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"The Best Wrestling Game Ever, Bar-None."

Not very often does a Puroresu (Japanese Pro-Wrestling) fan such as myself come across something to call the ''Best Wrestling Game Ever.'' Basically, the only games that deserved this coveted title in the past have been Firepro games. Now, finally, I can actually say ''This game is better than FirePro.''

Human, the people behind the Fire Pro series, went out of business after the release of Fire Pro Wrestling G. The series, and the King of Soul series, were quickly picked up by Spike. Now, we have King of Soul combined with FirePro: King of Colosseum.

This game has every feature people want, besides ''Garbage-type wrestling''. Tons of wrestlers, and 100 Create slots. The gameplay is outstanding. When you press the R1 button along with one of the face buttons, or a combination of two, you go into a grapple. The type of grapple varies wrestler-by-wrestler, and button-by-button. For example, if I pick Liger, and I press Square, I will go into a vertical suplex grapple. If I press circle, I will go into a powerbomb-type grapple. In each of the positions, there are 6 different moves executable. For instance, in the powerbomb position, square (weak) might do an elbow to the back. X(medium) might do a piledriver, and Circle (strong) may do a powerbomb. Triangle might do a powerbomb whip, and the combination buttons will do things like running powerbombs and ganso bombs (head drops). Basically, the system is unique, and works exceptionally well, labeled the ''CLUTCH'' system.

In order to play KOC, you need to think like a wrestler. If you have your opponent down, you need to decide whether to go for the top-rope move, the springboard, or whether to pick him up and drop him again. It's very exciting to see what happens when you try different things. For example, the reversals are very realistic. If Keiji Mutoo goes for a top-rope frankenstiner, the opponent may grab the legs and deliver a super powerbomb, or they may let Keiji flip around and land, then perch on the top rope ready to fly. It all depends on the wrestler's style, which varies greatly reversal-wise. It's very exciting to see how the different wrestlers handle reversing moves.

All-in-all, this game is something that is worth any wrestling fan's time. If you are not familiar with Japanese wrestling, it may take you a while to get used to the wrestlers, but it will be worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/13/03, Updated 01/13/03

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