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Nothing better!


Finally, a new Grand Theft Auto game. The third one was one of the best games I played, so I had to buy this game as well. Let me explain what Grand Theft Auto is. In GTA, you play as a guy. You go around getting missions from gang leaders. As you complete missions, you get more money, more missions, and more fun. You can steal cars, avoid cops, kill people, run errands, pick up hookers, etc. There are many things to do in GTA. In Vice City, there are more things you can do. I'm glad I bought this game, because if I didn't, I would just be an idiot that didn't buy the best game ever.

Story Line -10/10

Get the big fat cordless phone, because it's the 80's! GTA3 was in the 90's, so we went back 10 years. There are many different things in this game, like different cars, different people, and different environment. You're first and only mission was to get some money, but of course it went wrong. You got ambushed, barely getting out alive. Now Sonny, the guy that told you to get the money, is extremely angry. So now, your main mission is to get back the money by completing missions Sonny's associates give you. The story is very original, not like some other games that just copies from other games.

Game Play - 10/10

Like GTA3? Then you will fall in love with this game. It is like the third, but a whole lot better. There are new missions, new people, things to take and to buy.

In GTA Vice City, there are more missions than GTA3. Your main mission is to get the money that was stolen, but you really won't think about that. There are many people that will give you jobs, and most of them are from different places. There is a Cuban guy, an American lawyer, a British band, and many others. You have to work and complete every single mission to get 100% completion. That will take a while.

Of course in a Big City, there are big cops. As you do thing that are considered a criminal activity, you get a star, which represents a wanted level. One star isn't too bad. A cop or two will just chase after you on foot. Once you get two, they will chase you on cars. As the wanted level gets higher and higher, more cops will chase after you, sick choppers on you, and eventually send out the military with tanks. Sometimes it's fun to get a high wanted level and get chased by cops.

Another thing in Vice City is being able to buy property. After you beat a certain mission, you get to buy property. All of them are save points, but in certain ones, you get new missions. There's a Strip Club, a Printing Press, a Cab Company, Boat Yard, Malibu Club, and others. If you complete all missions for a property, you get assets which you can collect for yourself. You can get thousands of dollars from one property, so if you have them all, you will be pretty rich. Property and assets. These are great and important. You have to own these if you want to get 100% completion.

Well it wouldn't be called Grand Theft Auto if it didn't have cars right? Well there are many varieties of cars to choose from. Just go out on the road, walk up to it, and hijack it. See? Your very own car. And as you buy properties with garages, you will be able to save the cars you obtained. You won't have to worry about them disappearing. In Vice City, there are cars and boats like GTA3, but now you can get motorcycles and helicopters. With motorcycles, you can do wheelies. With helicopters, if you get the right one, you can fire bullets, and even missiles. It's your chance to feel like a cop!

There are also special events every day. It's not a daily thing; you just have to go to a certain spot. There's a RC Car race at the beach, a motorcycle ''park'' where you have to use a PCJ Motorcycle to collect check points, a stadium where you can race and do stunts, and some others too. If you don't feel like doing missions, you can play around with these activities.

There's also something called a Rampage. These are scattered all over the place. When you get a rampage, you get a certain weapon with infinite ammo. You have to use that weapon to kill gang members. Once you kill the amount you have to, you get a lot of money, a higher completed percentage, and usually a whole mess of angry gang members. It's really fun, but some can be hard. There are rampages where you have to get into a vehicle too. You use a car and run over gang members. It's fun to do rampages because you get to kill a whole mess of people and get money at the same time.

Well like in GTA3, there are secret packages. What are secret packages you ask? Secret packages are hidden packages scattered all over Vice City. They are in secret places and you have to search for them. There are 100 in all. You have to get all 100 or you won't get 100% completion. For every 10 packages you get, you receive a weapon, item, or vehicle. As you get more and more secret packages, the thing you receive will get better and better. It might be hard to find all 100 packages but it is definitely worth it.

There are also stunt things called Insane Stunt and Unique Jump. An Insane Stunt is when you do a crazy stunt, usually on a motorcycle. You have to do spins, rotations, and fly high. The better your stunt is, the more money you receive. You don't always have to land these so you can just go all out and slam off that ramp. Unique Jumps on the other hand are specified jumps. You have to get a car or motorcycle and shoot off certain ramps. If you land at the right place, you get the money. There are 36 in all and you only get money the first time you complete the jump. These are also required to get 100% completion.

In this game, you can earn some spare cash when you aren't on any mission. Just grab a public vehicle, press R3, and now you have your very own job. If you have a cab, you have to pick up people and drop them off. With a Police vehicle, you have to stop criminals. Got a fire truck? Go stop those fires! Grab the ambulance and save injured people. Be a pizza delivery boy and go deliver pizza to the citizens of Vice City! You get a time limit, making these challenging. Once you get to a certain level, you get a gift.

There are also many glitches in this game, some good, but some bad. I ran into one bad one where I flew off my motorcycle after trying a wheelie and went into this secret area. I could shoot outside with my rocket launcher but I couldn't get out. I ended up shutting off my PS2, losing everything I did from after I saved last. There are some good ones though, and you will discover many of them when you are playing around.

Graphics -10/10

This game is extremely well detailed in the graphics department. Everything is bright, colorful, and definitely well detailed, from the environment to the cars you drive.

Every single public car (not Police related cars, Ambulance, Taxi Cab, Gang cars, etc) can be painted to look different. The colors are changed, damages are repaired, and you lose your wanted level. All the basic colors are there, so you can have ten of the same car but with different colors.

When you fire guns, you can see a flash when you pull the trigger. Can you believe it? Rock Star didn't just work on cars and big things but these small things too. When you shoot someone in the head with a sniper rifle or any other guns that you aim manually, you can see the victim's head actually disappear. Blood pours out of where the head use to be, and that person dies. The only way this could have been better was if the head was lying around, but hey that's an extremely minor thing. Also, when you shoot the front or the back window of a vehicle, the glass shatters. Very well detailed. If you shoot a tire, the car gets a flat, sparks appear when the car moves, and it starts to swerve a bit.

Also when you're driving, you always end up crashing right? Well your car will start with a dent, then lose the hood, and eventually start smoking. Then the car catches on fire. It is extremely well detailed. I love the graphics. This game is definitely the most detailed game ever.

Audio - 10/10

One word. Wow. Everything audio related is very well detailed. In cars, there is a radio with about 10 radio stations. Some are music and some are talk shows. You will grow to love one or two stations. Each time you enter a vehicle, you will immediately change the radio to one of these stations. They are very addicting.

Some other things that aren't related to radios. Just normal sound effects in this game are great. When you crash into something, you can hear your car getting some nasty dents. When you stop in front of another car, you can hear the driver of that car honking the horn. Vice City definitely sounds like a real city.

Controls -10/10

This game has very easy to learn controls so it won't take you long to learn. Don't have the manual? No problem! When you pause, there is a screen that shows all the controls so you can play the game with no problem. That's all I have to say about the controls. Very good and very simple.

Life Span/Replay -10/10

If you're worried this game won't last too long, you can just toss that thought aside. This game will take quite a long time to beat, because there are so many things you have to do. You have to complete every single mission, you have to own every property (with assets for the ones with missions), you have to have all 100 hidden packages, and you also have to have every rampage and unique jumps done. Doing every single one of those things will take a long time. If you actually manage to beat the game, then you might as well try again. Sure you know how to do the missions, but it will still take a while to get everything you need.

Rent or Buy -Buy

If you don't want to buy this game, then you must be crazy. This is definitely the best game in the history of video games. There's nothing better. If I had to, I would have spent a hundred dollars on this game. That is how much this is worth. If you don't have a PS2, then go out and buy one. It is worth it.


Story Line: 10/10
Game Play: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Audio: 10/10
Controls: 10/10
Life Span/Replay: 10/10
Rent or Buy: Buy
Total: Perfect 10/10

Definitely the game of the year.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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