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"gta vice city a great game with a great story"

Hello friends recently given me that to create reviews of classic games, old etc, and then wanted to do an hour eh one big game review that I think a lot on my frame (gta vice city)

Speaking of gta vice city is talking about one of the best games of the GTA series because? for its history as history has gta vice city is one of the biggest, you can find interesting, although the same thing happens to san andreas which also has an excellent story, but vice city is much more what is good involves gangsters and mobsters also include lots of action and a little drama will certainly exceeds vice city big Hollywood gangster films.

While gta vice city was based on the gangster film "the cut face" but only slightly since the originality that has vice city is very good and if a film summarizing the events of the game characters and putting them in very good would a great masterpiece.

While here the city of the game is very small in comparison to the San Andreas is huge but that does not mean we can not do what we please because we as usual in the saga stealing cars, hit defenseless people as we can also handle weapons available in the game that if no police caught us.

Let's talk a little more of the story as this game can be based on such great arguments:
friendship, love, betrayal, jealousy and of course money vengeance.

This game is one of the largest in the mafia theme based here have great games of this genre and this argument, but have not yet been overcome.

The graphics are very good for a game of the time I can not give much grumbling about this but if you can talk about the atmosphere of the game if you ask me it is very good and attractive when a game like this whether in the various game consoles that came out.

Well this game is one of the best genre for either right through the atmosphere, music and above all the history that has the game as it is one of the best in my opinion.

do not forget that games should not only have good graphics and longer if not also be good in history because that is what makes a gamer generation

This has been waiting all my criticism was of his likes and they enjoyed it fully

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/05/12

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (US, 10/27/02)

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