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Reviewed: 10/30/02 | Updated: 10/30/02

It's the one and only Blitz, reviewed by the one and only me!

For years Midway has been blessing us with some of the most revolutionary concepts for sports games. It was way back in good ol’ ’98 (could you believe it has been 4 [nearly 5] years?), when a simple title, NFL Blitz, was released. Playing Blitz was like playing a totally redesigned version of Football. Rules? None. At all. (Unless you count that ‘line of scrimmage’ rule.) Players could now unleash their anger on their opponent. It was like a whole different genre of a game. Normal Football would eventually become a very boring game…

So let’s put you, the reader, in a scenario. You are a grown man who hardly ever even glances at his PS2. Your favorite games are Tetris and Pac Man. You are constantly watching these commercials about a Football game that lets you ram, nearly kill, your opponents. The planets are aligned, and you suddenly have a strange urge to go and pick up this game. Maybe even invite some friends over. After reluctantly paying the $49.95 to the store clerk, you drive home, annoyed, wondering why the heck you just bought a game about a sport that you don’t even watch. When you get home, you realize that your favorite show, Crossfire, starts in 15 minutes. You decide that you could play your new game until the show starts…

That’s what you think. Why? Because as soon as you throw that CD in the tray and push the tray in, you will be transported to a different galaxy. A galaxy in which your ultimate goal is to annihilate your opponent. It’s not just a Football game anymore; it’s a nuclear war between two hated enemies.

Unlike most cases, you will want to be on defense. You will WANT to smack your opponents until they cry, and then smack ‘em some more.

The Turbo engine will also bring up a whole new challenge (and fun factor) to the game. The rules are simple: Sack a quarterback twice in a row, or gain yards with the same guy 3 times in a row, and you’re on fire baby! What does this mean, you ask? It means faster passing, running, stamina (your turbo gauge doesn’t decrease when on fire), and of course, bigger and better tackling. OK, so it’s not exactly a brand-new concept in a game. But what other Football games give you a kick-butt power up when you go on fire? *Cough* none *cough*

I have to admit, however, that the Commentators in this game can get a little repetitive (and annoying), but how realistic would a sports game be without commentators? Don’t get me wrong, they can say some funny stuff at times, but chances are that after one game you’ll hear their whole script.

The graphics in this game are simply unbeatable. (I gotta admit though, the players in the game show more muscle than on real life.) The stadiums are jaw dropping, and the weather (especially that snow) adds a whole new perspective to the game. The weather is appropriately matched with the location of the stadium, so you won’t be seeing any snow in Florida just yet. I especially like the player celebrations after they score a touchdown. They’re hilarious! Watch Randy Moss bust a move!

In short, this game incorporates fun, sports stars, and bone crushing action all in one. It’s hard to go wrong with this one, folks. Rent or Buy? It’s really your choice, but if you got the money, and the hardware, go for it and buy it. You won’t regret it, and it’ll instantly become one of your favorites.

And there you have it. An excellent game, reviewed by your average gamer.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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