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Reviewed: 10/30/02 | Updated: 10/30/02

Vice Vice Baby

Expectations were very high when this game was announced. Rockstar had a lot of pressure on them to make a better game that Grand Theft Auto III. I think that they succeeded in dishing out a better game. Almost everything from GTAIII is improved, and it is very noticeable. I can't believe all of the additions that I spotted during my first few minutes of gameplay. You will be blown away right after the disc starts booting up. The wait has been worth it folks, this is the best game to date on the Playstation 2.


The graphics are slightly improved over GTAIII, but not much actually. A lot of the characters have the same look and attributes, but that isn't a bad thing because I loved the graphics in GTAIII. I actually like the way Rockstar kept them the same. This game flaunts a lot of pink colors to coincide with the Vice City theme. I think it looks great and gives you a great feel of playing a game set in the 80's. One thing that I love that Rockstar did was enable you to go inside of buildings. In GTAIII you could not, but this game even has a shopping mall that you browse through. It's big too! Palm trees are abundant hence that the game is set in Florida. Everything seems to fall into place. There is even rain drops that look like it hits the TV when it rains. That is detail if you ask me.


This is, in my opinion, the strongest part about this game. There is literally around 9 hours of audio in this game. This includes around the vicinity of 50 or so 80's songs. It brings much more life to the game and makes you want to find a car so you can listen to the music. They even included a few Michael Jackson songs in this game! There is lots of great, and funny commercials along with great commentary by the disc jockeys. I also like a lot of the one liners the civilians in Vice City can say. Some of them are hysterical. The voice acting in this game is remarkable. The main characters voice is done by the very talented Ray Liotta along with other actors such as Dennis Hopper, Jenna Jameson and more! It's a great cast and it's great to hear the cut scenes and see them no less.


I love whoever came up with the gameplay of these games. The whole objective is to go around and do jobs for the crime bosses of the area you are in which in Vice City. This missions involve many tasks you must complete until the mission is over and you collect your check. You get to steal cars, motorcycles, and even get to fly planes and helicopters! They even added golf carts in this game. It is said that there is well over 100 different vehicles in the entire game. There is also many guns and weapons that you can collect and carry around with you to bust people up with. It's always great to beat innocent people up with a baseball bat. The great thing is seeing what is around the corner for you in every turn. There is many plot twists and interesting story lines to keep you glued on the game for hours. After you start playing, you might never quit!


The basic story is the main character, Tommy Vercetti, has finally gotten out of jail. The Mafia leaders of Liberty City decide to let him out in Vice City to do work for him there and reel them in cash. Unfortunately, a drug deal goes wrong, and people end up dead leaving Sonny very angry with Tommy. Tommy now must rack up enough money to Sonny so he can save his life, reputation, and job. Sounds like a gangster movie almost doesn't it?


So far, I have found this game slightly more challenging than Grand Theft Auto III. Cars seems a bit easier to flip over, with missions being a lot longer as well. I think it makes the game exceptionally better when it includes a harder gameplay. For first timers, the gameplay comes to you incredibly easy when you learn how to steal cars and use your weapons. After you learn those 2 things you are golden for sure. This game offers the most fun challenge out of anything else I have ever played.


Whether it is to perform missions, listen to music, or find hidden packages, this game is always fun to play no matter the time. You can always find something to do. The most fun probably being shooting innocent people! I belive that even after this game is 100% completed, you could find more to do in it than most games do after they have been beaten. It's the most fun in a game that you could ever ask for.


This is the most stellar title to hit the Playstation 2 shelves so far in it's history. That is reason enough to add this game to your gaming library. It has excellent value, and is on many peoples ''to get'' list for whenever they can find it. And trust me, this will be a hard game for anyone to find if you don't get somewhere at the right time or place. I wouldn't even suggest a rental because I know this game is worth the retail value. I suggest anyone reading this review, if haven't already, to pick this game up right now to enjoy it as much as you can.


Could this be the best game ever released? Quite possibly. Is this the most sought over game ever? Looks like it. Will I get the bang out of my buck? Most definitely. This game will blow anyone away. It packs fun, humor, and a great way to kill hours of your day. Do missions for the Mafia, kill people, find hidden objects, and all of that good stuff. It's an incredible game, and should be owned, or at least played by everyone at least once. Do yourself a favor and pick up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City today. With exceptional gameplay, unforgettable music, and a great time, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing. Pick it up today.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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