Review by Arrogance Is Bliss

Reviewed: 02/03/04

I thought the story was supposed to be the best part.

I bought this game cheap off Ebay, for $17. After hearing all the praise of the great story, I couldn't resist.
I love any good story; however, most games that have been lauded for their immersive stories do not deliver the
kind of story I expect. I was in the mood for a government conspiracy/dystopia story, so I grabbed this game.

Graphics: 9/10
Excellent visuals, reminiscent of earlier PS2 games, but slightly updated. Character designs are excellent, and the enemy designs are quite varied and do not enter the realm of blandness. Although it seems a bit cartoony, the charm of the graphics does not cease to please the eye.

Sound: 8/10
The sound is sort of background in the game; you do not hear it very often, you're too busy concentrating on the game itself. What I did catch was some excellent ambient sounds, along with music that matches the mood of the story. The composers did an excellent job adding the right music for the scenery.

Gameplay: 7/10
Although the simple combat system sounds like it can get repetitive, you spend more of your time taking pictures and solving some puzzles than fighting. This enables me to do some brainwork, which I like to do during games. The combat system itself is simple enough to not get the player bogged down in the gameplay, and concentrate on the story itself. Ubisoft knew how to accentuate the good parts of the game.

Story: 4/10
Okay, here's where the game suffers. Although this is supposed to be the high point of the game, it's nothing more than a cliche plot of a government-alien conspiracy that sounds like it was cooked up in someone's basement. What you can get from a good conspiracy story is a guessing game. It sounds dumb, but as long as you can keep yourself immersed in wondering who's really behind it all, that's what makes a good government-cover-up story. With this story, you can tell outright who's in league with who, and you know the whole story midway through the game, eliminating all suspense. It's surprising that this is supposedly the best aspect of this game.

Maybe I'm just a bit angry because of the story, but I think I'm being generous here. Everything is excellent about
'this game except the story, and that was supposed to be the high point. Then again, I'm known for having high standards when it
comes to storytelling, so you might like the plot better than I.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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