy will meet a lot more interesting characters like Kent Paul, a record producer from London and friend of the Scottish rockband Love Fist, Candy Suxx and Steve Scott who both work in the porn industry, Avery Carrington who is a property developer and has an assistant by the name of Donald Love (hmm sounds familiar), Ricardo Diaz a high level drug dealer who owns a mansion on Starfish Island and many more.

•GRAPHICS/ SOUND - Grand Theft Auto Vice City is really disappointing on the graphics side, unlike Grand Theft Auto III where the graphics looked amazing when we saw it for the first time but sadly Vice City just doesn't give the same vibe as the graphics and characters look to cartoony than real plus everybody in the game seems to have "awkward" legs which are more bent outwards than straight down and everything in the game just seems rushed and unbelievable, the only thing that looks great in the game is the clear seawater and sealife, which for a game like Grand Theft Auto shouldn't be the highlight of this game.

On the plus side the sound is great and the voice acting fits each character perfectly with the help of some famous faces, sorry voices from Ray Liotta, UK actor Danny Dyer, Burt Reynolds and porn star Jenna Jamieson. The radio stations provide some brilliant in-car 80's music to listen too including music hits from Michael Jackson, Mr Mister, Kate Bush, Luther Vandross, Kool and the Gang, Lionel Richie and many more.

•PLAY TIME/ REPLAYABILITY - Grand Theft Auto Vice City takes about 2 weeks or less depending on what type of player is in control and once the game has been completed, it only has a bit of replay value which is mainly completing a few mini tasks in order to achieve the 100% completion but that's about it sadly.

•Final Recommendation - GTA: Vice City is good purchase for an avid Grand Theft Auto fan but even then it's not really worth spending hard earned cash on so it's probably best to rent the game instead, see what you think of it and then buy it and if it is bought as a gift, just make sure you get the receipt of the person who bought it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/16/11

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (EU, 11/08/02)

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