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"Best One Yet!"

This is the latest edition to the Grand Theft Auto series with spectacular gameplay and more action than GTA3

Gameplay: 10/10
You will quickly notice the addition of new vehicles and weapons. The Motorbike, Helicopter and various types of plane are amazing to drive/fly around in. New weapons also include, a Katana Sword, Cleaver and a Chainsaw<<Personal favorite. The weapon system is more realistic you can only carry around one weapon of its type for example you can either carry the Chaingun/Minigun or the Rocket Launcher, I know I know its a tough choice.

There are now interior areas for you to explore, one of them is the Malibu Club a lot of stuff takes place here but I don't want to give anything away let me just say this ''The Village People''. Most of GTA3's side missions are back, including Taxi, Ambulance, Fire, Police, RC Toyz etc. and with the addition of delivering pizza's it provides enough side missions to fill a game in itself. Hidden Packages and Rampages also return from GTA:3. Tes the hidden packages are back but there not easy to find at all actually they are very hard to find.

When the game starts, you're first home is a hotel room. As you work your way into the game you will be able to buy new homes which help unlock new missions(money is also a lot harder to acquire). For 100% completion of the game you will need to buy all properties in the game.

Another new feature is the ability to shoot people through car windows. You can also puncture tires and then shoot them through the windows.

A feature which a lot of people wanted, was the ability to bail out of moving vehicles, This is a plus and also a negative because when bailing out of a vehicle you will lose health I was happy to see this feature in the game but it did not really come into gameplay for me at all but that is just me.

The AI of the police has been improved, they are now a lot smarter they will use roadblocks and spike stripes, or anything they can do to stop you I found this a lot more fun and realistic it is a lot harder to ditch the cops after getting 2 stars and the police bribes are well hidden throughout the city. So if your thinking about shooting down that officer chasing you, think about it first....

The ability to buy and change your clothes is a great feature added into the game. As you start, you will be dressed in a conspicuous blue Hawaiian shirt and jeans. You will then be able to buy new clothes such as the infamous ''Vercetti Suit'' and casual wear. These changes of clothes help with certain missions where you have to look the part and can help you get rid of some unwanted stars.

In GTA3, the Lock-On feature on the weapons focused on the nearest person to you. It now focuses on the most threatening person. You can also lock onto a target and change targets which is really helpful for when there is a gang shooting at you and one of them has an uzi and the other a pistol. I found this feature to be one of the best new things added to the game.

As you can see, there have a lot changes made to the gameplay. And all of them are for the better.

Graphics: 10/10
The city is astonishing. The palm trees, the way the water glistens in the sun, and majestic sunset easily give away that it is Miami. Some of the citys features have been taken from Miami itself. Areas such as these include the Malibu club.

The guns also have a more realistic look to them now. The MP5 looks realistic and the sound is presise. The vehicle graphics have also been majorily improved. They dent when shot you can saw a door off if you want with the chainsaw and the shimmer in the sunlight...sometimes the sun can be a pain but it is one thing I wont complain about because it gives the game a much more realistic look and feel.

The pedestrians are a lot more realistic as well they interact with eachother police will chase down crimimals other than yourself another great feature added to this game, the peds will sit on benches roller skate, etc.

The game wont slow down on you either it flows at 60 frames per second

OK, the graphics aren't exactly great or well I did not think so untilI turned ''Trails'' off this was set to be on by default which was mistake I think made by R* when they are off the game graphics are at least 10 times better and you will see the change instantly so I recommend turning them off.

Sound: 10/10
Of course Lazlow is back. There are now 7 stations on Vice City featuring 70 or 80 authentic tracks from people such as Michael Jackson. Fernando now hosts a radio station and Toni returns as well. If you like rock your in luck there are 2 great rock stations I always love doing drive by's listening to good ol' MJ sing ''Billy Jean'' I know you wont be disappointed with the music in this game it is just fanominal!!

The characters now speak more clearly and the lead character talks in this game *thank god*. The Godfathers Ray Liotta does the voice of Tommy and other celebrities such as Jenna Jameson yeah you read it right Jenna Jameson does the voice of Candy Suxx.

The car sounds have also been improved with a unique car sound for each type of car, you will actually have the feeling of driving the car yourself when your in a sports car you have the sound of it and when your in a muscle car you can hear that engine roar with power. The helicopter sound is pretty good but then again I'm no expert on heli sounds and the motorcycles all sound great from the little crotch rocket sound to the deep bad boy harley davidson sound.

Control: 10/10
The controls are all the same the only new ones are bail out of a car which is triangle and a few others suck as change target which is R2, I myself find it very easy to move tommy around in this game and the controls of the cars are a whole lot better take my word for it they handle more like real cars they dont drift as much and dont spin out as easy as they did in GTA3 R* really did a great job with the car features

Story: 10/10
Tommy Vercetti has just done 15 years in a Maximum Security Prison in Liberty City. Sonny Forelli and his boss sends him to Vice City to continue a drug deal. When it falls through important people in Vice City want Tommy dead. The only thing for him to do, is to fight back.

It is a superbly done idea. About a fifth of the missions are directly linked to main plot of finding out who double-crossed him, but there are a ton of other missions that are not linked to the actual plot and can provide a welcome break from the main game. The point of the game ends up being that you Tommy Vercetti will one day own the town eventually buying all the major businesses and what not.

Replay: 10/10
I could play this game forever and over and over again the replay value of this game is the best out of any game I have ever played you can try to master the missions again and again perfecting them or you can just go on a killing spree for hours on end like me!! This is a great game to play over and over again.

Overall: 10/10
This game will be game of the year for sure if it's not then someone needs to be kicked lol. The game is great overall and I see nothing wrong with it at all its perfect in my opinion they only glitch I have experienced is saving at the ice cream factory, but hey that can be avoided and that doesnt effect gameplay at all so I still think this game is perfect and if you liked GTA3 this game will blow you out of the water. R* did an excellent job on this game and if this is just the start of what will come from them we have a lot to look forward too!!!

If your question is ''Should I buy or rent this game?'' the answer is definitely BUY!!!
You will not get bored of this game at least I have not yet and I got it the day it was realized if you rent it you wont want to return it to the store you rented it from so I would have to say stop reading this review and go out and buy it if you don't have it!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/21/03, Updated 01/21/03

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