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"Welcome to Vice City"

I have said this a million times, but I don't like to give games perfect tens. This game is perfect. The amounts of possibilities in this game are endless. You can just keep playing for months. Most games wear out after a week or two. But the thing about Vice City is that it takes so long to beat that you just keep playing it. I'm not saying that it's bad that it takes long to beat. It's a very good thing. Because unlike The Getaway, it's a good game, and it is very long. It is so fun doing missions for different people. And the ranges of missions you have to do are just great. Because some missions you have to kill some guy's wife. Others, you have to dress up like police men, and plant a bomb in the mall. And what makes it even more fun is the fact that after you beat it, it's still fun just to beat it over again. Even then, you'll find yourself just playing it for fun once your done. Just starting, stealing a car and just driving around finding stuff in Vice City. The amount of fun is endless to this game. By the time you are done with Vice City, hopefully they will have the next version come out (if they do come out with one)
But, I can still remember when Grand Theft Auto III came out. The other games in the series were not that good, so I wasn't sure if I should buy it. Then it was on the top five best seller list month after month, and I had heard good things about it. So I went out to get it and I was amazed! It was like no other game I had ever played before. So when Vice City came out, I knew it would have to be good.
When it came out, there were so many people exited about it. I was too. I didn't think it would be this much better than the Grand Theft Auto III. The missions were so great, and your character actually spoke! That made the game so much better. But something I realized about it, were the hidden things connecting it to grand theft auto. One example, is Lazlo from the ''Chatterbox'' radio station on Grand Theft Auto III, was the DJ for a rock station on Vice City. But you can hear him say on Grand Theft Auto III, something about them kicking him off the rock station. That also makes the game a whole lot more fun to play. There are many more hidden things like that in Vice City. You just want to find them all.

Gameplay - There are so many things you can do or see in this game. So many possible choices for you to make it's great. It makes Vice City very fun to play. Because no matter what you do, you can always find more to do. People have been waiting for a game like this for ages, and finally, here it is. The concept of being able to do so many things in a game was weird just five years ago. Video games just weren't like that before the Grand Theft Auto series came out.
The game is challenging, which isn't bad, because some games, if they are too challenging, and they are bad games, then no one wants to complete them because it's just not fun anymore. But no matter how many times you try a level over again, it does not get boring.
The levels of course, start of easy, and get harder as you go along with the game. The way they do it in Vice City is great. Because by the time you’re on the last mission, you’re already good enough to beat it. All games should be like that. It makes all games so much more fun to play.
The cars look better. They have a more 80's look to them, which is great. It goes with your character's tacky shirt, and pretty much everything else in the game. There are also a bigger variety of cars in Vice City. It makes the game a whole lot more realistic. It's better than passing five different cars that look exactly the same as the one you are driving now.
They have put a whole lot more weapons now. Of course, this is the most wonderful thing in a game like Vice City. It seems like there are an endless amount of weapons. I think this is what made the game so good. The only disappointment to me is that there are two different weapons that fall under the same category, which you can't have at the same time. An example is you can't have two different drive by shooting weapons at once. If you already have one, and you find another drive by gun, you have to give up the one you currently have to pick up the other one. You can't even have a rocket launcher and a flamethrower at the same time! But it beats not having many weapons at all. I love the new melee weapons. Like the Chain Saw!
Another option in the game that makes it a whole lot better, is now you can do damage to cars by hitting them with your fist, a bat, or any other kinds of melee weapons. It's just so great, when you couldn't out-run a car to steal it, just to give it a quick punch to piss off the driver. This makes the vehicles in Vice City even better. Again, if you're in the situation where you can't run faster than a car, you can just shoot the wheels out and steel the car. Of course, now you just have a car with a flat tire, but at least you have your dignity. This also helps in missions, when you need to stop a car, and it's getting away, you can shoot out it's tires, and it makes catching the car a whole lot easier. Even when you’re doing a drive-by shooting, it sometimes shoots out the tires. This makes the game more fun and realistic. But this also means that you can get your tires shot out. Which helps make the game a whole lot more fun. Police don't only do roadblocks in this game, they'll also put down spike stripes, which can mess up the whole chase and get you busted easily.
There are just endless possibilities, like being able to shoot through a window of a car, and killing the person inside it.
Instead of three islands like in Grand Theft Auto III, there are only two. But the islands in Grand Theft Auto III were smaller than the two here. And there is more stuff to do on each. There is a big beach on one of the islands, which is cool, but there really isn't much stuff to do on it. And it takes up a lot of room so they could have made it smaller.
Now, you can go inside buildings, like in one mission where you need to rob a bank. Killing people inside a building for some reason is just a whole lot more fun then killing them outside one. But after you do that mission, it's pretty much useless. But the mall is huge, and great for causing trouble. Because police cars can't get into the mall, so all you have to do are shoot the policemen who are on foot in the mall, and the cars can't get to you. Something even better, are there are cars on display in the mall that you can steal. That's worth a good 5 hours of fun.
After you have completed a whole lot of the missions, you will begin to be able to buy your own properties, which are great, because they will generate money for you, and more missions for you to do also. Towards the beginning of the game, the money actually did mean something. There was actually a reason to complete the missions and get money other than to just beat the game. But as you went further along, money kind of just got useless, because after you owned so many places, you could just get money from them all, so it was no longer a problem to buy anything.

The story line isn't really that great. It isn't too original but it will do. As you get along in the game, the story becomes better. But the beginning is kind of bland and not much exiting really happens.

Graphics - The graphics in this game are great. They are even better then in Grand Theft Auto III. The cars are done so much betters, which makes them even more fun to drive. The story Cut-scenes are done nicely. And the characters look great. There isn't anything really bad with the graphics here.

Sound - Well, they have never really had very good crashing sounds, like hitting other cars, but the sound of the car doors opening and closing are perfect. They sound like real cars. It shows that they have put a lot of effort into making this game. Everything else in the game is also very great. The character voice over's are perfectly done. The words fit in perfectly with the way their mouth moves. Also, you character finally talks, so you can get a laugh every now and then at his comments at the cops and what he says when stealing a car.
I have always loved the way that the soundtrack works, how it's different radio stations. So no matter what, the music in this game won't suck. It's great because everyone likes different kinds of music, and they can pick out which to listen to, instead of just having one type of it.

Replay Value - It is very high for Vice City, you'll just want to keep on playing non-stop. Once you beat it, you'll want to beat it again. Then, you'll just want to be doing the free roam. It's great.

You should defiantly buy this game. Don't rent it, you won't have enough time to beat it. It shouldn't even cost that much anymore anyway.


Good music
hurting cars with melee weapons
you can blow tires
smarter police AI System
More missions
buy properties
more characters
Motorcycles instead of just cars
more cars
good graphics



Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/31/03

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