• Codes

    Enter on the title screen:

    R1, right, up, up, square, square8 ball
    O, Square, Down, Down, Down, DownAll Different Teams
    left, circle, left, circle, leftAll player items
    left, circle, right, circle, upAngus' Items
    left, square, up, square, downArsenault's items
    R1, right, right, down, square, circleBeach Ball
    R1, L1, UP, UP, SQUARE, SQUAREBig head mode
    L1, R1, UP, UP, CIRCLE, SQUAREBig Hits
    R1, left, left, down, circle, circleBlack Box Ball
    R1, left, right, right, square, squareBlock ball
    left, square, left, circle, upBoomer's items
    O, Square, O, Square, O, Square, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, RightClassic Film Mode
    R1, left, down, right, square, circleCrate ball
    left, circle, right, square, leftDante's items
    O, O, Down, Down, Right, LeftDifferent El Fuego Team
    Square, Square, Down, Down, Left, RightDifferent Spirit Team
    Square, Square, Down, Right, Left, UpDifferent Subzero Team
    Square, O, Down, Up, UpDifferent Toxic Team
    Circle, Square, Down, Up, Right, LeftDifferent Tsunami Team
    Square, O, Down, Up, Down, UpDifferent Volta Team
    left, square, down, square, upDjimon's items
    left, square, up, circle, rightDuke's items
    left, circle, right, circle, downEl Diablo's items
    R1, right, down, up, circle, circleEyeball ball
    R1, Left, Down, Right, Square, OGet Crate Ball
    R1, Left, Right, Right, Square, SquareGet Kid Block Ball
    R1, Left, Up, Up, Square, SquareGet Rusty Can Ball
    R1, right, right, left, circle, circleGlobe ball
    left, square, up, circle, upHalf-Pint's Items
    L1, R1, Up, Up, Circle, SquareHuge Hits
    L1, R1, Right, Up, O, OInfinite Turbo
    left, square, right, square, rightKahuna's items
    left, circle, down, circle, downKaimani's items
    left, square, up, circle, leftKiril's items
    left, circle, left, square, downLola's items
    left, square, down, circle, upMadeira's Items
    L1, R1, Left, Right, Square, SquareMax Power Mode
    Square, O, Square, O, Square, O, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, LeftModern Film Mode
    left, square, down, square, rightNova's items
    R1, right, left, left, square, circleOld school ball
    left, circle, left, circle, upRaine's items
    R1, left, right, left, circle, squareRemy Saville's Head
    left, circle, right, circle, rightRico's items
    R1, left, up, left, square, circleRob Willock's Head
    left, square, left, square, upRumiko's items
    R1, right, up, down, circle, squareStar Ball
    R1, left, up, up, square, squareTincan Ball
    L1, R1, Down, Right, Square, OUnlimited Spotlight
    R1, R1, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, O, OUnlock All Stadiums
    R1, Right, Right, Down, Square, OUnlock Beach Ball
    R1, Left, Left, Down, O, OUnlock Black Box Ball
    R1, Right, Down, Up, O, OUnlock Eyeball Ball
    R1, Right, Right, Left, O, OUnlock Globe Ball
    R1, Right, Left, Left, Square, OUnlock Old School Ball
    left, square, left, square, rightZari's items

    Contributed By: Starky27 and Wangtang1.


  • Unlockable Stadiums

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alpine Castle StadiumWin the game using the Subzero Team in Quest Mode
    Jungle Canopy StadiumWin the game using the El Fuego Team in Quest Mode
    Pacific Atoll StadiumWin the game using the Tsunami Team in Quest Mode
    Reactor Core StadiumWin the game using the Toxic Team in Quest Mode
    Riviera Ruins StadiumWin the game using the Volta Team in Quest Mode
    Tribal Oasis StadiumWin the game using the Spirit Team in Quest Mode

    Contributed By: Starky27.

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