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"Slayer, machine guns, and crime, oh my!"

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is without a doubt the best game of 2002, let alone best game on the Playstation 2. It expands every little thing on the concept of the smash hit, Grand Theft Auto 3. Grand Theft Auto 3 was one the most infamous games to date… but Vice City surpasses it. Vice City takes place in the most excessive decade of the century: the 80’s. Vice City captures all the magic of the 80’s, the cars, the clothes, the music, and the atmosphere, is just a mere back round for the game. This game features famous celebrities such as Ray Liotta of movies like “Goodfellas” and “Cop Land”. It features a bigger script, more music (Slayer!!!), more weapons (minigun!), and more cars, more everything.

Gameplay: 10/10
In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, it is all about the gameplay. This game features way more weapons than Grand Theft Auto 3. Weapons like a minigun, chainsaw, samurai sword, spas 12, and a tear gas grenade. Vice City features way more missions that have more to do with the story and are way more action-packed. In these missions, you will find yourself chasing a gang member on a dirt bike, shooting guys from a helicopter, and doing insane jumps on a motorcycle. The game has more modes of transportation like motorcycles and helicopters. The city is bigger, there are more boats, and there are no shortages of side-missions! You can race in a dirt bike track; do a destruction derby race, and more! There is also another big thing in this game, (You didn’t think that there could have been more things, did you?) you can buy property. Many of which you can do missions for. There are also many buildings that you can go inside, which is something that was missing in Grand Theft Auto 3. Vice City blows Grand Theft Auto 3 off the road!

Sound: 10/10
The sound is amazing in Vice City, with all the great licensed music, and the great sound effects. I was overjoyed when found out that Rockstar Games actually put an actual rock station in Vice City! Also, it had actually good artists like Slayer (YES!!), Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Ozzy Osbourne. But it wasn’t just rock, they had rap, jazz, public radio, new wave, soul, and a talk station. Besides having great music, Vice City has famous actors do the voices for some the characters. Stars such as Ray Liotta, Gary Busey, Jenna Jameson, Dennis Hopper, ex-football player Lawrence Taylor, and Burt Reynolds. Also the sound effects for the weapons and vehicles are spot-on and clear as day. The developers put a much bigger script in for this game, and there are eight thousand witty pedestrian comments. But, one of the best parts about this game is that your character has actually grown a mouth! That is right folks he talks! Instead of being a mute guy with no personality who takes guff from people, your character (Tommy Vercetti) is a rough, tough, guy with a mouth! Having a character that actually talks is something that was needed in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has come a long way in a short time. The only problem was the pop-up objects in the environment. Like, I was on my way back to one of my gang lord’s hideouts and then I just crashed into this invisible wall. Then the hideout just appeared. What was that all about? But, despite that ugliness, the city is incredibly detailed with all the buildings, the pedestrians, the cars, and the crystal clear waters. If you take the time to look closely in the sparkling blue waters, you can actually see fish swimming around. Vice City is a sunny and bright city; which is nice compared to the dark dank Liberty City.

Control: 10/10
The controls have been changed for the better in Vice City. It has a much-improved targeting system and the helicopters and motorcycles handle with such precision. Sure, some vehicles may be harder to control than others, but that just adds a sense of realism to the game.

Story: 10/10
The story is actually better than hell-bent on revenge plot of Grand Theft Auto 3. The story is that you are Tommy Vercetti, a man fresh out of fifteen years of jail who works for the mafia in Liberty City. Tommy is sent down by Sonny Forelli, his boss, to pull a huge drug deal. But when things go wrong and the drugs and the money are lost, you have got an angry mob boss making threats at you and your friends. Now, it is up to you to find out who did it and kill them. Along the way you will encounter biker gangs, corrupt politicians, and porno filmmakers. This story has many twists and turns, and the story is definitely not one for the kids.

Replay Value: 10/10
I have beat Grand Theft Auto: Vice City two times and I still play it a lot! This game is packed with replay value! There are so many things that you can do after you beat the game! You can still do side-missions, buy more property if you haven’t bought all of them in the first game, or just look for secrets to name a few things to do! I had already beaten the game before I found out tons of secrets, and I still look for more. You may never get tired of this gaming gem.

Challenge: 9/10
The challenge level depends on what mission you are trying accomplish. The missions range from ridiculously easy to ridiculously hard. The missions may be like “Pick up this one person” then there are missions where you have got tons of guys with machine guns firing at you. Again, it all depends.

Game Time: 10/10
This game is long enough to be conquered by all gamers, but it is a lengthy game nonetheless. There are many missions, many bosses, and many things to do in Vice City. You’ll be finding that crime does pay for quite some time.

I think that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is simply the best game for the Playstation 2. It is worth checking out by everyone. This is the game that dreams are made of.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/03/03, Updated 01/03/03

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