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"Computer games never tasted this good!"

When GTA3 came out, everyone was amazed at the huge, graphically pleasing, unbelievably interactive world Rockstar had created. Well, strap yourself in and get ready for GTA:VC - GTA3 x 2 + graphical enhancements + 100 or so improvements + many altogether new pieces of genius!

The game is very much improved from it's predecessor, with a truly gigantic arsenal of weapons, ranging from the explosively destructive, such as the rocket launcher and flamethrower (which make a welcome return), down to the down right ludicrous golf club. All in all you have 32 weapons at your disposal, although sadly you cannot carry all of these at once. The weapons operate in a 'slot' system, meaning you can only carry one type of each weapon i.e one machine gun, one handgun etc. Don't be too disheartened though, as you can carry up to 9 weapons at one time, which is more than enough for any ex-con trying to take over a city!

There are also clear enhancements in the vehicular area of the game. There are now more vehicles (about 100), and there is a welcome addition of motorbikes, helicopters, and planes - no more pathetic attempts to fly with a dodo, thank you very much. Motorbikes are probably the most flexible vehicle in game, allowing you to do wheelies, stoppies, and the ability to shift your weight during unique stunt jumps, to add to the mix. Helicopters and planes are clearly the greatest addition, allowing you to see the city from an all new birds eye perspective. You only realise how massive this game is once you take to the skies.
The cars themselves have undergone an overhaul, and you can now shoot out tyres, making steering a lot harder, or shoot somebody through the windscreen, making it even harder to them drive (LOL!). You can now also ‘bail’ from a car or motorbike, in other words you can jump out of/off them at high speeds. Quite handy if you travelling 150 miles per hour towards a brick wall.

Another new addition to the game is indoor areas, which add the size of this huge game. You can also now buy properties, to gain access to extra missions, and as save houses. For this reason money plays a much larger part in Vice city than it did in GTA3. You wont find yourself with millions of dollars to spare, which in my mind is a good thing.

The police now have improved AI, and they have the ability to use stingers to pop your tires (my personal favourite!). They’re not quite as stupid as they used to be - if your shooting at them, they will often dive out of the way to avoid getting hit.

STORY 8/10

Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not really into the storyline thing, I just enjoy speeding around and causing carnage (mwhaa haa haa), but the storyline is great, with twists and turns in it, and now...dun dun dun! Your character, Tommy can actually talk! I think that’s all I can say about this, cos I don’t want to spoil it for u’s.


And to think how the GTA series started out, a birdseye view, of a poorly drawn 2D world. Well, it hasn’t really changed, gta:vc goes back to it’s 2D roots and...NAH, just kidding! It’s an amazing 3D world, that far exceeds the graphical capabilities of GTA3. GTA3 was a dark, dank world, with dull colouring, and ok graphics. GTA :VC is much brighter, and actually takes you to the sunny streets, meant to resemble Miami, and the graphics are truly amazing, everything is much more detailed, crisper, and looks more lifelike. The main improvements graphically are the water, which is about as real looking as you can get, and the cars and characters, which look more realistic.

GORE 10/10

Well, as you would expect with any GTA game, this has it’s fair share of gore. If you like the idea of blowing peoples heads off, running them down and hearing them scream, well this is the game for you! A new improvement to the gore side of things is the chainsaw. If you attack someone with a chainsaw, you get a facefull of blood that drips down your screen. This game has a lot of blood and death in it (If you didn’t know this then where have you been for the past 4 GTA’s??), so if this isn’t your idea of fun, I wouldn’t recommend this game, otherwise, get down to the shops and buy it now!!

SOUND 10/10

Vice City’s following in the footsteps of those who went before it, and has the customary radio. It contains 9 radio stations, packed with humorous interviews and adverts. Now for the really good bit - it contains 80 real songs from the 80's, this is the largest official soundtrack any movie, game or whatever has ever had!
The speech in the game is also greatly improved - pedestrians now shout comments at you, or other pedestrians at certain points, such as when you nearly knock them over, or aim your gun at them.
Each car now has an individual engine sound, and the helicopter sounds as lifelike as is possible.


Well, what can I say, you have the most freedom a game has ever given you, you can go back and try to improve your times on races etc., you’ll want to start it over once you complete it 100%, which, take my word for will take you ages, or you can just speed around for fun, cause carnage and destruction, and just mess around. This game will last you for years, and you’ll just keep coming back for more.

Should you buy this game? Well unless you want to deprive yourself of the best computer game EVER, and don’t want to have the unique and funfilled experience of Grand Theft Auto, I say BUY THIS GAME TODAY!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/01/02, Updated 12/01/02

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