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"Rockstar's Perfect Followup to GTA3 Is Here"

Introduction: When you think of Rockstar Games, one thing comes to mind. That thing is the particular series: Grand Theft Auto, AKA GTA. Rockstar has had four installments in this series to date. GTA, GTA 2, GTA: London, and of course... the ''Mafioso Masterpiece'' Grand Theft Auto 3. Now, after these amazing titles have racked in plenty of players for the series, GTA3 brought in probably 65-75% of the players, it was time for another Rockstar Masterpiece. A Game so wild, so amazing, and intriguing, that it will capture us, and reel us, the rabid players, into a gaming abyss. Well Rockstar Games developed a simply amazing idea. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This cunning idea by Rockstar, was released in late May, early June. All the players heard about it, and the entire world became enthralled, awaiting the next Masterpiece by Rockstar. Some gamers, hearing about the amazing GTA3 game, caught on.. and added to the chain of already addicted GTA Fanatics. The world was hyped for such an amazing game. The previews, trailers, and early screen shots for this game looked simply amazing. Well, it turns out that the game is just that. Amazing. A New, Bigger city was donned upon the GTA Players, and just mesmerized us. Vice City, an urban metropolis of crime, stealing, robbing, and killing was here. Now, on the day GTA: VC Was released, the hype was built through the roof. Did it live up to the hype? Unfortunately, No. This game was hyped up so high, that Rockstar would have had to created the greatest game of all time. This comes mighty close, and is still one of the greatest of all time, but no game... ever, could live up to such tremendous hype. With the improvements being:Enterable buildings, Motorcycles, Flyable Planes & Helicopters, supposedly Sound, and every last detail Rockstar could come up with for a game in a line with games that rocked the world. GTA: VC didn't live up to the hype, but is still one of the greatest PS2 titles to date, and arguably the Greatest GTA Game. If you want my honest opinion, GTA 3 was better. Because it made such an improvement upon the last games.

Gameplay-10/10: Well, the gameplay is downright awesome. There are just a few annoying bugs & glitches. There are a few camera problems, especially when you are in a small, enclosed area.. or flying a Helicopter. But the Gameplay Rockstar has presented to us before, well.. this is the same, but in a good way, a tremendously great way. With only a few more weeks of testing by Rockstar, this game could have been totally ''glitch less'' and ''bug-free''. Well, let me tell you gamers, that the Glitches are not that bad. After a while, you get used to the camera angling, so at that point, it really never bothers you. It's just that some glitches, like in the last installment of the series, mess up your game file. Other than those small flaws aforementioned, the gameplay is perfect in every aspect. The intensity, and feel of the game is downright enthusiastic. The controls for this game aren't bad at all. Same as the last games of the series, simple, easy to use, no bugs for the control. The game is also quite challenging, in a good way. You obviously do not want a game that is so easy, you can beat it in 3 days. You can beat this game in 3 days, but it is just pointless to beat the game as soon as you get it, take your time.. and actually watch the cutscenes, know what's going on. It makes the game a lot better.

Story-10/10: The story in this game is fabulous. It completely deserves a 10/10, Although GTA3's Story was just a tad better I would say(but that story deserves an 11/10). The story is set up perfectly, and makes sense, which is great in an already perfect game up to this point. Just after making it onto the streets of Liberty City, Tommy Vercetti(main character) is sent to Vice City by Sonny Forelli, his old boss. Tommy's arrival doesn't go smoothly upon his arrival in the hedonistic metropolis of Vice City. A Drug deal goes down in Vice Point, Tommy and a lawyer, Ken Rosenburg wish to exchange Sonny's briefcase full of money, for Drugs. Tommy is set up, and loses everything, including the death of a person on his side, the brother of Lance Vance. Sonny wants his money back, but the Criminals, Gangsters, Bosses, and everyone else stand in his way. Tommy is hated in Vice City, and most want him dead. His only option is to fight back, and to take over the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City himself. Vercetti wasn't welcomed to the 80's in Vice City too greatly. Vice City is ''... a huge urban sprawl stretching from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, a town brimming with delights and degradation''. Tommy calls Sonny, and Sonny isn't too pleased with the result of the deal. You then control the game from here, It is up to you to get Sonny's respect, and money back, and to take over Vice City.

Graphics-10/10: Yes, the Graphics are truly amazing. They are pretty much identical to GTA3's graphics, except there is 1, Microscopic flaw in the graphics. In Grand Theft Auto 3, It appeared that the Building graphics were perfectly detailed, and well... perfect. In Vice City, there's nothing wrong with the enterable building graphics, It's just the buildings that serve no importance. The graphics of these buildings were downgraded from GTA3. But still, the graphics are still some of the greatest on the Playstation 2. All the vehicles and aircrafts look exactly as they were intended. Some of the vehicles/aircrafts are actually extremely realistic. The graphics are another Plus for this game, the Sun Glare can get annoying at times, also.. for the Best achieved graphics, turn the trails option Off. Anyway's, the Mansions, and Homes are very very good. No problem with the Graphics, there hopefully never will be in a GTA game, because all they have to do is keep them the same, and possibly make a few GOOD changes. Otherwise, graphics are phenomenal down to the core. A Golf Course is also pretty cool, some great miscellaneous vehicles and scenery are added to this game, making the Graphics completely amazing.

Sound-10/10: Do you think I am joking about the 10/10 in sound? If so, then you are deadly wrong. We are shifted back into a frame of great tunes and melodies, The 1980's. Michael Jackson is at his best over the airways, there is Public Radio, Rap, Pop, and everything. Well... Yes. From Emotional Music, hosted by the famous Fernando Martinez, from GTA3, to the ever popular V-Rock rock station, hosted by Lazlow, also from GTA3. Wow, I mean... I have never had so much fun, simply cruising the streets just listening to the tunes! You usually only have to go 1 or 2 Stations backwards or forwards if you don't like the current music, to find something you like! I really mean it, Rockstar has perfected in Music here, there is only 1 Con.. No Chatterbox! Chatterbox was, and still is the most beloved station in a GTA Game. Well, the music is still tremendous... And I simply do not know, how any games tunes could even compare. Jackson, Buggles, Kim Wilde, Gary Numan, Lazlow, Fernando, and more deliver passion, rock, talk shows, and more through the Vice City air waves. Music in a particular game could not be any more fitting than this.

Replay Value-10/10: Well Well... Rockstar does it again. An addiction that reels us in, and won't let us go. The replayability is without a doubt one of this games Best features! This game will keep you busy for if not Weeks, Months. There is so much exploration you can do in this game, and well, it's just great. Also, just cruising with the great music is nice. If you want to have a perfect file, it will take a very long time. Getting 100% is a great accomplishment, the Criminal Rating is back, and this time.. the Goal is raised from 8,000 to 500,000. Also, there are various new stats, that are really cool, Beating your own personal records for anything, Ramping off anything with a Motorcycle, doing insane stunts won't get boring too quickly either. So what I am saying is, if there is any game, ever... That has perfect replay value, it is simply a tossup between GTA: VC or GTA3. This title won't get boring for a long, long time, that is a promise. Seriously, with Helicopters, Motorcycles, Better Boats, Much more weapons, and everything that GTA is known for is delivered in this game, which tallies up to a 10/10 in Replay Value.

Final Recommendation-Buy: Most certainly, Buy this game. Please, as a warning, do not let anyone under the Mature rating play this, unless they are very mature. Even if you hate this game, although it is said to be impossible to hate such a perfect game, in every aspect, you can just sell it! This game has extremely popular demand, and could sell it almost anywhere, and easily get 3/4th's of your money back. A Certain Buy, because of every reason that has been aforementioned in this review. Every aspect blends in perfectly together, and delivers great chemistry. Thank you Rockstar, for another Masterpiece.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/28/03, Updated 03/01/03

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