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    Pearl FAQ by dhamon

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                                 Beyond Good and Evil
                  B      B
                  B      B  eeeeee yy   yy   oooo    nn    n  dddddd
                  B      B  e       yy  y   o    o   nn    n  d    d
                  BBBBBBB   e        y y   o      o  n n   n  d     d
                  B      B  eeeee     y    o      o  n  n  n  d     d
                  B      B  e         y    o      o  n   n n  d     d
                  B      B  e         y     o    o   n    nn  d    d
                  BBBBBBB   eeeeee    y      oooo    n    nn  dddddd
                         GG    GG
                        GG      G    oooo      oooo    dddddd
                        G           o    o    o    o   d    d
                        G          o      o  o      o  d     d
                        G    GGGG  o      o  o      o  d     d
                        GG      G  o      o  o      o  d     d
                         GG    G    o    o    o    o   d    d
                          GGGGG      oooo      oooo    dddddd
                   aa    nn    n  dddddd      E       vv    vv i  l
                   aa    nn    n  d    d      E        v    v  i  l
                  a  a   n n   n  d     d     EEEEE    v    v  i  l
                  a  a   n  n  n  d     d     E         v  v   i  l
                 aaaaaa  n   n n  d     d     E         v  v   i  l
                 a    a  n    nn  d    d      E          vv    i  l
                aa    aa n    nn  dddddd      EEEEEEE    vv    i  llllll
                                   The Pearl FAQ
                                   December 2003
    Table of Contents:
    I. About the Guide
      1. Use of the Guide
      2. Purpose of the Guide
      3. Contacting the Author
      4. About the products mentioned in the Guide
      5. About the contents of the Guide
    II. The Pearls
      1. What are pearls?
      2. What happens when I finish a roll of film?
      3. The List
    III.  Special Thanks
    I. About the Guide
      1. Use of the Guide
         This guide is created for use only on 
         and http://www.neoseeker.com/ 
         Any other persons or organizations using this guide are doing so without
         my permission, and thus, illegally.  Feel free to link to the guide, but
         provide full credit to the author, Mason Bockelman.
      2. Purpose of the Guide
         My purpose in writing this guide is to help players of the game Beyond 
         Good and Evil discover any pearls that they cannot find on their own and
         thusly complete the game to their own personal satisfaction.
      3. Contacting the Author
         My GameFAQs name is dhamon.  I can often be found at the FF8 Social Board,
         and I can be reached there with an ATTN: topic, but first try my email.
         My email is punkrocker14@uk2.net.  Please feel free to contact me if
         you have information that you feel belongs in this guide.  If you have a 
         question about the FAQ, please contact me.
      4. About the products mentioned in the Guide
         I am not the creator or owner of any products mentioned in this guide.
         The game Beyond Good and Evil is property of the UbiSoft corporation.
      5. About the contents of the Guide
         This FAQ may contain some spoilers, but as it is not a walkthrough, no 
         plot points will be revealed, only minor spoilers such as locations and
         boss fights.
    II. The Pearls
      1. What are pearls?
         Pearls are a form of illegal currency used in the game at Mammago Garage, 
         where you can purchase parts for your hovercraft.  Pearls can be found by
         defeating bosses, completing subquests, completing rolls of film, and a 
         handful of other ways.  They also increase your online ranking, which you
         can view by looking at the internet code of your farthest save, and
         entering it on the official BG&E website darkroom (you'll need to make an
         Ubi.com account).  To access it, go to 
         http://beyondgoodevil.com/us/main.php and click "Access the Darkroom".
      2. What happens when I finish a roll of film?
         Finishing a roll of film will result in you being rewarded with something
         from your Science Center contact.  After your first prize, most of these
         prizes will be pearls.  I won't list all the animals that you need to take
         pictures of, because that is beyond the scope of this FAQ, but I encourage
         you to use the in-game animal detector which can be purchased in Ming-
         Tzu's shop in the Pedestrian District (enter the Main Canal and turn right
         if you are coming from the lighthouse end of the map).  There is now also
         an excellent animals FAQ on GameFAQs.com which I would encourage you to
      3. The List
         This is the list of the pearls in the game, their names, and their
         locations.  It is not yet complete, but I will fill in the remaining 
         pearls as I find them.
         The format will be as follows:
         # - Name: Description of location
         Here we go.
         1 - DomZ Lighthouse Monster: This one isn't too tough.  It will appear
         upon your defeating the first bosss in the game, after whom the pearl is
         named.  Simply approach it and touch it to take it.
         2 - DomZ Sea Serpent: This is won from the boss you fight after going to
         Mammago's for the first time, which attacks while you are in the
         hovercraft.  Upon killing it, the pearl will be floating where it last
         stood (or floated, in this case).
         3 - Looter's Booty: This one you actually have to go out of your way to
         get.  There are two beaches in the beginning area of the world (the water
         body which contains the lighthouse, Mammago's, etc.).  The one we are
         interested in is the larger one.  You have to drive up on the beach and
         enter the cave there.  If you progress slowly forward, a looter will steal
         100 units from you.  Then the chase begins.  Hold down R2 for your turbo
         the entire time, and avoid anything red.  If you are fast enough, and
         don't die in the process, you will come out in a small area where Pey'j
         will tell you to shoot the looter.  Do as the pig says, and you will be
         rewarded with a nice shiny pearl.
         4 - Science Center-Film of Animals 2: Finish your second roll of film, and
         this pearl will be your reward.  Not too bad, eh?
         5 - Victory in the Disc Game: This pearl is found by defeating the shark 
         in the Akuda bar at his game.  He's on the first floor of the bar, 
         bouncing his little discs around, and he has his lucky pearl on his hat.
         Talk to him until you have exhausted all the options, and he will let you
         play.  Bet 1000 against the pearl, and try as hard as you can to get all
         the discs over on his side.  I find this infuriatingly difficult, but who
         who knows, maybe you will have better luck.
         6 - Rufus's Booty: This one is in the Akuda bar in the Pedestrian
         District.  You will find Rufus the shark sitting at a table with someone I
         can only assume is his significant other  (or perhaps not, see Legacy's
         info below).  Written on the table they are at is a code (letter-number-
         letter-number), but he will cover it up as you approach.  If you back up
         and approach several times, you should be able to figure out what the code
         is.  Go upstairs to Room 2 of the bar and enter the code.  There is a
         locker in there, which, when opened, will reveal a pearl.  There are also
         some other fun things in the room (namely three boosts), so pick up
              I have received this tip from several people (the first being
              An easier way to get this code is to go upstairs by Peepers, and use
              your camera to zoom all the way in to that table.  You should be able
              to read the codde from there.
              Here's what Legacy had to say about my ignorant assumption: Rufus and
              Seven arent lovers or anything, theyre  top ranked Hovercraft pilots
              (according to the bulletin board across from them  at the entrance)
              and are no more lovers than the pig guy and the twi'lek chick  that
              hang out at the Manaan speeder bike OTB in Star Wars KOTOR. i guess
              theres  some connection between getting drunk all the time and
              winning races. anyway,  Rufus is ranked #1, and as you know, getting
              #1 in a hover race nets you a  shiny new pearl. so then, not only do
              you win your own pearl, but you steal his  victory pearl as well,
              along with a few of his Boosts (came in handy for  winning race 2
              with flying colors). 
         7 - Science Center-Film of Animals 3: Finish your third roll of film for
         this one (sensing a pattern yet?).
         8 - Race 1 Victory: The racetrack can be found by entering the Main Canal
         and heading to the left side of the map (straight across from the
         Pedestrian District).  You can participate in one race here at the start.
         Enter race one, and listen to the scary hardcore music as you turbo your
         way to an easy victory (hold R2).  A pearl is your reward.
         9 - Race 2 Victory: After completing race one, enter the arch for race
         two.  This race is a bit tougher, but you should still be able to handle
         it with your handy R2 button.  Great music here, some speedy Latin type
         stuff.  Mmmmmmmm.
         10 - Domz Pterolimax: To obtain this pearl, you must, guess what, defeat
         a boss.  At the end of the abandoned mine in Black Isle, you will fight
         a very hip boss whose defeat will win you a pearl.
         11 - Science Center-Film of Animals 4: You know the drill.  More pictures
         of animals, more pearls.
         12- Pearl Crochax: This involves the second beach in the main area, the   
         small one.  Pey'j needs to have gotten his tool from Black Isle before you
         can access it.  Drive onto this beach, and enter the Vorax Lair.  This is
         a subquest that is not part of the plot, so make sure you remember it. 
         Finish the subquest for a pearl (a Crochax will be flying around with a
         pearl; just make like an action movie star and beat it out of him).
         13 - Taken back from Alpha Sections: In the Akuda bar in the Pedestrian
         District,  head upstairs and through the first door you see.  There is a
         goat-person here.  Talking to him will result in him giving you a code.
         Head to fountain square, the part of the Pedestrian District blocked off
         by the Alpha Sections.  Walk around until you see a locked door.  You can
         open it with the key you get in the factory.  Inside, there are some
         boxes of materia crystals, and a locked box with a pearl in it.  Use the
         code you received from the goat to open it.
         14 - Bought from Nouri: There is a merchant named Nouri in the Pedestrian
         District who will sell this and pearl 46 to you.  You can buy them as soon
         as you first go to the Pedestrian District, you don't need the City Pass.
         15 - Bought from Ming-Tzu: Ming-Tzu has a shop in the Pedestrian District
         at which you can buy many cool things, among them pearl 15 and pearl 47.
         You need the City Pass to get to his shop.  I also would pick up the Pearl
         and Animal detectors there to help you get the rest of the pearls.
         16 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections: In the Pedestrian District, there
         is a place called Transit.  Access a puzzle by moving a locker to the
         left.  Complete the puzzle to find the pearl.  (Thanks to Carsten for this
         17 - Science Center-Film of Animals 5:  You know what to do.
         18 - Looter's Booty 2: This little subquest can be found by trying to
         enter the right hand arch going towards the top of the map from the main
         area.  A sentry drone will try to stop you, but your handy-dandy cannon
         which can be bought from Mammago's for 5 pearls will take care of it.
         Just hold X until it locks on, and watch the fireworks.  Then zoom on past
         him to the next screen.  The beach here conceals a cave which in turn
         conceals another looter out to snag 100 or so of your units.  Chase him
         down and engage in aggressive negotiations until he relinquishes a pearl.
         19 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections:  This pearl is in the factory.
         Find the area of the third floor called the Laboratory.  (Go from the
         elevator room through the door marked "Laboratory" to the west wing, and
         then down the passage, not through the elevator, to the laboratory). 
         Here, push the cylinders to the outsides of the two ends of the electric
         fence.  This will divert the electricity, allowing you to pass through.
         In this room is a locker containing the pearl.
         20 - Domz Robot at the Factory: Defeat the final boss of the factory,
         which is found in the Loading Dock, and it will leave this pearl in your
         21 - DomZ Torture Machine: Lovely name, non?  This pearl appears in the
         natural progress of the plotline.  When you rescue Double H from the nasty
         little cylinder he is floating in by nailing the funky DomZ cooking his
         brain with a few gyrodiscs, you will most likely notice the big pearl
         floating in the cylinder.  A little bit of logical thought should help you
         figure out what to do with it.
         22 - Reaper: This pearl confuses many people.  When you defeat the Reaper
         in the factory, the pearl does not, as you might suspect, just hang out
         and wait for you in a convenient place, but instead falls into the water.
         Luckily, Hyllian pearls are a bit different than our version in that they
         float.  So head back to your hovercraft, and enter the tunnel directly
         across from the dock, not the one leading outside, and you will find
         yourself in the Elevator Room, but at water level.  You will automatically
         snag the pearl.
         Pearls 23 to 27 are Hillyans' Donations, and are all obtained from
         IRIS.  You get them upon returning to IRIS Den after your factory mission,
         where a room has been filled with pearls.  Just take the one in the center
         to take all of these pearls.
         28 - Science Center-Film of Animals 6: Do I really need to explain this?
         Pearls 29 to 38 are all Taken Back from the Alpha Sections: behind the 
         laser barrier with the star key lock, across from the fountain in the  
         Pedestrian District. The star key is given to you by the governor after 
         finishing The SlaughterHouse.  (Thanks to Simon for this one).
         Pearls 39-41 are all Taken Back from the Alpha Sections: they are found in
         the Alpha Seections Underground, located in a cave outside the city. You
         need the Neutralizing blaster for the hovercraft to get past the guard.
         (Thanks to Simon for this one).
         Pearls 42 to 44 are Alpha Sections' HQ.  This can be accessed in the
         Pedestrian District.  There is a barred door which Double H can break
         45 - Victory in Disc Game: This pearl becomes available after you finish
         the Slaughterhouse.  Win it  the same way you won Pearl 5.
         46 - Bought from Nouri 2: Buy this for about 3000 units from Nouri in the
         pedestrian district.  It can be bought at the same time you buy pearl 14.
         47 - Bought from Ming-Tzu 2: Buy this for about 3000 units from Ming-Tzu
         in the pedestrian district.  It can be bought at the same time you buy
         pearl 15.
         48 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections: In the main path of the
         49 - Looter's Booty 3: After you purchase the Jump Kit from Mammago's,
         use your turbo to go towards the red fence near the lighthouse.  Use
         square to jump over the fence (wait until you are very close).  Once you
         are over, turn around and look for a beach on one of the islands connected
         to the fence (When you are facing the fence, it is to the right of the
         lighthouse).  Once you ahave entered the cave on this beach, just chase
         the looter through his little run and then shoot him until he gives up a
         50 - DomZ Sea Serpent: This serpent attacks after the Slaughterhouse
         mission (Thanks to Simon).
         51 - Looter's Booty 4: Use the Jump Kit from Mammago's to jump over the
         fence near the lighthouse, and head off forward and slightly to the right.
         You should eventually come to an island with a beach (the Pearl Detector
         can be helpful here).  Enter the cave on the beach and chase down the
         looter as usual.
         52 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections: In the main path of the
         Slaughterhouse.  (thanks to Simon for this one).
         Pearls 53 to 64 are Hillyans' Donations: Given to you by IRIS after you
         finish the Slaughterhouse mission (thanks to Simon for this one).
         65 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections: Enter the Main Canal from the
         main area, and then take the first left.  You will come to a red laser
         fence.  Jump this fence with the Jump Kit from Mammago's.  Move around
         this area until you find a box floating in the water.  Shoot it a few
         times to reveal the pearl.
         66 - Bought from Ming-Tzu: Buy this from Ming-Tzu in the Pedestrian
         Pearls 67-69 are Taken Back from the Alpha Sections: located behind the
         door with the triangle lock, across the bridge from Akuda Bar. The
         triangle key is at the Factory (thanks to Simon for this one).  Be sure to
         push the object blocking your path to the left, and not to the right, 
         because that would effectively ruin your chances of getting this pearl.
         (Thanks to LogGamer for the tip).
         70 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections: in the main path of the
         Slaughterhouse (thanks to Simon for this one).
         71 - Race 3 Victory: To get this, you must win the Slaughterhouse race 3.
         Use the Jump Kit to jump over the red laser fence near the lighthouse, and
         head straight forward to reach the races.  You will probably need a few
         boosts to win the race, but you might want to scout out the course the
         first time and save you boosts for when you feel like you are going to
         72 - Race 4 Victory: This race is in the same place as Race 3.  It is also
         not much harder, but you will have to use boosts.
         73 - DomZ Sea Serpent: This serpent attacks after you get the spaceship
         working (thanks to Simon for this one).
         Pearls 74-88 are all Volcano Crochax: After you get the spaceship, go to
         the Volcano on top of Black Isle.  Here, just kill each Pearl Crochax to
         get its pearl.
    III. Special Thanks
         This FAQ was not created without help.  I would like to thank:

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