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    EX Mission Item Locations by ReverseTheMonkey

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/24/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   ZONE OF THE ENDERS
                                     THE 2nd RUNNER
                                EX MISSION ITEM LOCATION
    Written by: ReverseTheMonkey
    E-Mail: ReverseTheMonkey@hotmail.com
    Version: 1.0
    Scattered throughout the various environments are small items called
    EX MISSION ITEMS.  They are small, rectangular, and translucent objects that 
    are cleverly (well some of them) hidden.  They can be collected on any level
    of difficulty and with any type of JEHUTY.  The purpose of these items, as the
    name implies, is to unlock Extra Missions.  These missions test your skill as 
    a runner and provide you with more action.
    One method to help you locate these items is to use the L2 button.  If you are
    close to an EX ICON then you will lock on to that item when L2 is tapped.  As 
    long as there are no enemies around you can easily zero in on these items if
    they are present on the field.  The ones that need to be uncovered will not 
    respond to the L2 lock-on.  The other method to locate these items is to read
    this FAQ.  This FAQ includes descriptions of where and how to obtain each 
    EX ICON.  It also makes references to places on the map (accessed by the start
    button) if possible.  Now, time to go hunting... 
       After attaining JEHUTY and defeating ARDJET, you fly into the BATTLESHIP
       flying overhead...
       1. Defeat all of the enemies in the third room.  After doing so, return to
          the second room.  It should be easily visible floating on the other side
          of the doorway.
       After escaping from Deimos Station, you arrive on mars.  You are then 
       confronted by the transforming VIC VIPER...
       2. During your battle with VIC VIPER, destroy the rock above the entrance to
          CAPRI CANYON in the north-eastern corner of the map.  You will need to 
          lock on to the icon and use the subweapon WISP to get it.  Work quickly
          to prevent being attacked by VIC VIPER.  (This can only be attained by
          starting a new game from a saved finished game.  Replay the game with all
          subweapons equipped.)
       3. After the battle with VIC VIPER, ADA will inform you of METATRON near by.
          It is in the north-western part of the map on a place called SIE'S LAB.
          Upon retrieving the METATRON several enemies will come after you.  
          Destroy the NARITA's and at some point ADA will say:
          "Estimated combat time 90 seconds." When she says this, press the L3
          button (push in left joystick).  DINGO should respond.  A timer will
          appear and count down.  You will have 90 seconds to defeat the rest of 
          the enemies.  ADA will notify you if you completed the task successfully.
          The EX ICON will appear on top of the entrance to CAPRI CANYON.
       4. At the south-end there is a bridge with a train wreck.  Fly towards 
          the bottom of the bridge to find another EX ICON.
       5. On the lower plateau just south-east of SIE'S LAB (place where METATRON
          was), there is a rock.  Blow it up to uncover an EX ICON.
       6. There is a rock in the northern-most point on the map.  It is on the
          midpoint between SIE'S LAB and the entrance to CAPRI CANYON.
       This is the part where you need to destroy the two locking facilities...
       7. Take the left route. After passing through two more gates take the next
          left path.  You should end up in the left-most part of the map.  Near the
          gray colored rock wall you will find the EX ICON.
       After fighting through the city on Air's Cliff, LLOYD finally lets you into
       his firery death trap...
       8. In the first room with the giant crushing and retracting pillars, destroy
          all enemies and fly to the bottom of the room. Look in one of the corners
          on the wall opposite the door.
       9. There's another one in this room in the other corner.
      10. In the third pillar room, destroy all enemies and fly to the bottom of
          the room.  The EX ICON is opposite the exit.
      11. During your fight with Lloyd, while the lights are still on, fly to the
          bottom of the room.  It will be near one of the corners.
       After leading the LEV's through the desert to the crevice, this is the 
       downward path to AUMANN...
      12. In the second room there is a small enclosed area on the bottom of the
          room. Fly into it to get another EX ICON.
      13. Upon entering the third room, you will see a black metal beam that 
          extends from wall to wall.  Destroy it to reveal another ICON close to 
          the wall.
      14. In the second half of this stage (after the cutscene) you will find one
          on top of the vertical pillar in the middle of the third room.
      15. After leaving the third room, fly downwards to find an EX ICON between
          the two doors blocked by red lasers.
       After defeating ANUBIS in the illuminated path, you land on PHOBOS and
       and ANUBIS follows soon after...
      16. Once you regain control of JEHUTY, DO NOT fly towards ANUBIS. Instead,
          fly directly up to get the ICON in the sky.
      17. Fly low in the area opposite ANUBIS.  There is an ICON on the red metal
      18. After approaching ANUBIS, a bunch of NEPHTIS clones start attacking. 
          Destroy five to reveal an EX ICON in the area to the right of the glowing
          crack. ( I think you need to kill five, if not, just keep destroying them
          until one appears.)
      19. Destroy another group of five ( I think...) to reveal another ICON in the
          same location.
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