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"Are You Talkin to Me?"

Welcome to the fabulous underworld of Vice City, complete with stores to rob, cars to steal, women to take advantage of, and a whole mess of drug lords waiting to tear each other apart when a deal goes sour. Meet Tommy Vercetti, a man working for a drug lord when he is part of a deal that actually does go sour, so he is in a lot of trouble with his former boss. Feel free to explore the entire city at will, in Vice City, the world is yours. Enter the hotel, pick up some guns, you know what to do with those. Enjoy.

This was by far the worst aspect of this totally amazing game. The graphics just were'nt the top of the line for today, unlike every other aspect of the game, as you will see in the rest of my review. All of the people within the game looked like polygons programmed in about 2 hours by the CEO of Rockstar North. Although it would be impossible for this to happen, the graphics are still not what I would call ''top of the line.'' Don't get me wrong, they are great for how big of a scale the game is set in, the environment of Vice City is so huge, I couldn't expect anything more than these graphics, considering what Rockstar has put out in the past in their games that are set in a large city. What makes review sections a 10 in my reviews are when a developer really exceeds what I thought was possible for that developer to do in that game. A good example is in Resident Evil 0, I expected a lot less than what Capcom put out into the game. I expected some mediocre visuals combined with a great story line to make a great game. But Capcom surprised me with that game, they brought the vosuals beyond what anyone expected, and that is what made me give that game a 10 in visuals. This game did not surpass what I wanted it to do in visuals or what I expected, so it got a merely above average score. But I think that everyone agrees that the visuals of this game are nothing compared to those of Resident Evil 0.
I've spent a while talking about how the graphics weren't that great for this game, but they really aren't that bad, Grand Theft Auto has never looked better. They could have reduced the polygon look that all of the characters in the game have, that would have bumped the score up some. And the addition of the character's mouths moving when they talk also would have been a nice touch. But what would have brought the review score up a lot would have been the elimination of all of the visual glitches in the game. They make you say, ''this game can't be finished yet, my car just drove through that building and emerged through the other side without a scratch!'' That is the typical sentence when you are playing through Vice City. They could have taken out the major glitches that actually mess you up when you play the game and the tough missions within. For example, I was trying to save Lance from the junkyard, I had killed most of the guys that were around where he was being hidden. I ran in, got Lance, ran out. I got into a car, Lance got into the same car. I started driving, all of a sudden Lance was in front of the car and I was going full speed. Needless to say, I ran him over and failed the mission. Those are the kind of bugs that need to be eliminated.
You really need to judge this game's visuals for yourself, some like them better than others, many like them better than I do.

SOUND: 10/10
I need to say in this section that I think that this game has the best sound out of any game that I have ever played. There are over 100 different songs and several talk shows on the radio, it must have cost them a ton of money to get all the liscensing for those great songs. There are some really amazing songs on the soundtrack, such as: I Ran So Far Away, Peace Sells, 2 Minutes to Midnight, I want to Rock, and all of the talking on KChat is great, although if you drive around constantly without getting out of the car you can notice that there is a lot of repition in the conversations, they are repeated about every 30 minutes from my calculations. There is nothing more fitting in the game than when you are in hot pursuit of some guy that shot somebody and you are listening to Megadeth, that it just one of my greatest video game moments, they blend together so well and make such an amazing scene and gaming experience, you should try and time the songs the same way so that you can try it, you'll love it if you love VRock. I love the soundtrack of this game, but the sound in the game just keeps getting better with the voice acting.
The voice acting in Vice City is absolutely superb. I mean, who wouldn't like a game (or a movie for that matter) that had Ray Liotta as the main character, trying to get his life back after a drug deal that he was part of went bad? There are no flaws in the voice acting, it is polished and there are no exceptions. The only thing that creeps me out a little is that the character's mouths don't move when they speak, but that is an issue that I cover in the graphics section of this review.
This game has the best sound that I have ever heard. Buy the game, buy the soundtrack, buy a T-shirt, buy everything that has to do with sound in the game, because you won't regret it.

CONTROL: 10/10
The shortest section of my Vice City review, the control is another amazing portion of GTA. It really is great. Normally I don't really like the PS2 controller, but something in this game made me change my mind, my hands just feel naturally pulled toward the correct buttons for each task, it really is a great feeling, the controls seem to be natural to my hands, there is not a single button that is out of place on the controller. I give kudos to Rockstar, they really made sure that the player would be able to control Tommy with ease, and that is important to any game.

In addition to all of the other honors that I have given to the war lords of Vice City, I give them a perfect 10 in gameplay. Gameplay can never really be defined, the best definition that I have found so far describes it as: ''The total effect of a game on the player and all those present when the game is being played.'' That being said, the gameplay in this game is incredible. It just sucks you in anad makes you want to play more, to see what will happen next. The game is challenging, it takes about 40 hours for the best players to play through. It takes even more time to complete the ultimate honor of the game, completing everything 100%. It is very difficult and it is quite possible that this might take even the best and most experienced players 30 more hours to complete. It is one of the longest games that I have ever encountered, and that has boosted the score.
Beyond the difficulty level of the game, which is very high, the plot of the game is also interesting and involving. Rockstar did a very good job of creating realistic crime scenarios within the city, as well as the ascension of one man from the bottom to the top of the food chain within the city. During the story, you will meet many interesting and beleivable characters, some of them are based on the greatest crime lords of all time. But one of the most interesting things about this game is that a lot of the game has been exactly copied from the movie Scarface. Everything from the Vercetti estate to the bloodstained shower with a chainsaw to some of the dialogue within the game replicate th emovie, although everyone that developed the game denies that this is anything close to the truth. No matter what it is based on, the plot of this game is amazing. You will meet all kinds of characters, from a Ron Jeremy to a Tony Montana roam the wide streets of Vice City. be sure you meet all of the people, some of them are too cool to beleive.

All in all, this is a pretty amazing game. It has average visuals, but those are made up for with the excellent sound, control, and gameplay that the game has to offer. Be sue to play this game, you won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/07/04

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