"The king of all games is back....and HOW!"

When GTA 1 first came out in 1998, I was hooked. A whole city to explore and mess around in without having to do specific things in a time limit.

Then GTA 2 had come out, and I got it the first day, since I played GTA 1 so much and was bored of it, so I was sure that 2 was going to be bigger and better. I was right! It was set in the future and improved on the graphics a lot.

After this ''GTA CRAZE'' it died down. I was really sad and thought no other Grand Theft Auto games would come out again...boy was I wrong!

Grand Theft Auto 3. The first time I heard this game was going to be in 3D, I almost fainted. When I was playing the first 2 GTA's I always thought in my head, ''man, this would kick butt in 3D'', but I thought that video games could never be that good. I was really wrong there. GTA 3 got me hooked, I played day in and day out, I couldn't stop. Even after I beat everything and did everything, I still played it everyday for about 1 year straight.

About a couple months ago, the world found out about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. When I first heard about it, I once again, almost fainted. Here is my review of the new video game king. Enjoy it.

Replay Value: 10/10
Why do I start with this first? Well, when you have the most replayable game ever made, its a good idea to tell everyone about it. I promise you, if you are into any type of video games, you will put at least 100+ hours into this game. There is so much to do, you will be overwhelmed. You can race, you can go on rampages, you can be a police man, you can be an ambulance driver, you can go flying in you helicopter and explore the city, you can go inside many buildings and explore there, you can....you get the point? It would take me about 20 minutes to list every single thing in this game, just trust me, you will not want to put this game down, if you have any other ps2 games, I suggest you return them when you get this game, because you wont want to play anything but this.

Story Line: 9/10
Ok, the story is wonderfull. It is not as in-depth as GTA 3, but this time a big plot twist happens in the middle of the game, so you're ok. There are lots and lots of side missions as well, something GTA 3 lacked. This time around, the missions are much longer, and harder, so you will enjoy them much more. Since I dont want to spoil the game for you, I wont go on. Just trust me when I say you wotn be dissapointed.

Gameplay: 10/10
I will break this up into some sections, since the gameplay is the main thing in any game.

Main Story Missions: Man, you will have fun with these, from the first mission, to the very last. The last mission will make you want to replay it over and over again since it is so hard and involving.

Side Missions: These missions are very creative. Plus they let you test out lots of different vehicles in Vice City. Very very fun. Plus there are tons, so they will take you a while.

Money: Very different from GTA 3, now you will have to save your hard-earned money, and in the begining of the game, you wont make as much as in the end. But dont sweat it, you will be having fun in no-time, even with no money.

Motorcycles: Oh my god, this was my dream from GTA 1, to drive a motorcycle in 3D. They captured it perfectly, theres a superbike that goes faster then anything in the game, theres a harley that handles EXACTLY like a real harley. Theres a offroad bike that drives perfectly offroad (:P duh.) There are even MOPEDS!

Planes and helicopteres, oh my! THeres now about 6 different helicopters including an apache helicopter with 2 missles and a railgun attached >:). Plus there is a flyable plane this time that can land on water! No more dodo for us!

Weapons: Man oh man...chainsaw that splats blood all over the screen, a sword that can cut peoples heads off, a gattling gun that can find about 100 bullets per 6 seconds, and so many more weapons that I just dont want to spoil for you, you will find them. There are about 35 in all, enjoy them :D

Lots more to mention here, but I will let you see it for yourself.

Sound/Music: 10/10
Voice acting is much better this time, the main character has a voice! And its very good too, its done by Ray Liotta.
The radio has many many more stations this time, filled with 80's music, and its wonderfull. 2 talk show stations this time, and both very very long and funny. You wont be dissapointed.

Graphics: 10/10
Why are some people saying that the graphics are the same as GTA 3? They are not! They might look a little bit like GTA 3 but they are greatly improved! The cars now have this ''sun glare'' shine off of them. The cars are all shiny now and look like the cars in Gran Turismo 3. The interiors that you can go in are very nice looking and have great reflections on the floors. Finally the characters look more detailed. A great improvement over GTA 3 in my opinion!

Rent or Buy: Dont throw away 5 dollars to rent this because you will just want to keep it and you will have to pay another 50 to get the game. Stop reading this now, and get it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/13/02, Updated 11/13/02

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