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"GTA: Vice City - Oh my is the 80's again!"

Rockstar seems to have a magic touch when it comes to Grand Theft Auto. The newest installment in their felony-ridden game of mayhem is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Vice City is appropriately named, as it includes every sort of despicable behavior and character that could possibly be included. This is not a game for children.

Graphics: 8
Beautiful 3-D rendering and fluid motion everywhere, but this is no graphical masterpiece that it could be. The major drawback is the people, as they are still pretty blocky and stiff. Other than that though, it is a wonderful world to immerse yourself in.

Music: 10
If I could give a score higher for this category, I would. Everything just reminds me of the 80's so much, and it even has some of the radio personalities from Grand Theft Auto 3.

Sounds: 9
The same audio goodness from Grand Theft Auto 3, but with a new twist. The main character speaks much more than last time. He will comment to people when harming them or stealing their car. He also adds his own thoughts at the end of the mission instructions. Only complaint: The end-of-instructions speaking is too quiet.

Gameplay: 10
Just for readability, this category will be broken up into major gameplay areas.

Major Missions: The same sort of thing from the last Grand Theft Auto installment. Fun, lucrative, and at times a bit hard.

Minor Missions (Rampages, etc): The un-official missions in Vice City are quite a bit easier than before. After taking on around 10 of them, I noticed that my death-rate for them was about 1 in every 10 tries.

Bikes: Awesome. Wheelies, falling off, mobility, the whole nine yards. So far I have found three bikes. There is a chopper-type bike, which is fast with horrible handling. There is a little pizza-delivery style bike, which is low on power, but highly mobile. This one is my favorite so far, as it is pretty easy to find. Then there is a crotch-rocket style one, which is hyper-fast, and tough to control. The dirt-bike is the same way, only a bit less stable and a tad bit slower.

Golf Carts: When you first start the game, the golf course is blocked off. I found a way to sneak on there, and pilfered a cart. They are slow and roll often (you can push them over easily, though), but hey, it is fun to mow down golfers with.

Chainsaw: Exactly what you would expect from it. Slashy slashy.

Screwdriver, Hammer, Golf Club, etc: Fun for beating. The golf club is my favorite, as when people are on the ground, you hit them as if you are teeing off. They are also useful for tearing up cars in this game.

Money: Deflated from GTA3. It is pretty hard to come by at first.

Hideouts: You can buy new places to save, and they are much more frequent than in GTA3. Some you can go inside, and grab a change of clothes. This serves to remove two wanted level stars, allow you to blend in for a mission, or just change into a really smooth looking suit.

Overall Control: 9
Moves faster than GTA3 did, and running stamina builds up quicker. My only gripe with the gameplay is that the camera gets a little messed up when changing directions on foot.

Length: 10
Well, this game seems to be about 80+ hours in length, with as many fun things to do and find as there are. Worth the time investment.

Rent/Buy: Buy. Buy now. This game (see Length section) is way too long to even be begun in a rental. It is worth every penny too.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/30/02, Updated 10/30/02

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