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"This game has it all, and then some."

This game has it all, and then some. Whether you want to run people down, shoot stuff or just cruise to the incredible selection of music this game has to offer, you will never get bored. I’ve had the game for around a month now and I can’t get over how they could have improved on every aspect of grand theft auto 3. The cars are better, the graphics are a little better, sound is astronomical, and they added helicopters and motorcycles to the mix. If you haven’t played this game, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, just do it already ‘cause I feel so sorry for you inexperienced people.

Game-play: Flawless-10/10
When you want to get around, you can simply run up to a car and jack it, it’s that easy and even easier to store your new acquired positions because you will be soon aware that you can have multiple garages in one part of the city, better then GTA3’s one garage per part. Not into cars steal a motorcycle, moped or a dirt bike. If you an aerial man then you’ll love the helicopters they put in this game, still to this day there my favorite mode of transportation. Boats are also available, but not real fun. Walking is a drag, but run into some pedestrians then it then becomes very interesting. Punch, kick, or even wield a variety of weapons to slice, pick, and beat your opponents, and they never even “saw” it coming. Your able to purchase houses to save your game in, making around 5 or so save points around both sides of the city. When you’re able to buy businesses, they’re your savoir because when they start generating money it’s sweet heaven, you can also save there too. Like GTA3 you can go into buildings, the only difference is there are a lot more to go in and they are way bigger on the insides. Once you get your hands on some heavy artillery this game gets exceedingly vicious, my favorite is to get the M9 and to shoot the %^$# out of people on the side walk. One of my other comments on the weapons is there are more of them and the new ones are even better then the old ones, which are also included in the game, but you can only hold I think 8 or 9 at a time which is a real pain in the &$#. The range of vehicles in the game array from station wagons to hotrod cars that only a millionaire could afford. The actual physics of the cars are a bit wobbly, especially when you almost flip your car and it’s on its side, even if it looks like it’s going to go back on all fours, it most of the time doesn’t. When you accidentally slip into the water, watch out because no one showed Tommy how to swim, I guess,’ cause you still can’t swim in this game, argg. Cops and military are beefed up for some reason, but still not good enough to catch me, naw I’ve been caught lots of times. Vice city is made up of three parts: the beach part where you start out, the ghetto/downtown, and three mini-island each with it’s own unique purpose. During your adventure you will come across more then 50 missions and lots of side quests like 100 secret packages and bouncing a beach ball on your head, that’s just a taste. The characters that give you your business vary from mobsters to ruffian bikers, with every mission having a purpose or somewhat, I think. Vice city is a big place with lots to do, so much that you cant possible get it all done in one day. Even in the options you can see on the info sheet what you’ve done like how many people you’ve killed and such, and the list is around three times as long as GTA3’s. The game-play in vice city was beyond anything that I ever expected. Rockstar games have done it again.

Graphics: Bad-5.6/10
At the first glance vice city looks like a pretty awesome looking game, from the commercials and pictures. Get the game home and you realize “Damn” what happened? All colors are plain and dull hardily any shiny surfaces and no reflections what so ever. If you think the colors are bad the look of the graphics are even worse. Lets start off with the look of Tommy, since your going to see him all through the game you would think that they would amp him up in style, no his as cheesy as the rest of the graphics. His arms are awkwardly shaped; his head looks like the Y-axis got stretched and biggest problem are his hands. You’ve probably seen those hands where all fingers are molded together, that’s what this game has. Forget about facial expressions, I’m not sure if Tommy’s mouth moves or his eyes blink during the cut scenes but they’re probably shoddily done. All pedestrians have the same qualities as Tommy, and that’s not saying a lot. Lets get to the cars. They’re bigger and better then GTA3’s and look amazing compared to everything else in the game. It’s almost like they don’t belong in the game that’s how good they look. Buildings and misc. objects are descent with minor flaws like windows that have black windows and not being able to access building that you could go in, in a cut scene but not in the game. Rockstar makes Max Payne and it makes you wonder how one can have amazing graphics and the other poor ones? It’s the million-dollar question, or maybe it’s the PS2. One more thing when you get the game turn off the trails! My lord the game blurs every light, turn them off and give you eyes a rest.

Sound: Excellent-9.5/10
Besides the amazing soundtrack to this game the FX also sounds remarkable. Get and weapon and use it in battle and you see that they sound like what they’re supposed to. I still love the sound of the “slice” when you hack some on with the machete. What’s better then the Weapons? The Cars. Man, get into a gar rev the engine and let it fly, this aspect was really well done. Voice acting was improved from GTA3 but it still lacks in quality, that’s just my opinion though. Oh ya, watch out for some guest voices from famous actors, there are more then one.

Story: Okay-6.7/10
The major mob bosses of the states are wondering what to do with Tommy Versetti once he gets out of jail. I’m guessing he was involved in some big thing 10 odd years ago and there worried that if he goes around their neighborhood people will get worried and possible fearful. So he sends Tommy to vice city and lets him take care of business down there. Sonny (mob leader) wants a piece of the drug action that goes on down there. He thinks that if refugees and people in the ghetto are getting rich of the drug business he wants a piece. So Tommy boards an airplane and goes to vice city on his first mission. He meets Ken Rosenberg down there and he explains what Tommy must do.
There’s this drug deal that’s going to go down at the docks. The feds swarm the meeting place and get the drugs and the money. Tommy and Ken get away and must plan away to get the money back. Meanwhile Sonny Forelli is mighty ticked off that you lost the cash and drugs but will let you run around and get the money back, like he had a choice.

Rent or buy: I strongly recommend you buy this game-9.1/10
Renting this game will only get you a sad return because the game is so amazing and a game that no one should be without that renting it would only be an option if you can’t find it available in and store.
Possible reasons for a rent: Parents wanting to see what the game is like before they buy it. People not sure if the game is right for them. I’m not sure I’m going to like vice city.

Replay ability: Somewhat-6.1/10
Once you’ve done everything and I mean everything then it is considered a replay, I’m talking about 100% done. Once you do all the unique jumps and find 100 secret packages I know I didn’t want to do that all over again. The only thing in the game that people replay are killing people in every which way and listening to the music. Which I should give a lower score for but it’s just so fun to do those things.

Difficulty: Normal-8.4/10
Like GTA3 the mission start out easy and work there way to hard, Very hard. In fact some of the missions are next to impossible with out cheats. It gets a normal rating because the average mission will be medium difficulty. Just try and you will prevail.

Is it fun: Very fun-10/10
This is the most enjoyable game possible made for the PS2. Is will be at the top of you game pile for months. But like all game they get tiresome, I give the life of this game to the average player 6-10 months before you get bored of it.

Overall: Awesome-8.2/10 or 8/10 Gamefaqs wise
While vice city has some graphics trouble that makes the game look cheap and rushed. It counters this with game-play never seen before. The whole game-play of this game is beyond belief and I know that in the next couple of years it’s only going to get better for GTA. This is a title that you should not miss I’ve hade this game for a while now and I still play it like the day I got it, it’s so addicting and sometimes you can get lost in the music, vice city kicks &%$.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/31/04

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