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Reviewed: 11/01/02 | Updated: 11/01/02

The Best of the 80's and GTAIII All In A Neat Package!

Ahh Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, what a cool, refreshing tropical punch this is compared to a stone slate Liberty City. While GTAIII was no doubt a ground breaking game Vice City improves upon it in every single way.

Gameplay and Controls:9/10

The paste that binds everything else together in the GTA series is the gameplay. You want that car? Take it! Want to smack a person because they're just there? Take a bat to their face! Yes in Vice City you can do all of this and usually with just a click of a button. Yes that’s right one button no crazy button mashing combos or skills to learn. This game is entirely free roaming meaning you don't have to do the missions if you don't want to. Walk around along the beach and watch the sunset or look out a window and watch people get live their lives. Or you can steal a taxi and pick up some fairs for extra cash or even deliver pizza for some pocket money! But when you decide to do the missions they are often complex and there are often several ways to do the same mission, you can even make up your own ways to do the missions. To have fun with the game don't just follow linear paths that can be the easiest or fastest way you can do what you WANT to do. However you want to do a mission is between you and your imagination. The only thing that bothers me is that the games missions seem faster and easier than the ones in GTAIII but they are ten times as fun!


Vice City's colorful neon flashes and beautiful sunsets along a sun-bleached beach will make you feel just like you were living in 80's Miami. Rockstar has done a great job in outdoor environments, when it rains the city’s street glaze and reflect lights, when fog shrouds the city it dwarfs even the buildings giving a sense of loneliness, when the sun sets and makes day yield to night you will have to put on your shades to keep the lens flare from tearing up your eyes. The indoor environments are no small matter either the many different interiors (some big some little) all have a hint of independence from the other showing that Rockstar just didn't throw together some crappy wallpaper and paste it on everything. And when you look out the windows of the buildings you will see sprawling city life going on, as it should. And last but too pretty to be least are the new character graphics. From Tommy (the main character) to the tons of pedestrians roaming the streets you can tell every little detail was taken into consideration. The clothes look great and the expressions on the many characters faces will make you laugh when they get into a funny situation and make you open your eyes in fear when they get mad. But when you get close up to some buildings they can look a little choppy but that is nothing too bad. Overall this game is a graphical kick in the shins.


MY EARS THEY BLEED BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! Yes that is a good kind of bleeding the kind that makes you want to cry with joy and not pain. Where can I begin??? Well for starters the radio stations now throw down full, unedited versions of real songs including ones by: Yes, Flock of Seagulls, Slayer, Michael Jackson, and other great 80's classics. Getting tired of new wave then switch to VRock for some good ole' fashioned metal with your host Lazlow. Get tired of bad boy Lazlow and his metal music switch it to one of the two new chat stations and listen to some hilarious conversations. And the characters are voiced perfectly from Tommy's suave when needs to be and rough when wants to be tone to Fernando's smooth ''Latin'' accent this game fills your ears with voices that would make you believe you were watching a movie. If Rockstar can get one thing right (which it can get more than one thing right!) then it's knowing how to bring sound into the game to make you feel right at home in their insane world.


But Vice City is much more than just a great game it has a good story behind it also! You are Tommy Vercetti and you have just got out of prison after being in there 15 years. So your employer decides to do something a little “special” for you since you didn’t rat him out for s shorter sentence when you went to prison. So your employer sends you to Vice City to start a new empire. But the drug deal that was supposed to happen backfires and you are left without the money or the drugs. So know you are left to take the city over on your own. Along the way you meet dozens of colorful characters from a paranoid, crooked lawyer to an ill-tempered cocaine dealer with a bad attitude and a habit of breaking things. The story may not be the best but it had several twists and turns and is furthered by well-acted cut scenes. While hard core story goers might find the story a tad thin most people won’t complain.

Replay Value:10/10

I think I have said this many times already but if you haven't gotten the point let me sum it up for you: You can do just about anything, anytime, anywhere. Just cause the last missions are over doesn't mean that your fun is. This is the kind of game that you will be playing till you die or until GTA 4 comes out, which ever comes first.


Well folks after waiting for months and drooling gallons of saliva in anticipation for it the mighty Vice is here and I wouldn't trade it back for twice the amount of saliva I lost! This game best speaks for itself when you play it. You cannot simply describe it without causing you to pass out from lack of breath. Don't got it? Get it. Got it! What are you doing here you should be playing, run on then!

Buy or Rent: Buy!

I really cannot stress this enough if you enjoy having fun and/or enjoying a game with no boundaries I suggest you do yourself a favor and take a little visit to the sunny city of Vice City. You won’t regret it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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