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"Very, VERY disappointing."


Well, with the release of GTA Vice city, nearly all gamers flooded to their local store/video rental to pick up a copy. The hype was huge, no one could believe it was finally here! To this day, people are completely crazed over the ''amazing'' game that is Vice City. But I ask you... what is so great about this game? My friend bought it immediately, and the first thing I did when we bought it was force him to come to my house so we could play it...But after watching and playing for a few hours...I can say that I was nothing but disappointing with almost every part of this game. When I read the other reviews posted, I dont think I saw a rating lower then 9, and I'm incredibly confused by this. Am I really the only person who was disappointed by this game? I should surely hope not. What about it disappoints me? Well, Now is about when I will begin going into all the detail of this game.

This disappointed me VERY much. This is a brand-new game, but the graphics are INCREDIBLY Shabby. The character design was just as rough as in part three, but they also had that really weird streaking effect, that I couldn't get past until my friend finally turned the effect off! How long has it been? About a year since part three? C'mon, If they can't improve their graphics atleast a little, then maybe they need some more people helping them. Usually, I'm not one to complain about graphics, but this was appauling. I don't mean to compare, but when you look at games like Kingdom Hearts, Metroid Prime, etc. You look back at this game and think: ''..What happened...?''.

This just disgusted me. By style, mind you, I DO not mean gameplay. I mean how the IN GAME type of things were handled. I have never heard so much swearing in a game in my life, this game was like a Jay and Silent Bob movie WITHOUT HUMOR. Earlier in my life, I used to enjoy an occasional comment every now and then, but this game takes it WAY too far. By the time you've heard the main character say the same threatening string of curse words, it just gets boring and redundant. Rock Star went way to far with the cursing. And, being a guy, I never thought I'd complain about this, but the sexual misconduct in this game is even worse. Ok, you go to a strip club, you go in and then a woman in substandard graphics dances for you. Not cool. In my personal opinion, pornography has no place in video games. In part three, when you got a call girl to get into your car, and you gained health, sure that was pretty cool, but as usual, Vice City takes it way too far.
Please, leave Pornography to the internet to corrupt us, please.

Finally, a part of the game you can tip your hat too. The game play in this game was not bad. The story wasn't as great as in Part Three (just not enough to do, and too much cursing), But running around and killing people for no apparent reason IS fun. Plus, the newer weapons are a great step up from the ones in part three. The problem is, that EVENTUALLY running around on a killing spree WILL get boring. And, the problem is that the map is INCREDIBLY small compared to three maps of part three. In part three, a cop chase could go on for hours and hours through three cities and never get old...But for some reason they decided to take that out in this game; the cops are twice as intelligent, and much stronger in this game for whatever reason. So, to sum up this category, the Game Play wasn't bad, but it did need a bit of work in order to live up the standards of part three. I will say, however, that stealing the New Vehicles was abit better then the limited ones in GTA 3.

Now this is what kills me, Sound is usually the LEAST important thing for me in a game, but for Vice City, thats my favorite part. I swear I could sit for hours and listen to their chat station, hilarious commercials and of course, the sound of people screaming as I attempt to decapitate them. The sound is this game wasn't bad in the least. The only reason I didnt give sound a 10, is because eventually you're gonna hear the same thing twice, so you won't get anything new. But, thats alright, because it'll still put a smile on your face every now and then when you hear the woman on the chat channel talking to Thor the Norse Thunder God. So, to sum this category up, Sound=Very good in my book. Then again, perhaps this category wouldn't be finished unless I mentioned things to fit everyones needs. There ARE other sound channels out there on the car radios, But the music IMO isn't really anything I would listen to. However, alot of people of like it. They've got some ok songs, but if you want the most out of this game, the funny commercials are the way to go.

This was just really, really bad. The story was horrible, and predictable. Ok, yeah, big mafia guy, involved with drugs has to kill people, blah blah blippity blah. Its been done, its over now, we don't need to see it again. The voices weren't bad, but the cursing made them worthless. The missions were the same thing over and over. Go here, kill them, blow up that! Ok yeah, we had that in GTA 3, and it was really fun because that was new and it was original, and it was fun for everyone...but, Now we have another game of the SAME thing. Its redundant, its boring. By the time you're done with the first 10 missions, you get bored because the next 10 are the same thing except harder. Do we really want this as a video game? Perhaps the worst part is that there are no surprises! Not once did I see myself saying ''Whoa, didn't see that coming!'' And of course (not like I expected this) there were no bosses. I mean yeah some guys were harder to kill then others, but Bosses are the best part of video games. ''Ok yeah, we've come so far, now lets test our skills against this guy!'' Didn't happen (as I said before, I didn't expect it too, but they coulda surprised us). Sum it all up, bad redundant story. If you want to watch Mafia men cursing and killing people alot, watch the God Father, or Good Fellas, they're good Mob Movies...

Over All
This game disappointed me immensely. No where near as good as part three. But why? Well, because when I bought part three, it was new, it was fun, it was something I had never done before and it kept me occupied for the long months that we all waited hoping that Rock Star would have another amazing game like it. But...then the new game was here...and... It was the same as GTA 3...with more cursing, and less to do, less to explore. I'd personally like to know how they fit 100 hidden packages in such a small map. The hype for this game was incredible, every person I spoke to was crazed of Vice City. ''Vice City This, Vice city that!'' Blah Blah blah...Enough, to this day my friends blab on and on, and I can just ask them why. Everyone I know bought this game immediately, I swear if I had the money I'd give my friends their 50 bucks back that they wasted a game that is the same thing as the same game that they already all have! All in all, this game was NOT up to the hype, not in the least, This game was nothing special, it was just another game that you rent for a week, have some fun with, and then bring it back. Not something you go out and spend 50 bucks on, just to let it sit on your shelf when you finally come to your senses and realize ''Hey, this game really wasn't so great.'' So, before you go out and buy it, I hope you will take into consideration some of the things I've said. Or maybe you won't, maybe You'll ignore me, but either way, I hope that do whatever will make YOU as a gamer happy. Thank you, and good day. -Airdra.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/16/02, Updated 12/16/02

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