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"Forget Liberty City - Welcome Vice City"

Grand Theft Auto Vice City was waited for and well worth it.When I had bought this game I could not put it down. I just put my GTA3 on the shelf and letting it get dusty because I'm not going to play that as long as I have Vice City. This game has everything in GTA3 and more. You can pick up prostitutes , steal cars , kill people , and smash up cars/people. Now... who wouldn't have fun doing that!?

New features : This has actually come quite a way from GTA3. Instead of looking like the man from Rock Star's other title ''Max Payne'' you have your own look and attire. You're own attitude. Hell, you even have a face and a voice! Much different from GTA3 where you a faceless speechless tool , you will be very angry and arrogant. There is about 50 different weapons in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.(including knives , bats , golf clubs chain saws , katanas , and glocks , machine guns , and explosives. Nearly 200 vehicles including the rumored motorcycle and helicopter. Also you know when you didn't start the fighting in Grand Theft Auto and the cops still arrested/shot you? Well In Vice City the cops will attack the real villain , and if you help the cops catch the villain you will be awarded with money for good citizen award. This also applies if you are being chased by cops (about 3-4 stars on wanted level), some citizens will go kama-kaze and attack you.

Another new feature that occurs is when you are being attacked by police they will shoot out your tires to make you slow down or crash , and also when having a high wanted level Police will drop down the helicopter from above. Also instead of having to stay at garages and alleys like in Grand Theft Auto 3 , in Vice City you have the ability to buy houses and apartments to stay and save your game at. Seeing as you can go into many buildings in the game , there is many stores and a mall where you can buy weapons such as grenades , machetes , knives , and also you can buy tools such as screwdrivers and hammers.Many other side missions such as Vigilante mode , Paramedic (with the ambulance) , Taxi driver (with the taxi and the zebra taxi) , and Pizza Boy , and fireman (with the fire truck) are offered in Vice City. Vehicles that include vigilante mode are the police cars , fbi cars , enforcers , boats , and the The Rhino .(the tank)

Game play 9/10 -The gameplay was good. Some levels were easy and I could pass through in no time. But other levels were difficult took some more planning and strategy , more killing , cop chasing was involved , and it was pretty damn hard.Took me a few times to finally get it. But it depends how fast you can move , how well your awareness is , and your thrill for the kill. The controls were simple and very easy to get used to.

Story 10/10- You are Tommy Vercetti from Liberty City who has just moved to Miami ''Vice City'' Florida. Tommy is much like Tony Montana from Al Pachino's Scar Face. You were sent to Vice to do a little cocaine deal , and was set up. Your boss is not happy and will be there in a while and if you don't have the money or the cocaine he won't be too happy. So you have to get the money back. You spend the time as a hit man for hire , and are hired by many different people who seek money, power ,and revenge.

Audio/Video 9/10 - The graphics were much better than GTA3's graphics. It's just there was so many things happening at once on the screen that it got blurry every once and awhile. And everything sometimes seemed to move slow. But overall the graphics were awesome but I feel they could have done something more with the cut scenes. I was really impressed with the improvement from Grand Theft Auto 3 to Vice City. Also the audio was good. You could hear the screams as you hit/killed the people. Much like in Grand Theft Auto 3 you had a radio within the car.(it is also on the motorcycle)On the radio all these great songs from the 80's. They had rock , old school rap , slow dance music. Just all songs from the 80's and if you love the old school stuff you'd probably just park your car and listen to the radio.

Re Playability 10/10: I could not put this game down personally. And when I had my friends over they would not stop playing it. This game is more fun than Grand Theft Auto 3 and very addictive. If you get tired of the missions , you can just run around the city and kill people , steal cars , and blow stuff up. This game is fun , hilarious , and very hard to put away.

To buy or Rent?: If you have a Play Station 2 , I suggest you put this on your Christmas Wish List if you don't have this game already, or get it sooner. This game is definitely to buy. Have fun , kill people , and relive the 80's. If you can't wait till Christmas then I suggest you rent the game repeatedly over and over again until Christmas comes around.

A Typical Mission in Grand Theft Auto Vice City: You go to talk to your boss or whoever you are working for at the time. They talk about who ever has screwed them over and they want you to kill them. You get into a vehicle. You go to the destined location and meet the man you are suppose to kill. He has a few thugs waiting to kill you. You destroy them . The man gets away and you get back into your vehicle and chase him. There is along pursuing chase / shoot out. He stops at a point you both get out , and you grind him into pieces with your chain saw or shoot him . the cops spot you. You kill one and run back to the hotel , get a different set of clothing to lower wanted level. Afterwards you pick up a prostitute, find a nice secluded place , and regain health , and go back to see your boss.

After Thoughts on Vice City: Vice City maintain's many of the same aspects of Grand Theft Auto 3 it still has many new features which make the game more unique than GTA3. You can ride down the block , listen to the radio , and fire at random people with your glock. There is much to explore in the game and you can virtually anywhere in the game and there not too many boundaries. You can go inside of buildings , go to places such as the golf course. Even if you did complete the game , you'd want to go back and play to collect the 100 hidden packages (that's right it's back) and rampages. Or perhaps you'd just want to go back and cruise around in your cheetah , banshee , or motorcycle. Or perhaps you'd rather take to the air with a helicopter or to the sea with the boats and cruisers. Either way , there is much to do in Vice City and you will never want to put it down.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/04/02, Updated 11/04/02

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