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    Dr. Death by wasp911

    Updated: 12/23/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ***King of Colloseum***
    Dr Death Steve Williams Character FAQ
    Copyright James Smith December 2002
    Contact Info: wasp911@hotmail.com
    For display and use on http://www.gamefaqs.com only.
    Distribution or publication to other websites, magazines, disk media or message
    boards, electronic or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.
    King of Colloseum - Copyright Spike of Japan 2002.
    All Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Pancrase are copyright of
    their respective owners or organizations. Logos, likenesses and any other
    copyrighted intellectual and/or physical materials may not be used without
    their consent.
    http://www.puroresu.com - For title histories.
    ***Update History - Read First!!!***:
    12/23/02 - Moveset update. Filled in some of the blanks and fixed his taunts.
    12/21/02 - Gameplay update. Finished All Japan Trial Road with Doc.
    12/20/02 - Moveset update. Added two new grapple movesets, one new downed move
    and moved the Oklahoma Stampede. Also updated his taunts. Tweaked the format a
    little so the text is not as bunched up as before.
    12/19/02 - Began writing this guide. At this point, it is very incomplete.
    There are huge holes in Doc's moveset. I am still learning this game by trial
    and error and from what I remember from All Japan Pro Wrestling: King of Souls
    for the Playstation 1. I will continue to update as time goes on and I learn
    more. Please email me at wasp911@hotmail.com if you have questions, want to
    contribute or point out mistakes (which there are sure to be at this point.) If
    there are blank moves or situations, this means I haven't attempted that move
    yet or can't remember right now. I have written everything down, but misplaced
    the sheet. When I find it, I will correct and update his moveset. Right now I
    am doing this from memory to try and help anyone who has questions.
    12/18/02 - Received King of Colloseum and started playing.
    Wrestler: Steve “Dr Death” Williams
    Hometown: Norman, OK
    Affiliation: All Japan Pro Wrestling
    Signature Moves:
    Oklahoma Stampede
    Doctor Bomb
    Dangerous Backdrop Driver
    Theme Music: "I Love It Loud" - KISS
    (Note: This music is not in the game. Doc has a different theme that does not
    even really sound like his normal song. Probably for copyright reasons. The
    audience does do the clapping during his KOC intro though.)
    Titles Held:
    All Japan Triple Crown
    All Japan World Tag Team (8x)
    Mid-South Tag Team (2x)
    NWA World Tag Team (2x)
    NWA United States Tag Team
    UWF World Heavyweight
    UWF World Tag Team
    UWF Television*
    WCW World Tag Team
    *This UWF was Herb Abrams short-lived promotion from the early 90’s. It had no
    connections to Bill Watts’ UWF/Mid-South.
    Quick Bio:
    Wrestled for Oklahoma as an amateur. Worked in Bill Watts’ Mid-South Promotion
    after college. Won two Mid-South Tag Team Titles with Ted DiBiase. He and
    DiBiase were the first UWF World Tag Team Champions when Watts attempted to
    expand his promotion. Defeated Big Bubba Rogers for the UWF World Heavyweight
    Title. Was still champion when Jim Crockett shut the UWF down for good and
    abandoned the belt. Wrestled for Crockett and the WCW on and off during the
    late 80’s/early 90’s. Traveled frequently to Japan. Turned heel and joined
    Kevin Sullivan’s Varsity Club. Teamed with Sullivan to beat the Fantastics for
    the NWA United States Tag Team Titles. Lost the straps to Eddie Gilbert and
    former Varsity Club member Rick Steiner. Began teaming with Varsity Club
    partner Mike Rotundo and feuded with the Road Warriors. They beat the Road
    Warriors for the NWA World Tag Team Titles, but were stripped of the belts soon
    after. When the Varsity Club was disbanded, Williams became a face again in
    WCW, but got lost in the shuffle.
    Meanwhile in Japan, he had begun teaming with former Triple Crown Champion
    Terry Gordy. Billed as the Miracle Violence Connection, they soon became All
    Japan’s dominant gaijin team. He and Gordy would capture the All Japan World
    Tag Team Titles five times and were considered one of the best teams in the
    world. They returned to WCW to feud with the Steiner Brothers. Unified the WCW
    World Tag Team Titles and the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Disappeared from WCW
    after losing both titles. Captured the Triple Crown from Mitsuharu Misawa when
    the Connection began to wind down. Lost the titles to Toshiaki Kawada. Had
    forgettable stints in the WWF and in WCW in the late 90's - early 21st century.
    Did reform the Varsity Club in WCW, but it wasn’t the same. Won three more All
    Japan World Tag Team Titles with Johnny Ace, Gary Albright and Vader. Returned
    to Japan with Mike Rotundo where they continue to team as the Varsity Club
    Gameplay: Doc is in the All Japan Pro Wrestling Roster. He is the bearded
    wrestler with the Varsity Club logo on his tights. When using him in tag
    matches, I team him with Mike Rotundo. Rotundo is also in the All Japan Roster.
    Key: [] = Square button
            X = X button
            O = Circle button
            ^ = Triangle button
            Dpad = Directional pad	
            R1 = Front right shoulder button
            R2 = Back right shoulder button
            R3 = Right analog stick
            L1 = Front left shoulder button
            L2 = Back left shoulder button
            L3 = Left analog stick
    Facing Standing Opponent (No Grapple)
    1)	[] Chop to Chest
    2)	X Punch
    3)	O Haymaker Punch
    4)	^ Run
    5)	R2 Block
    6)	R3 + Dpad Up, Run in Place Taunt
    7)	R3 + Dpad Left or Right, Varsity Club Taunt
    8	R3 + Dpd Down, "Rear back rush" taunt
    7)	L1 Breathe
    8)	L2 Change opponent focus in tag matches
    9)	Dpad Move wrestler
    10)	L3 Move wrestler
    Facing Standing Opponent (Front Grapple)
    Note: R1 and any of the four buttons ([], ^, X, O) will initiate a grapple.
    Each grapple will position your opponent for a certain move type. Example: For
    Doc, R1 + O will cause Doc to grab his opponent in a gutwrench position, like
    he does for the Doctor Bomb. Every wrestler is different.
    R1 + [] + X - One handed Position
    1)	[] Weak Punch
    2)	X Medium Punch
    3)	O Punch Rush
    4	^
    R1 + [] + O - Belly to Belly Suplex Position
    1)	[] Strike
    2)	X Belly to Belly Suplex
    3)	O Belly to Belly Suplex
    4)	^
    R1 + ^ - Collar and Elbow Tie-Up Position
    1)	[] Body Slam
    2)	X Fireman’s Carry Takedown
    3)	^ Double Pump Military Press Slam
    4)	O Two-handed Choke Lift
    5)	R1 Irish Whip
    R1 + [] – Vertical Suplex Position
    1)	[] Strike
    2)	X Snap Suplex
    3)	^
    4)	O Slow Brainbuster
    R1 + X – Body Slam Position
    1)	[] Strike
    2)	X Body Slam
    3)	^
    4)	O Power Slam (pinning move)
    5)	[] + X Oklahoma Stampede (pinning move, uses Powerball)
    R1 + O – Gutwrench Position
    1)	[] Strike
    2)	X Gutwrench Suplex
    3)	^ Doctor Bomb
    4)	O Doctor Bomb (pinning move)
    Behind Standing Opponent (Rear Grapple)
    Works the same as the front grapples. Different buttons initiate different
    R1 + [] – Back Suplex Position
    1)	[]
    2)	X
    3)	^
    4)	O Dangerous Backdrop Driver
    Downed Opponent (Opponent on Mat Face-up)
    1)	X Elbowdrop
    2)	[] Stomp
    3)	O By body, pin
    4)	O By head, double underhook submission
    5)	O By feet, single-leg Boston Crab
    6)	Dpad and X near opponent side, knee drop
    Downed Opponent (Opponent on Mat Face-down)
    1)	X Elbowdrop
    2)	[] Stomp
    3)	O By body, roll over and pin
    4)	O By head, rear chinlock (camel clutch)
    Running At Standing Opponent
    1)	X Running Dropkick
    2)	[] Running Shoulderblock
    3	O Lariat
    Standing Opponent (Player on Top Turnbuckle)
    1)	X Diving Shoulderblock
    2)	O Diving Shoulderblock
    Downed Opponet (Player On Top Turnbuckle)
    Leave Ring
    1)	Dpad + ^ towards outside
    Enter Ring
    1)	Dpad + ^ towards ring
    Climb Turnbuckle
    1)	Dpad + ^ towards corner
    Counters (Assumes Opponent Has Initiated Grapple):
    Collar and Elbow Tie-up Position
    1)	X Hiptoss
    Tag Controls
    1)	Dpad + ^ towards partner Tags in computer partner
    2)	^ Calls for tag when you are standing on apron
    3)	Dpad + ^ enter ring
    4)	L2 change opponent focus
    Double Team Moves
    ***So far I have only done a double suplex with Rotundo. It looked sweet, even
    for a basic move. More details as I get them.***

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