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On this note, I'll conclude Zone Of The Enders: It's just not worth it.06/09/10Daavpuke
The best high-speed robot action game ever created.03/20/03dragon18
Quite Possibly One of the Best.04/03/03FAQsimile
Another Masterpiece By Hiedo Kojima09/20/04Havo
It doesn't get more action-packed than this.08/05/04Hellgraves
I never scream to myself, until I've played this game!02/16/03Iluna
This game must be genius if I can ignore the voice acting06/05/04johnathanblade
Hideo Kojima goes beyond the bounds of duty03/05/03JonnyRam
Beyond the Bounds07/24/06kdawg2k
Zone of the Enders 2's unique mechaniccs and style make it a must-play for anyone looking for some heavy mech action08/30/06Korubi
Mechs, destruction, chaos; What more could you ask for..03/22/03MasterVG782
A dangerous game to review, indeed.02/18/03Maverick Hunter Zero
One of the PS2's Finest!03/16/03Mech Master
ZOE is back, and beter than ever!06/04/03MetalGearRexMGS
The Most Epic Action Title for PS210/01/03olgathesillyrussian
Truly the 2nd Runner03/13/03ORCA782
Hideo Kojima makes a robot beat-'em-up. That's pretty much it.02/06/07Phediuk
Hideo Kojima's Underrated Masterpiece.08/05/04plasmasnakemg
"No un-manned Mech's gonna' stop me!"10/07/03Ryu Katsuragi
The best playing I've had in a LONG time...04/06/03SilverChaos
High Speed Robot Action!!03/15/03solidsnake76
Another Masterpiece Delivered By Hideo Kojima05/28/03THAguyINgta3
Off to a running start...08/14/04the7joker7
This second run is first in my book...12/18/06theEqualizer
Absolutely the coolest, wildest, and most intense videogaming experience EVER!!!03/23/03WhitefromBlackWhite
The original was great, but this one surpasses it in every way.01/30/04Xenon

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