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"Push it to the limit!"

Rockstar, how we love you, you have brought us another amazingly amazing game. We shall kiss your feet once more.

GTA: Vice City is the highly anticipated game, which is not a prequel nor a sequel, that runs in the Grand Theft Auto Scheme.

Grand Theft Auto has started with GTA, then moved to GTA2, GTA: London, GTA3 and now, with R*'s newest hit, VICE CITY!

If you aren't familiar with this series, you are a guy who walks around a city. Sounds simple, but not when there are gangs trying to bust a cap into your head, and a slew of crimebosses that are waiting to hire you to do their dirty work.

This series wouldn't be complete without kickass weapons and fast cars. All of these elements, wrapped up together in a neat little package, make up the GTA Universe.



Ah, le graphics. Marvelous, to say the least. If you have seen the graphics of its counterpart, Grand Theft Auto 3, you'll develop Deja Vu. The graphics are your preference, though.

Some say that they stink, and some say that they are better then GTA3. Most people compare the graphics to GTA3, and I personally think they are a smidge better, but nothing too noticeable.

Another set back is when you start the game, you have something called ''Trails'' on. It makes the game look a bit blurrier, and even shinier then the neon lights of Vice City.

People counter this problem by pressing start, going to display, and fiddling with the brightness, and turning trails off. Voila, perfection!

The cars are, to say the least, awesome. I get the slight feeling that more detail was put onto them in GTA3, though, which disappoints me in the slightest, but still, a minor setback. The motorcycles make up for it, though.

Graphics: 9/10



Wow. Just, wow. A totally unique concept was thought up by R* a few years ago with GTA, and has evolved into a masterpiece.

Walk around. Steal car. Drive off. Run over someone. Get out. Take weapon. Cause Chaos. Get busted. Wake up at Police Station. Go back into the station. Kill the cops. Get your money back. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

That's the basic gist of it, and its even more fun then it sounds. Some of the weapons are truly amazing to use, such as the Katana, in which you can decapitate people. The cars are awesome, as well.

Motorcycles and Helicopters are new additions to the game. You can pop wheelies and stoppies in Motorcycles, and if you are hit on the motorcycle, or you hit something, you go flying off the cycle. You can also bail out of a speeding cycle, and jump off, watching it zig-zag into the distance and hit a car. Ahh, bliss.

Helicopters are the most awesome things, and are easier to fly then the busted-winged Dodo from GTA3. Unlimited exploration.

Gameplay: 10/10



Another WOW in this category. The sound in this game is realistic, from the zooming by of the cars to the bullets whizzing through the air, freshly fired from the guns. But the real tunes don't get you until you turn your radio on.

Your radio has the real stuff. Around EIGHTY different songs, all from the 80's. With some of your favorite DJ's and Guest Stars coming back, such as Toni from Flashback, Fernando Martinez from Chatterbox, and Lazlow, the DJ from Chatterbox. They own host their own stations: Flash, Emotion, and ROCK, respectively.

The sounds are awesome, and even a M. Jackson tune or two fit into this game. You'll be jamming out to these tunes all night, and loving every minute of it.

Sound: 10/10


Fun Factor

How fun is this game? Let me count the ways!

If it wasn't fun enough, blowing up random people, you'll just have fun cruisin around the city and seeing just how much detail was put into this game. You'll find something new each time.

If you play this game, you'll become addicted right away, craving to know what happens next to our hero (villain?), whom I failed to mention his name, Tommy Vercetti.

This game is perfection in a game, or nearly, and I love it dearly. Thank you Rockstar for another great game.

Fun Factor: 10/10


Buy Or Rent?

If you don't have this game by now, get out of the house and stop reading my review! Go! Now! Get it! Time's a wasting! This is not a game to rent, unless you are uber-good at games, and just want to play the main missions, because it will keep you coming back for more..and more..

Welcome to Vice City.


Graphics: 9
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 10
Fun Factor: 10

Reviewer’s Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/02/02, Updated 11/02/02

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