"And you thought the 80s was boring?!"

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is finally here! Along with many others I've waited for this to hit stores for a while, and by playing this awesome game. It's definitely worthy prequel to GTA3!

Story 10/10
You play as a man named Tommy Vercetti who has been locked up in jail for 15 years, you finally return to Liberty City, after a agreement between Sonny Forelli and Tommy, you will head to Vice City for a drug deal. However the drug deal goes wrong and all the money is lost. Sonny is furious and Tommy needs to get that money back using any means necessary.

Graphics 10/10
The graphical engine on Vice City is nearly exact to the ones in Grand Theft Auto III. However buildings and character show more detail. Also facial movements have improved. An interesting addition is 'trails' which makes everything a bit blurry, but detail is improved. You can turn this off, and it makes the graphics clear but not as detailed. The sun, the palm trees, the beautiful women, the graphics and details really make you feel in Vice City.

Sounds 10/10
The sounds are rich and plentiful in Vice City, and the sounds are what make the game different from every game out there. Ped dialog is still very funny on their reactions as you interact with them. Cars sound more realistic, as do guns. Music definitely has the 80's feeling
It really depends if you like 80's music, to tell the truth; most gamers are interested in modern day music, such as Pop, Metal and Rap. So music could actually be less quality than the modern day music in GTA3.

Controls 9/10
On Foot, controls still remain fine. One thing I like is the more you run, the more your stamina increases, thus, the more you can run. Cars are much more difficult to break and control, you'll find your car/motorcycle skidding a lot due to the tough movements, which is subject to screw you up in a mission. On some missions, you control a Toy Helicopter, or a Plane. These things are extremely hard to maneuver, but 10X easier than the dodo in GTA3. In some instances, you can drive a real helicopter, something we've wanted since GTA3.

Game play VARIES
I've Decided to break Game play into sections, since there is a lot to talk about.

Missions 9/10 - The Missions itself are MUCH funnier than the ones in GTA3. However in my point of view, they are easier than the ones in GTA3. Timing in missions is less frustrating and missions aren't as long as they were in GTA3. Again, they are much funnier though. Sometimes you need to catch a man on a motorcycle with your own motorcycle, to fighting in Gang Wars, to even causing brawls in the streets! One more realistic factor in this game over GTA3 is the people you work for don't die out after you complete about 5 missions. This time, you might do about 2-3 missions for them, and then they will stop until further notice. Then out of nowhere, they will call you for a new mission.

Cop AI 10/10 Let me tell you right now, Cops are ALL over the place. You cannot walk down a sidewalk without a Cop being nearby. This is much different from GTA3, where cops were never walking the streets, unless near the Police HQ. Also you might see Cops fighting a Criminal, that’s a change, since the Cops only fought you in GTA3. You can get bonuses if you help the Cops take down a Criminal. Also depending on your actions, the Cops will be on your fast. If you start fist fights, the Cops usually don't care, or they will come after a very long time. However if you start slicing up Citizens with a Katana or Chainsaw, the cops will be on you extremely quickly.

Ped AI 9/10 Peds are wusses in this game, not many of them put up their dukes if you deck em one. Until GTA3 where nearly everyone provided a fight. One thing that is really strange, if you punch some old man, he'll fight back, but if you punch some teenager biker, he will run like no tomorrow O_o. Peds also decreased since GTA3, they don't seem to be wondering around as much as in Liberty City, but the cars frequency increased.

Cars 9/10 Cars are easily noticed as 10X faster than the ones in GTA3. Hey, this is Vice City! Of course they are going to be fast. Like before, Cars are a bit harder to control in this game. More people have sports cars, rather than the station wagons now. The most wanted vehicle has also been added...MOTORCYCLES! Now these are truly bad@$$! There are about 4 motorcycles in all, each varying in speed and maneuverability. Overall, you might take them over cars, due to their handling and speed easily beats the car, however they have more hazards. The faster you go, the more risk you have for crashing into a wall and go flying off your bike. I lost as much as 50% of my health by crashing into a wall. So you got to be careful on Motorcycles.

Weaponry 10/10 Thought GTA3 didn't have the largest arsenal of weapons that it could of had? Well I thought so, Vice City fixes that problem behind belief. They needed 3 Weapon cheats just to fit them all in! Melee weapons also have a heavy impact; Guns are still awesome, with different versions of Handguns, Shotguns, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles. You can only carry one version at a time, and one melee weapon at a time. Which isn't the best thing ever. New guns include a Magnum, Gattling Gun, Improved Uzi and MUCH more. Melee weapons include as basic as a Screwdriver, Hammer, Knife, Machete, Baseball Bat and a Chefs Knife. They can get an awesome as a Katana Sword, and a Chainsaw! Weapons truly make superb entertainment.

There is still much more to the game play, you thought this was a lot? This was nothing, there is so much more to be found in Vice City.
OVERALL: 10/10+

Finishing Statements
Vice City definitely lived up to its hype and will most likely become The Game Of The Year. Enjoy another masterpiece by Rockstar (North), and next time don't take the 80s so nicely!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/02, Updated 11/01/02

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