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    Unlockables Guide by Wolf Feather

    Version: Final | Updated: 11/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wolf Feather/Jamie Stafford
    Initial Version Completed: October 23, 2002
    FINAL VERSION Completed:   November 16, 2002
    ACCOLADE: The F1 2002: Unlockables Guide was deemed Best In-
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    at GameFAQs.com for October 24, 2002 :-)
    Spacing and Length
    Quick Race: Overtaking Onslaught
    Quick Race: Quick Race Season
    Bonus Challenges
    Event Options
    New Concerns
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    At long last, I have FINALLY acquired all Gold Medals for all
    the EA Sports Cards for all eleven teams in F1 2002.  This
    guide presents the unlockable features of the game for
    accomplishing this feat (which took me three months to
    complete).  This information is specifically being made
    available through this separate guide so that those who do
    not wish to see it in my other relevant guides for F1 2002
    will not see it.
    Note that this guide DOES NOT cover unlocking the race venues
    in standard Quick Race Mode, as those can be unlocked without
    ever attaining a single medal for any of the EA Sports Cards.
    For this information, please see my F1 2002: Driving Guide.
    Here is a brief synopsis of each of the unlockable features
    in F1 2002.  Details are given in subsequent sections of this
    guide.  (Again, this guide DOES NOT cover unlocking the race
    venues in standard Quick Race Mode, as those can be unlocked
    without ever attaining a single medal for any of the EA
    Sports Cards.  For this information, please see my F1 2002:
    Driving Guide.)
    New Quick Race modes
       - Overtaking Onslaught: Keep passing cars within the time
         period indicated to continue playing
       - Quick Race Season: Essentially a Full Championship but
         using Quick Race parameters
    New Challenges
       - Two bonus challenges for both Basic and Advanced
    New Event options
       - Ability to choose time of day for each race
       - Ability to choose 2001 grid positions
    New Event
       - Domination: The player MUST win every event in the
         season (essentially the "sequel" to the Ferrari
         Milestone Card)
    New concerns
       - Failures to the player's car
    Unfortunately, it appears that the rumor about unlocking
    gold-plated cars is simply a rumor :-(
    In standard Quick Race (four-lap racing) format, the player
    will automatically start at P22.  In addition to the normal
    on-screen information, there in a countdown timer in the
    upper-left corner of the screen; before the timer expires,
    the player must pass a competitor.  Each time another car has
    been passed, the timer is reset.
    The player CANNOT be passed by anyone at any time (only one
    pixel can cost the race) or else the race will immediately
    end in failure.  Once the player achieves P1, the timer will
    expire, but since there are no more cars to be passed, the
    race continues on as normal... unless a competitor can get
    one pixel ahead of the player's car.
    It is important to remember that since this is within Quick
    Race Mode, the difficulty level is inherently set to Easy and
    cannot be changed.  Therefore, the only reason a player
    should lose in Overtaking Onslaught is due to a momentary
    lapse of concentration (loud noise outside, etc.) or getting
    into an accident (in which case the player will either be
    passed, or will be too far behind the next car ahead to make
    the next required pass before the time on the countdown clock
    While it may a first seem that - after all the months spent
    attempting to acquire all the EA Sports Cards at Gold Medal
    level - the player will have picked up A LOT of skill in the
    game, Quick Race: Overtaking Onslaught is still incredibly
    difficult.  Again, only one pixel means the difference
    between maintaining position and being passed.  This is
    especially important to remember at those circuits whose
    first turn is incredibly tight and where the traffic really
    bunches up together, such as the La Source hairpin at Spa-
    Francorchamps.  For example, the player may pass numerous
    cars on corner entry by using the outside racing line, but at
    least one of those cars taking the inside racing line will
    likely get 'ahead' by a single pixel.  Similarly, taking the
    inside racing line at La Source is often counter-productive
    because the cars on the inside racing line are obviously
    moving slower than the cars taking the outside racing line
    since the inside racing line is inherently a tighter, sharper
    Quick Race Season is essentially a Full Championship using
    standard Quick Race parameters.  Therefore, the player should
    ALWAYS be able to win each race.
    Four bonus Challenges are available once the EA Sports Cards
    have ALL been acquired at Gold Medal level for ALL teams.  As
    with the other Challenges, there are Bronze, Silver, and Gold
    Medal levels for each of the Bonus Challenges.
    Basic Challenges
    - Bonus 1: The player must pass a given competitor before the
               end of a lap during the Monaco Grand Prix.
    - Bonus 2: From a standing start at the Spanish Grand Prix,
               the player must survive an opening-lap incident
               and get to the entrance of Repsol (Turn 4) within
               the allotted time.
    Advanced Challenges
    - Bonus 1: In the space of 2-2/3 laps at Monaco, the player
               must both pass a given competitor (as before) AND
               finish in the points (P6 or better).  It is highly
               likely that the player will finish P1.
    - Bonus 2: In this two-lap race at Catalunya, the player must
               both clear the opening-lap incident (as before)
               AND finish in the points (P6 or better).  It is
               highly likely that the player will finish P1.
    Unfortunately, for bonus Challenges unlocked by accomplishing
    such a massive feat as attaining ALL EA Sports Cards for ALL
    teams at Gold Medal level, these bonus Challenges are
    incredibly %^$%#^&*$@# easy, and DO NOT rely upon any skills
    the player may have acquired in the quest for all Gold Medals
    for all the EA Sports Cards :-(
    Domination was included in F1 2001 as an unlockable feature,
    and it has made an unexpected return in F1 2002 due to the
    need to unlock this game mode. (Domination was available in
    F1 2001 by first completing the various Challenges in that
    Domination has just one rule: Win EVERY race of the season.
    The easiest way to accomplish this feat is to use Normal
    Handling on Easy difficulty in dry weather conditions with no
    tire wear and with FIA Rules deactivated.  The fastest way to
    accomplish this feat is to use four-lap races without
    qualifying (or only by qualifying at those race venues where
    the player feels uncomfortable with the chances of moving
    from P22 to P1 within four laps).
    Attaining ALL Gold Medals for ALL EA Sports Cards for ALL
    teams unlocks a few new race options.
    Time of Day:         Events can be held at dawn, at midday,
                         or at dusk.  (Nighttime races are not
                         possible, as the F1 venues do not have
                         appropriate lighting.)  Before ALL the
                         EA Sports Cards are attained at Gold
                         Medal level, all races are held at
                         midday by default.  Choosing to hold
                         events at dawn or dusk will obviously
                         change the lighting situation for the
                         events, and the change is just enough
                         that the circuits will 'feel' different,
                         and may also slightly disorient the
                         player.  Unfortunately, there is no
                         'real-time' light changes in terms of
                         the position of the sun :-(
    2001 Grid Positions: Activating the 2001 Grid Positions will
                         eliminate Qualifying from each Grand
                         Prix weekend.  Practice and Warm-up are
                         still available, but Qualifying will
                         obviously not be necessary.  For those
                         who wish to reenact their favorite races
                         from the 2001 season, this can be a good
                         event option to enable :-)   For those
                         drivers who first joined F1 in the 2002
                         season, they are placed in the slots
                         occupied by the drivers they replaced;
                         for example, McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen
                         is slotted in Mika Hakkinen's 2001
                         starting positions.  Toyota obviously
                         did not exist in F1 racing in 2001, so
                         Toyota takes the positions held by Prost
                         in the 2001 season, with Alan McNish
                         taking the spots of Prost's Tomas Enge,
                         and Toyota's Mika Salo taking the grid
                         positions held by Heinz-Harald Frentzen
                         in the 2001 season.
    Only once ALL the EA Sports Cards have been attained at Gold
    Medal level for ALL teams will the player need to become
    concerned with suffering mechanical failures.  Extended
    periods of high engine revs (i.e., long periods of running at
    top-end speed) tends to cause engine damage.  Therefore,
    speed/throttle management will now be an important part of
    racing.  For example, at Monza, engine trouble tends to occur
    just before the Goodyear Chicane and just before the Curva
    Engine trouble is a two-step process.  Step One is a big
    plume of bluish smoke coming from the rear of the car; this
    almost certainly indicates a massive spewage of oil.  The
    player then has approximately 1-1/3 laps to limp to Pit Lane
    to have the crew fix the problem.  If the player keeps
    powering along the circuit normally at full throttle, then
    Step Two is almost certain to occur well before the car can
    make it back to Pit Lane.
    Step Two is a total engine explosion.  F1 2002 shows this as
    a lot of grayish smoke spewing from the rear of the car (when
    other cars' engines expire in the player's view, this is what
    is seen).  The throttle no longer has any effect, so the
    player can only coast at best (unless speared from behind by
    someone else).  Once the car has come to a complete stop for
    approximately two seconds, the race will automatically end,
    showing the player as 'DNF' ('Did Not Finish').
    For rants, raves, etc., contact me at FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM;
    also, if you have enjoyed this guide and feel that it has
    been helpful to you, I would certainly appreciate a small
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